Dangerous Assignment: 90+ Episodes

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This includes 90+ episodes of Dangerous Assignment (1949 and 1950-53) with proper names for the episodes. Also, it's been a common practice to "pad" the episodes of Dangerous Assignment by adding dead air to the end of the recording so that the episode is 32 minutes in length. All such padding has been removed. Episode names obtained from the Digital Deli: http://www.digitaldeliftp.com/DigitalDeliToo/dd2jb-Dangerous-Assignment.html

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Dangerous_Assignment-49-07-09_001-Thropp Foundation Stolen Relief Supplies 29:45
Dangerous_Assignment-49-07-16_002-Investigate Malayan Star Line Sabotage 29:35
Dangerous_Assignment-49-07-23_003-On Safari for Nigerian Manganese 29:05
Dangerous_Assignment-49-08-06_005-Investigate Millionaire Murder Conspiracy 29:36
Dangerous_Assignment-49-08-13_006-Smash Illegal Alien Smuggling Ring 29:28
Dangerous_Assignment-49-08-20_007-Recover File 307 29:31
Dangerous_Assignment-50-02-06_008-Find Bill Thorne and Missing Japanese Weapons 28:48
Dangerous_Assignment-50-02-13_009-Investigate Who Stabbed Captain Rocq 29:29
Dangerous_Assignment-50-02-20_010-Recover Stolen Radar Plans 29:24
Dangerous_Assignment-50-03-13_012-Recover Wire Spool 28:30
Dangerous_Assignment-50-03-20_013_International Blackmail 29:35
Dangerous_Assignment-50-03-27_014_Renew Sheik Haroun's Uranium Deal 29:14
Dangerous_Assignment-50-04-10_015_Recover Underwater Demolition Secrets 28:47
Dangerous_Assignment-50-04-17_016_Investigate Flying Saucers 28:38
Dangerous_Assignment-50-05-03_018_Find Szabo and The Briefcase 28:21
Dangerous_Assignment-50-05-10_019_Smash Lecture Circuit Spy Ring 26:09
Dangerous_Assignment-50-05-17_020_Find 100,000 Barrels of Missing Oil 29:09
Dangerous_Assignment-50-05-24_021_Solve Kent Jackson's Murder 27:03
Dangerous_Assignment-50-05-31_022_Administer 'Little White Pill' Antidote 28:29
Dangerous_Assignment-50-06-07_023_Find Champlin and His Reel of Tape 28:26
Dangerous_Assignment-50-07-26_025_Find Guerilla Chief and Stop Him 28:50
Dangerous_Assignment-50-08-02_026_Recover Lost Troop Movement Document 27:41
Dangerous_Assignment-50-08-09_027_Defeat African Hate Campaign 27:46
Dangerous_Assignment-50-08-16_028_Find Hired Killer Lupac 28:54
Dangerous_Assignment-50-08-23_029_Get Gouda Before the Gun Runners 28:50
Dangerous_Assignment-50-08-30_030_Recover Stolen Missile Plan Microfilm 27:32
Dangerous_Assignment-50-09-06_031_Keep Chromite Mine Operating 28:34
Dangerous_Assignment-50-09-20_032_Contact Lefty, The Trained Seal 28:26
Dangerous_Assignment-50-09-27_033_Retrieve Slarga From Latin America 28:07
Dangerous_Assignment-50-09-29_034_Smash Forged Identification Papers Ring 28:52
Dangerous_Assignment-50-10-06_035_Contact Marta Gelber and Smash Sabotage Ring 29:12
Dangerous_Assignment-50-11-18_036_Dangling_From_Recover 'Memory Chain' Equation 29:19
Dangerous_Assignment-50-11-25_037_Recover Sarvich from Guerilla Camp 28:35
Dangerous_Assignment-50-12-02_038_Dispel Alleged Overthrow Plot 29:30
Dangerous_Assignment-50-12-09_039_Smash Berlin Kidnapping Ring 28:45
Dangerous_Assignment-50-12-16_040_Recover Civil War Map 28:31
Dangerous_Assignment-50-12-30_042_Intercept Dr. Korvel Before Opposition 28:28
Dangerous_Assignment-51-01-06_043_Recover 'Operation Fish Hook' Data 29:18
Dangerous_Assignment-51-01-13_044_Find Missing Scientist Dr. Wieczek 28:47
Dangerous_Assignment-51-01-20_045_Recover Missing Arctic Warfare Report 29:18
Dangerous_Assignment-51-01-27_046_Prevent Minority Party Revolution 28:26
Dangerous_Assignment-51-02-03_047_Raiders on the Rubber Plantation 29:30
Dangerous_Assignment-51-02-10_048_Recover Kroner Cutlass 29:28
Dangerous_Assignment-51-02-24_050_Retrieve Data On Nazi Buzz Bombs 28:37
Dangerous_Assignment-51-03-10_052_Roquel_-Solve Your Own Murder 28:15
Dangerous_Assignment-51-03-24_054_Recover Stolen Dynamite 28:13
Dangerous_Assignment-51-04-07_056_Recover File 72, Seal Unbroken 28:21
Dangerous_Assignment-51-04-14_057_Middle_East_-Recover Stolen U.N. Documents 28:15
Dangerous_Assignment-51-04-21_058_Retrieve Gouczek from French Riviera 28:34
Dangerous_Assignment-51-04-28_059_Smash Outlaw Propaganda Broadcasts 28:42
Dangerous_Assignment-51-05-04_060_Find Rudolf Karpel 28:18
Dangerous_Assignment-51-05-11_061_Find Cause of Landsberg Epidemic 28:16
Dangerous_Assignment-51-05-18_062_Find 'Operation Hot Foot' Microbes 28:17
Dangerous_Assignment-51-06-19_063_Stop Suspicious Explosions 28:55
Dangerous_Assignment-51-06-26_064_Find Source of Suspect Dictation Cylinder 28:33
Dangerous_Assignment-51-07-03_065_South_America_-_Did The American, Hartley, Ki… 29:35
Dangerous_Assignment-51-11-03_077_Find Fugitive Nazi, Captain Schiller 28:20
Dangerous_Assignment-52-03-10_100_Find Eli Bryant, American Traitor 24:03
Dangerous_Assignment-52-10-08_128_Retrieve Dummy Issue of Osterreich Courier 22:48
Dangerous_Assignment-52-10-15_129_Rescue Vance Morgan From Paradise 19:35
Dangerous_Assignment-52-10-22_130_Recover Document from Butterfly Chasers 28:26
Dangerous_Assignment-52-10-29_131_Smash Smuggling Racket Organization 24:32
Dangerous_Assignment-52-11-12_132_Recover Diplomatic File from 'Mr. Alexander' 24:17
Dangerous_Assignment-52-11-19_133_Retrieve Emerson from Private Sanatorium 24:18
Dangerous_Assignment-52-11-26_134_Stop Coded Secrets Peddlers 24:00
Dangerous_Assignment-52-12-03_135_Smash Eastern European Protection Racket 24:32
Dangerous_Assignment-52-12-10_136_Uncover G.I. Attackers Frame-Up 24:46
Dangerous_Assignment-52-12-17_137_Defeat Road Project Sabotage 23:49
Dangerous_Assignment-52-12-24_138_Smash Lecture Circuit Spy Ring 23:38
Dangerous_Assignment-52-12-31_139_Retrieve Stolen Atomic Secrets 23:42
Dangerous_Assignment-53-01-07_140_Smash Gun-Running Operation 24:40
Dangerous_Assignment-53-01-14_141_Smash The 'Blue Lion' Passport Racket 24:01
Dangerous_Assignment-53-01-28_143_Get Evidence to Nail 'Mr. Charon 24:04
Dangerous_Assignment-53-02-04_144_Bring Back Physicist Arnold Freed 23:49
Dangerous_Assignment-53-02-11_145_Resolve Strategic Mining Lease 'Family Squabb… 23:57
Dangerous_Assignment-53-02-18_146_Resolve Doctor Mitsuko Scandal 23:47
Dangerous_Assignment-53-02-25_147_Smash Black Market Jewel Ring 24:00
Dangerous_Assignment-53-03-04_148_Retrieve Peter Mettnick--Alive 24:15
Dangerous_Assignment-53-03-11_149_Track Down 'Ghost Ship' 24:14
Dangerous_Assignment-53-03-18_150_Nail Mr. Big of 'The Bureau' 24:13
Dangerous_Assignment-53-03-25_151_Find Antonina Aquirre 23:37
Dangerous_Assignment-53-04-01_152_Rescue Rick Perez from 'Caribbean Legion' 23:45
Dangerous_Assignment-53-04-08_153_Intercept Foreign Courier Spy Ring 22:16
Dangerous_Assignment-53-04-15_154_Find Lenny Fenway and Get Him Out of Tibet 23:06
Dangerous_Assignment-53-04-22_155_Bait A Trap with 'Nikolai Debarov' 23:39
Dangerous_Assignment-53-04-29_156_Put An End To Anti-Submarine Base Sabotage 25:10
Dangerous_Assignment-53-05-06_157_Intercept Strategic Materials Smuggling Ring 21:26
Dangerous_Assignment-53-05-13_158_Get The Man Trying To Sabotage Cooperation Ta… 24:19
Dangerous_Assignment-53-05-20_159_Recover Stolen Blueprints 22:41
Dangerous_Assignment-53-05-27_160_Find A Hired Assassin 23:08
Dangerous_Assignment-53-06-24_163_Grab James C. Stroller 24:06
Dangerous_Assignment-53-07-01_164_Find Anthony Targou 24:25


A good show of operative adventure - try it if you like action adventure

(4 stars)

WIKI gives us, "Waldo Brian Donlevy (February 9, 1901 – April 5, 1972), later known as Brian Donlevy was an American-born actor of Irish descent, noted for playing tough guys from the 1930s to the 1960s. He usually appeared in supporting roles. Among his best-known films are Beau Geste (1939) and The Great McGinty (1940). For his role as Sergeant Markoff in Beau Geste he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor." In Dangerous Assignment, he plays it straight, with some excellent downbeat intelligence, and quite a bit of just "going along with the action". The plots are sometimes hard to believe, but the stories move quickly with twist and turns, and give good escapist adventure tales, ala men's adventure magazines of the 1950's, such as Argosy, Saga, Real, Man's Life, etc. None are based on truth, but sometimes get very close to ongoing realities such as insurgents, kidnapping, stolen weapons and defense plans, etc. A government (OS-CIA-like) offical called the Comissioner lays out the need for Steve in the first few minutes, often to Steve's annoyance or even frustration. I didn't know it was also brought to TV, (after the radio run of 1949-53) as I never saw or even heard of that TV show. The music is forced and obvious, but well done and of interest in its own right. I like it, though some don't. That's the idea with this show. It's not really believable, but good escapist man's adventure.

32 minute shows

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Dealers do not pad shows with dead air. The shows do not sell for more money based on the length of the show. Typically, you pay one price for a show or disc full of shows regardless of the length of the show. When you see a set of mp3s with a consistent length such as 32 minutes and lots of dead air at the end, it means whoever did the encoding from tape set their computer program to record for 32 minutes and did not cut out the dead air when the actual recording stopped. Either the person did not know how to edit mp3 files to eliminate dead air or chose not to.


(5 stars)

Really great stories to spend an evening with, however they please little on the line of spiritual help. If you're looking for a thrill, bored to death, and have a decent amount of time to kill, take a listen.

Love, love, love these stories. Listen every night to àt least 2

(5 stars)