BBC Thrilling Stories of the Railway 05 Eps

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(05 Episodes) "Thrilling Stories of the Railway" contains five 15 Minute Episodes of Mystery Audio Reading written by Church of England clergyman & author, Victor Lorenzo Whitechurch (1868-03-12 to 1933-05-25). V.L. Whitechurch wrote many novels of different themes (including religious books & novels set in the church), but he is probably best known for his detective stories featuring Thorpe Hazell, which were featured in Strand Magazine, Railway Magazine, Pearson's & Harmsworth's Magazines. Hazell was a vegetarian railway detective, whom the author intended to be as far from Sherlock Holmes as possible. Another character was the spy, Captain Ivan Koravitch. Whitechurch's stories were admired by Ellery Queen & Dorothy L. Sayers for their "...immaculate plotting and factual accuracy: he was one of the first writers to submit his manuscripts to Scotland Yard for vetting as to police procedure...." (SOURCE: Wikipedia) These truly are five stories worth the 75 minute listening time it will take you to hear all of them! * def gp ddh

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


Anyone able to download or listen?

(5 stars)

This is the one book of really a hundred I've looked at on wonderful librovox, which I rarely leave! That I simply can't' figure putt how to play or download. Usually it's not librovox but listener error that is the problem. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong because neither nor librivox app work on these stories.anyone know what gives? Naturally the stories sound intriguing because I can't hear There is plenty else to listen to thanks to librovox volunteers, I love you!

Yet another Sherlock Holmes connection

(4 stars)

The reader of these stories is none other than Benedict Cumberbatch, star of BBC TV's new series Sherlock. They were first broadcast on BBC radio about 2008-'09. He is indeed superb.

Quite good.

(4 stars)

Very nice stories that move right along. They have a light touch - nothing dark to them. These are stories you can give a rest and then go back and listen to again.

Another British detective

(4 stars)

Really enjoyed this collection , just wish there was many more of these to listen to. Very worth your time to listen to these 5 very short stories. Enjoy!

Excellent short amateur-sleuth stories

(5 stars)

The announcer at the start of episode 2 indicates that the five 15-minute shows were a one-week daily series.

can't listen

(3 stars)

like VIVIA below, I'm unable to listen or download

i will not load for me. What gives LibriVox?

(0.5 stars)