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One of My Favorites

(5 stars)

This is fairly good BBC Science Fiction. The sound quality of Orbit1Zero is improved over that of the earlier file in the Archive, OrbitZero. Despite the limits of their recording equipment, BBC SF series of the 1950's and 1960's tend to be among my favorites. I wish that they find better versions. Reminds me of the tension of Quatrmass and the Pit, also.

Excellent BBC sci-fi

(5 stars)

My favourite OTR drama - intelligent, atmospheric and creepy. Reminds me in parts of Quatermass and the Pit. The uploader ought to include keywords/tags - science fiction, OTR - this would make it accessible in the OTR a-z index.

another verification ...

(5 stars)

... that all we need for long-term survival of our species is, presently, still very truly unknown; I'll be sleeping, again, disturbed!051223!

Chillingly Dull

(1 stars)

Aliens attempt to take over Earth using giant...air conditioners? oh...kay... 0 - 0

very good.

(5 stars)

another British tale of outstanding quality.