lorenzo Jones

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10 episdoes of lorenzo jones.comedy,soap opera

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Lorenzo Jones Is Excellent

(5 stars)

What a treasure! I heartily agree with the reviewer just below mine, that there is subtle humor in the plots and in the various characterizations. I used to literally run home from my afternoon kindergarten class in South Pasadena to hear the opening music and the story of the day in "Lorenzo Jones and His Wife Belle." I think some reviewers would be less harsh in reviewing Lorenzo Jones,such as the first reviewer, when only a 15 minute segment in a whole year is available, if they could hear the plot development in the story lines. None of these 15 minute programs were meant to be complete by themselves, but rather were meant to be listened to on a daily basis to know what was happening.

Quiet humor

(5 stars)

I have to disagree with the previous reviewer. There is a quiet, subtle humor in Lorenzo Jones. We are so used to being slapped in the face by current stand-up comedians that many have become de-sentised to the milder sort. Vic & Sade comes to mind, also Lum & Abner, etc. I only wish there were more eposodes available. It was a late afternoon broadcast on the east coast. It had quite a long run so they had a faithful audience.

Withdrawing my unfavorable review

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My previous harsh and simplistic review is the one porterville and qrper, below, are referring to. I thought I was warning the public off a bad comedy, but evidently the mundane domestic dialog of Lorenzo Jones simply was not my cup of tea. I only wish they had written their informative reviews before I wrote my shallow one. :)

date error

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lorenzo_jones_400115_lorenzo_jones_collapsible_laddeand lorenzo_jones_400115_waterless_washing_solution are both showing with the same dates. RGI gives dates of 40-01-14 and 40-01-15. But Jan. 14 was a Sunday and the show was broadcast M - F. The dates are more likely to be (but not definitely) 40-01-15 Waterless washing solution and 40-01-16 Collapsible Ladder.