Academy Award - Single Episodes

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Academy Award Theater began its full 39 week season with a high note -- with Bette Davis in her Oscar winning role in Jezebel. By looking at the list of actors who appeared during the series, you can see that this series ranked up there with the Lux Radio Theater in its range of movies chosen to be dramatized as well as the actors involved. Gene Hersholt, veteran radio and movie star, spoke as president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences during the first show welcoming the E.R. Squibb Co., giant pharmaceutical company as sponsor. These 30 minute programs consisted of dramnatizations of movies whose pictures, players, techniques, and skills won or were nominated for the coveted golden Oscars. The thirty nine episodes of this series aired between March 30, 1946 and December 18, 1946.

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Familiar friend from the public library

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These are on audible too. Very well done, by definition, since they have to have won the biggest movie awards to be featured. I can recommend some not listed here: lifeboat top fave; see also strangers on a train with buttocks daughter pat, who also played in the movie, wonderful life, and mr.and mrs.smith. Suspicion, the 39 steps, foreign corespondent, all good.