Just David

Read by Mary Anderson

(4.8 stars; 334 reviews)

David and his father set out from their idyllic mountain home to go to meet family, but enroute, David's father, who is sick dies, and David is left stranded in a little farming town. No one can read his father's handwriting, and David doesn't know his last name. A stern farmer and his wife take David in, and learn more from him than they realize! David, who counts only the sunny hours of his life, soon touches all the people's lives he meets in his new life with his beautiful violin music and sunny disposition. (Written by Mary Anderson) (6 hr 49 min)


The Mountain Home 15:24 Read by Mary Anderson
The Trail 19:17 Read by Mary Anderson
The Valley 15:03 Read by Mary Anderson
Two Letters 21:11 Read by Mary Anderson
Discords 18:00 Read by Mary Anderson
Nuisances Necessary and Otherwise 19:42 Read by Mary Anderson
You're Wanted, You're Wanted 16:49 Read by Mary Anderson
The Puzzling "Do's" and "Don'ts" 17:25 Read by Mary Anderson
Joe 19:42 Read by Mary Anderson
The Lady of the Roses 18:09 Read by Mary Anderson
Jack and Jill 12:34 Read by Mary Anderson
Answers That Did Not Answer 10:59 Read by Mary Anderson
A Surprise for Mr. Jack 16:59 Read by Mary Anderson
The Tower Window 14:24 Read by Mary Anderson
Secrets 14:09 Read by Mary Anderson
David's Castle in Spain 13:49 Read by Mary Anderson
"The Princess and the Pauper" 19:22 Read by Mary Anderson
David to the Rescue 20:06 Read by Mary Anderson
The Unbeautiful World 13:40 Read by Mary Anderson
The Unfamiliar Way 16:01 Read by Mary Anderson
Heavy Hearts 12:16 Read by Mary Anderson
As Perry Saw it 12:56 Read by Mary Anderson
Puzzles 17:22 Read by Mary Anderson
A Story Remodeled 12:49 Read by Mary Anderson
The Beautiful World 21:46 Read by Mary Anderson


Lovely story

(5 stars)

A really sweet story about a little boy and the people whose lives he touched. Wonderfully read as well!

A Wonderful story.

(4.5 stars)

A wonderful story that holds your attention. This story about a young child who grows up in the mountains with mostly only his dad for company, learns from his dad how to play the violin and how to make the violin play exactly how he feels about what he sees. This child learns to appreciate everything including the bugs, flowers, everything in life. So as the child grows he shares his insight with those around him, through his music and his way of thinking and helps them see life around them as well. He was a God send to a sleepy little town near his mountain. The reader did a great job reading the story.


(5 stars)

I really enjoyed this story. I can tell it shared an author with Pollyanna because the storyline is similar, but it is still very enjoyable! The reading is nicely done at an even pace with slight variations from character to character that help carry the story. I would definitely listen to it again!

amazenglie goot stoorie

(4.5 stars)

kwiyt deppwesseng tho

feel good story

(5 stars)

this is one of my favorite books of recent finds. I decided to take a chance even though it looked to juvenile for an adult. not so if we could learn to live more like David our lives would be great. It is also well read.

Purely sweet

(5 stars)

This is a sweet story that warms the heart. David teaches many life lessons. If you love old fashioned classics that are moral and pure, you'll love this book! Along the lines of Spyri's Heidi. The reader has a very pleasant voice. Nice to listen to.


(5 stars)

I wish I was like David, a boy who transforms the lives of all around him for good and for peace and tranquility, people like David are in fact the springs of oozing beauty, beauty that makes every thing looks beautiful'be beautiful.. Peace

this is one to save

(5 stars)

Such a precious book. This is one to save for when the grands visit. We like to listen to books together (I.e. Around the campfire or slumber parties).