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Old Time Radio Programs News Broadcasts and Blurbs. Mostly WW2 related. NEWS REPORTS PAGE 2

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37-05-06 HindenbergDisaster HerbMorrison 7:17
Russia And Germany 5:27
38-03-13 CBS WorldNewsRoundup 22:28
Berlin before Invasion 4:57
39-03-08 BBC Gas Mask Drill 0:20
Hitler's Demands 5:04
London Ed Murrow 4:01
39-08-28 CBS EuropeanWarCrisis 14:49
39-09-01 BBC Evacuation of London 1:13
Chamberlain Declares War 3:30
39-09-03 BBC PM Chamberlain Declaration of War 0:43
rom Berlin Wm.Shirer 3:02
39-09-10 BBC Evacuee Message to Parents 0:34
39-09-22 HVKaltenbornCommentary 14:58
39-10-13 BBC Princess Elizabeth aged 14 0:37
39-10-15 BBC Richard Dimbleby By A French Road 1:08
39-11-11 BBC Queen Elizabeth Fortitude Of Women 0:48
39-12-01 ElmerDavis RussiaInvadesFinland 57:15
39-12-18 BBC Churchill sinking of Graff Spee 0:43
40-01-18 CBS TodayinEurope 12:34
40-02-27-LordHawHawWmJoyce 0:54
40-04-09-InvasionDenmarkNorwa 0:26
40-05-08 BBC Ed Murrow No confidence debate in Comm1 1:10
40-05-10-ChamberlainResigns 0:26
40-05-11 withElmerDavis 9:15
40-05-13 BBC Bernard Stubbs Advance into Belgium 1:05
40-05-14-EdenAnnSecState4Wa 1:05
40-05-14 BBC Anthony Eden Sec Of State For War LDV 1 1:05
40-05-14 BBC CharlesGardner AttemptStopGermanAdv 0:40
40-05-19 BBC Churchills 1st Speech as PM 0:27
40-05-30 FultonLewisCommentary 15:09
40-05-31 BBC Bernard Stubbs Trains Full of Evacuate1 0:23
40-05-31 BBC Bernard Stubbs TroopsFromDunkirk 1:20
40-06-05-PriestlyonDunkirk 2:27
40-06-18 BBC Churchill Finest Hour Speech 1:35
French Surrender 4:52
40-06-21 CBS-NBC CoverageofFrenchSurrender 25:13
40-07-08 BBC Bill Herbert Bombing of Caen 1:09
40-07-14 CharlesGardner DogfightOverEnglishChannel1 1:24
40-07-23 World Today 14:38
40-07-27 World Todau 14:50
40-08-16 news-battleofbritain 14:34
40-08-19 CBSWARNEWS 14:44
40-08-24-MurrowOnBlackout 1:06
The News from Europe 13:42
40-08 CBS EuropeanWar 14:39
40-09-02 Roundup 15:02
40-09-15 BBC Alvar Liddell 175AircraftDestroyed 0:35
Blitz Edw.Murrow 0:47
40-09-20 Roundup 15:09
40-10-05 BBC Robin Duff in air raid shelter 0:43
40-10-27 WorldsFairClosing 32:51
40-10-xx-EmergServDuringBlitz 1:36
40-11-15-CoventryLoudspeaker 0:35
40-11-15 BBC Coventry Loudspeaker Announcement 0:35
40-11-15 ReverendHoward Attmp2saveCoventryCath 2:21
40-12-20 BBC Robin Duff Sees London Burning 2:07
Address to the Italians : 23 D 17:37
40-12-31 HerbertMorrison MessagetoFiremen 0:39
41-01-05 BBC Bruce Belfrage 0:26
41-01-10 BBC Alan Howland 0:27
41-05-24 BBC German announcment sinking HMS Hood 0:49
41-05-31 BBC 1stSeaLordAVAlexander SinkingOfBismark 0:43
41-06-01 ElmerDavis 14:17
Winston Churchill 0:47
41-09-05 BBC Frank Phillips 0:23
41-09-08 BBC Alvar Liddell Air Raid on Berlin 0:30
41-11-11 BBC Robert Dougall WithConvoyInAtlantic1 1:27
41-12-07-UnivOfChicagoRoundtable CanadaAtWar 30:59
41-12-07SMarloweAndRDBennett PearlHarbor 29:27
41-12-07 BBC AlvarLiddell AttackOnPearlHarbor 0:57
41-12-07 CBSAnalysisfPearlHarborAndManillaAttacks 3:18
41-12-07 CBSAttemptsToCallHonolulu 1:04
41-12-07 CBSNYPhilharmonic WarBulletins 17:22
41-12-07 CBSNews 29:16
41-12-07 CBSPearlHarbor JohnCharlesDaly 2:20
41-12-07 NBC Honolulu KGU Radio PearlHarbor 2:33
41-12-07 NBC NewsBulletins 41-12-08 WarDeclaration 11:59
41-12-08 BBC Roosevelt 1:54
41-12-08 BBC Wilfred Pickles News on the Far East 0:44
41-12-11MarchofTimePearlHarbor 24:23
41-12-26-Churchhill2Congress 1:17
42-06-04 BBC Capt William Graves Batle of Midway 1:52
42-06-15 BBC Giles Playfair last days of Singapore 0:53
42-08-17 BBC Freddy Grisewood Saving Fuel 0:33
42-10-01 BBC Montgomery to troops El Alemein 2:06
42-11-01 BBC Godfrey Talbot watches tanks at El Ale1 1:53
42-11-04 BBC Bruce Belfrage excellent news 0:42
42-11-11 ArmisticeDayCeremony 25:48
One Year after Pearl Harbor 3:11
42-12-19 BBC Godfrey Talbot christmas with 8th Army 1:31
42-12-26-RadioDrAdvice4Xmas 0:20
43-01-09 WorldNewsToday 24:19
43-02-09 BBC Paul Winterton on Stalingrad 1:34
43-02-09 BBC Robert Robinson victory Stalingrad 1:00
43-04-18 GabrielHeatter 10:16
43-05-13 BBC Frank Gillard German surrender N Africa 0:50
43-06-22 BBC Cdr Kimmins on invasion of Sicily 1:20
43-07-25 BBC Maurice Shillington Mussolini Resigns 0:27
43-07-25 WorldNewsToday 23:59
43-08-08 WorldNewsToday 24:03
43-08-17 BBC Garry Marsh Patton enters Messines 0:44
43-08-22 BBC Frank Gillard town band in Lentini 1:12
43-08-28 John w vandercook 14:44
43-08-28 WorldNewsToday 24:13
43-08-29 WorldNewsToday 24:33
43-09-03 BBC In a Lancaster over Berlin 2:06
43-09-03 BBC Mongomery announces landings in Italy 0:45
43-09-19 WorldNewsToday 24:23
43-09-26 WorldNewsToday 24:15
43-10-13 BBC FreddyGrisewood ItalyAtWarWithGermany 0:33
43-11-03 Daytime Radio Newspaper 15:04
Bombing Run Edw.Murrow 0:47
43-12-06 BBC Freddy Grisewood TehranGreat Powers meeting 0:41
44-01-26 BBC Wynford Vaughn-Thomas Anzio 1:06
44-02-20 World News Today 24:25
44-02-27 World News Today 24:51
44-02-29 Crisco Radio News 14:33
44-03-05 World News Today 24:15
44-03-12 World News Today 24:51
44-03-19 World News Today 24:31
44-03-26 BBC Churchill on Allied Victories 0:50
44-03-26 World News Today 24:59
44-03-31 BBC Wynford Vaughn-Thomas 1:57
44-04-02 World News Today 24:44
44-04-20 BBC WynfordVaughnThomas SpringtimeAnzio 1:42
44-05-05 BBC Richard Dimbleby watches airborne troops 0:46
44-05-13 Skelly News of the World 14:57
44-05-17 BBC Godfrey Talbot in Monte Cassino 1:53
44-06-03 BBC Robin Duff on sealed ship 0:41
44-06-04 BBC Frank Gillard on build up to D-Day 0:43
44-06-05 BBC Rome Welcomes the Allies 1:14
44-06-06 430pm 30:17
44-06-06 BBC Alan Melville Sees Paratroops 0:22
44-06-06 BBC Chester Willmot in glider 0:45
44-06-06 BBC Chester Willmot sees gliders 0:26
44-06-06 BBC Colin Wills Lands with Infantry 0:26
44-06-06 BBC Eisenhower to Western Europe 0:29
44-06-06 BBC John Snagge D-Day has come 0:37
44-06-06 BBC Robin Duff mid-channel to Normandy 0:26
44-06-06 CBSD-DAYNEWS 14:09
44-06-06 CRISCONEWSD-Day 14:49
44-06-06 CrossCountryReactionToD-Day 29:18
44-06-06 D-DayShipAttack 13:29
News 44-06-07 D-Day Kalmer, Qu 14:09
News 44-06-07 Kate Smith Praye 13:44
44-06-08 BBC Guy Byam parachutes into France 0:34
44-06-08 BBC MichaelStanding OnFrenchCivilians 0:30
44-06-14 BBC Alan Melville Hermanville Church Bells 1:24
44-06-17 BBC Frank Gillard takes cover 0:28
44-07-08-BombingOfCaen 1:09
44-07-18 MutualWarNews 14:47
44-08-06 BBC Frank Phillips Hiroshima 0:21
44-08-06 World News Today 25:00
44-08-13 World News Today 24:54
44-08-17 BBC Ed Murrow counts Parachutes in Holland 1:01
44-08-20 World News Today 24:46
44-08-25 BBC Richard Wessell Paris Liberated 1:36
44-08-26 BBC Robert Reid snipers fire at DeGaulle 0:48
44-08-27 World News Today 24:54
44-09-03 World News Today 25:35
44-09-10 World News Today 25:14
44-09-17 BBC John Snagge Invasion of Holland 0:13
44-09-20 BBC Stanley Maxted cut off with airborn 1:56
44-09-24 World News Today 25:32
44-09-44 BBC Montgomery 1:23
44-11-01 BBC Audrey Russell interviews Bomb Victim 0:32
44-12-18 BBC Robert Barr Ardennes withdrawal 1:15
44-12-24 BBC Mountbatten not forgotten front 1:06
45-02-19 BBC Sgt Richard Mawson on Iwa Jima 2:16
45-03-08 BBC Churchill Crosses Rhine est date 1:22
45-03-08 BBC Freddy Grisewood Remagen Bridge Crossed 0:21
45-03-08 BBC Ian Wilson Americans over the Rhine 0:20
45-03-11-CHESTERWILMOT 1:41
45-03-21 BBC Richard Sharp with Gen Slim Mandalay 2:03
45-03-24 BBC Richard Dimbleby 3:43
45-03-24 BBC Richard Dimbleby in Halifax tow plane 1:10
45-03-24 BBC Wynford Vaughn-Thomas crossing the Rhine 2:03
45-03-25-StanleyMaxted WoundedOnGlider 1:34
45-03-25 BBC Robert Barr 1:23
45-03-28 BBC Stuart Mcpherson 1:16
45-03-31-WynfordVaughanThomas 1:57
45-03-31 BBC Edward Ward 3:36
45-03-31 BBC Edward Ward on release from Oflag XXIIb 0:57
45-04-19-InBelsen 1:19
45-04-19 BBC Richard Dimbleby in Belsen 1:19
45-04-23-EdwardWardCelebrating 0:54
45-04-24 BBC Wynford Vaughn-Thomas 3:43
45-04-25 BBC Freddy Grisewood Frank Gillard at Torgau 0:45
45-04-30 PROP Lord Haw-Haws last broadcast 1:47
45-04-31 BBC Robert Reid 2:26
45-05-01 BBC Stuart Hibberd Hitler is dead 0:18
45-05-01 HamburgTakeoverofLordHaw-HawsStation 0:54
45-05-02 BBC Berlin Has Fallen 0:30
45-05-03-TrumanWishFDRLived 0:30
45-05-03 BBC Wynford Vaughn-Thomas troops surrender1 0:30
45-05-04-ChesterWilmot MontyHQAwaitSurrende 0:21
45-05-04-MontyReadsSurrTerms 0:58
45-05-07 BBC John Snagge 1:20
45-05-07 BBC John Snagge announces VE Day 0:42
45-05-07 BBC Thomas Cadett sees Jodl surrender 3:07
45-05-08-KingGeorgeVI 0:57
45-05-08-Montgomery 1:03
VE Day Gabriel Heater 5:22
45-05-08 BBC Churchill Announces Surrender 1:40
45-05-08 BBC Howard Marshall Shares Day with Crowds 1:17
45-05-08 BBC Truman wish Roosevelt had lived 0:25
45-05-09 BBC Thomas Cadett 1:23
45-05-09 BBC Thomas Cadett in Berlin 1:38
45-05-19 BBC Matthew Halton in Holland 0:44
45-08-06-Hiroshima 0:21
VJ Day Reports 17:31
45-08-08 CaptCheshire WitnessesNagasakiBombing 2:05
VJ Day Gabriel Heater 3:35
End of the War 5:30
45-08-14 V-JDay 17:31
45-08-15-CrossingTheRhine 1:14
45-08-15 BBC Atlee Surrender of Japan 0:55
45-08-15 BBC Crowds Celebrate VJ day 0:45
45-08-15 BBC King George VI to the Empire 1:00
45-08-15 WynfordVaughnThomas in PiccadillyCircus 1:14
45-09-01 BBC MacArthur Holy Mission 2:03
45-11-04-BuildingBurmaRailway 1:22
45-xx-xx ChurchillSpeaksAtVictoryParty 2:48
45.-04-.08 BBC Richard Dimbleby 2:07
NEWS 51-06-17.MP3 4:12
Commentary on McCarthy 0:52
NewsEdw.R.MurrowSen.McCarthy 14:23
WilmottOnRoadToBrussels 1:06


Amazed someone found these!

(5 stars)

Glimpses into a past where the only future in sight was a dark one... one of the most terrifying eras in all of humanity. Fear abounded, and hope was hard to believe in, let alone to see, in the catastrophic worldwide struggle. And, Shadows_Girl, while it is propaganda, of course, it's propaganda of the right kind. While people back then did hold some unfortunate stereotypes based on race and religion, and had slurs to describe those persecuted people, the basic concept is good. Nazis are bad, don't be Nazis." After WWI, Germany was forced to take on most of the reconstruction, which was admittedly rather fair, as they were the allies of the nation that begun the war... but chaos reigned, inflation soared to utterly absurd levels, and a man named Hitler took over. The Nazis committed terrible crimes, and while I won't pretend the Allies were exempt from these crimes, the crimes of the Allies just didn't reach to the terrible extent that the Axis brutality and abuse did. The racial slurs are glimpses into an insecure nation, bombarded by a terrible war, and only twenty years later, one ever more catastrophic. Uncertainty, not man, was ruler of the world, and the United States was no exception to this reign of horror. They were paranoid, and the paranoia resulted in unfair discrimination against certain groups of people, and unsolicited hatred against these groups ran rampant throughout both the small-town alleys and the nation's capital. They were hard times, and we tried our best to soldier through them, but trekking through a seemingly endless swamp of death and decay wasn't easy, and we found people to pin our difficulties upon, people to lay our blame on. It was wrong, but there's no changing history, and though we can avoid repeating mistakes in history, we simply should not, nay, cannot, deny history... for if we do not know the past, we are doomed to repeat the awful mistakes contained therein that we should have easily avoided had we remembered what never ought to be forgotten... review created January 27, 2022.

There was a REAL War Going On

(4 stars)

It looks like I see someone too young to remember or have any notion of how the USA was really like then. If you can, find the John Dos Passos trilogy "USA" where he uses words like "bohunk," "wop," and the like routinely. That was the way life was 70-80 years ago. World War II was the scariest time imaginable, especially in 1942, when it still looked like the Axis Powers had a chance to take over the world. The war propaganda was very heavy. Very little of this material has been in the public eye since. The USA was a very insular place; people had a strong sense of home. We were far away from the dangers of Europe (five days by boat, though undersea telegraph cables made photos available to the newspapers nearly instantly, airplane travel was still a novelty and quite hazardous--no weather satellites in those days), and the few places where international boundaries were close to population centers made for easy control of immigration. The federal government has little reason to watch the rest of it. News always carried the opinion of the reporter back then. People didn't go to college to take "journalism" like it has been since the 1960s. If one wrote in a way to attract readers, one could get a job in the city room those days. That is the way it was.

Reporting and Propaganda

(3 stars)

When the time comes that a nation is involved in a war the first thing a government has to do (in order to make sure that enough of ITS people will be willing to go and kill the people of another country) is to make the people of the "enemy" nation appear as less than human. And they will use lies, racial slurs and whatever else they feel they need to get that job done. People have qualms about killing other people. They have no problem killing sub-human animals. Until...that is...after they come home and begin to think about it. ALL NATIONS HAVE DONE AND CONTINUE TO DO THIS. If they didn't---it would get very difficult to have wars. And no one wants to give THOSE up. Oh, people TALK about "putting an end to war" and about "peace on earth" and all of that. But that's just talk. When one looks at the history of Mankind one realizes one mustn't take any of that talk seriously. Anymore than they should take seriously the concept of "freedom." People think because they live in a more or less Democratic country that they are free. They aren't. The bars on their prison cells are just camouflaged.

Neutral reporting

(0 stars)

The job of news reporters is to report the facts, sir, not to take sides. It is the job of the citizens to form their own opinions, not to rely on Big Brother to provide opinions for them. That's what the bad guys did, indoctrinate their people into thinking their gov't could do no wrong. Failure to abide by journalistic principles has resulted in the US falling into the same trap as Nazi Germany. Because the media has failed to report objectively, we started a war based on lies. These are great recordings to learn from. But they shouldn't be used to justify every war or every government.

Shadows Girl?

(5 stars)

If you doubt the validity of World War 2, then Shadows Girl, you should try reading The Rape Of Nanking by Iris Chang, or any book about what the Nazis were all about. And here, in the United States, we enjoy more freedom than in any other country in the world, now or in any other time. Sure, not all wars are just, and war is in no way glorious or even wanted, but some wars are necessary. If you know the history of the world you will realize this and come out of the shadows.

Pearl Harbor Bulletin may be a fake

(4 stars)

Hello These are very interesting clips from the time news was behind, not against, the US armed forces. However, according to old radio expert Elizabeth McLeod, the John Daly "We interrupt" bulletin to announce Pearl Harbor's bombing is faked. Someone years ago , according to McLeod, spliced Daly's FDR death bulletin with a regular non-bulletin of Pearl Harbor. I do not fault in any way or anyone else who is responsible for posting this.

Finding the person or persons who own the radio pieces???

(4 stars)

We're interested in obtaining the contact info for the owner of the following radio pieces: 5) 40-04-09-InvasionDenmarkNorwa.aif 9) 40-08-16_news-battleofbritain.aif Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Addison

Excellent set!

(5 stars)

This set is excellent and full of history. It's too bad that people who didn't even live through it, want to politicize. There's a word for them, but I'm too polite to say it.