Afloat with Henry Morgan - Single Episodes

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Afloat with Henry Morgan was an 52 episode Australian series from, it is generally thought - 1933. Each episode was about 12 minutes long and the series was probably aimed at the youth market. It is not to be confused with the US show - 'The Henry Morgan Show'. It was produced by and starred George Edwards, who also produced Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Frankenstein, Corsican Brothers, and Son of Porthos, all Australian series as well. We believe that Maurice Francis, an enthusiastic writer, and Nell Sterling, two of George Edwards long-time collaborators, were also featured in 'Afloat With Henry Morgan'. To save money, Edwards played a variety of different roles and became known as 'the Man With A Thousand Voices'. It was a ventriloquial gift that encompassed small children, every variety of male voice, aged women, and foreigners. The maximum number of voices Edwards produced for a single scene was six; in the course of a single episode he would often double it. Information for this series brief came from, 'The Australian Dictionary of Biography Online', and Ian Grieve. From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

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Morgan Accused of Stealing an Aztec Necklace 12:13
Kitty Wants The Necklace 12:18
Morgan is Offered A Deal By The Governor 12:09
Morgan Assembles His Fleet 12:18
Longboat rescued at sea by Morgan 12:10
Jeffrey Hunter Apoligizes to Kitty 12:23
Diaz Discovers Kitty and Jeffery Together 11:25
Morgan Guarentees His Future Saftey 12:25
Kitty Professes Her Love to Jeffery 12:16
Jeffrey Learns of Kitty's Whipping 11:58
Morgan Confies About Necklace to Jeffrey 12:00
Delores and Diaz Plot Against Morgan 12:12
Delores Starts Her Seduction of Jeffrey 12:12
Delores and Diaz Search Jeffrey's Cabin 12:19
Delores Lies to Jeffrey About Being Caught 12:15
Jeffrey Confides in Delores about His Trip 12:09
Diatz Plants Seeds Of Doubt with Kitty 12:19
Morgan Reveals Where The Raid Will Be 12:45
The Secret Of Jeffreys' Past is Revealed 12:20
Kitty Tells Diatz About Jeffreys' Past 12:21
Diatz and Delores Find Morgan's Necklace 13:02
Plans To Trap Delores 12:23
Jeffrey Arrested, Kitty Has Necklace 12:14
Diatz Has Control Of Necklace 12:39
Delores Escapes 12:11
The Hunt For Delores 12:19
Diatz and Delores Plot To Escape To Cuba 12:22
Kitty Left In Care Of Delores 12:27
Jeffrey Heading For Work In Swamp 12:24
Jeffrey Saves A Prisonered Named Hero 12:34
Jeffrey And Hero Plan Their Escape 12:26
Morgan Sets Sail 12:28
Hero Saves Jeffrey 12:45
Diatz In Hiding With Kitty And Delores 12:39
Jeffrey and Hero Mistaken For Intruders 12:09
Jeffrey Explains His Background 12:12
Jeffrey Reveals His Wronged Conviction 11:54
Jeffrey and Hero Given Their Freedom 12:13
Jeffery Searches For Morgan 13:02
Jeffery Imprisoned Aboard Ship By Morgan 12:20
Morgan Attacks and Sacks a Town 12:43
Morgan Releases Jeffery and Hero 12:21
Jeffery Sails For Havana, Cuba 12:38
Jeffery and Delores Meet Again 12:35
Jeffery Is Under Diatz Control 12:15
Jeffery Is Tortured by Diatz for Information 12:47
Jeffrey and Kitty to be sold at the Slave Market 12:26
Jeffrey and Kitty Flee The Slave Market 12:35
Diatz Threatens Delores 12:43
Antoniette and Kitty Argue Over Jeffrey 12:35
Captian Morgan Returns and is Arrested 12:45
Morgan Freed and the Series Ends 13:02


George Edwards, Henry Morgan and Dad.

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The review of "Afloat with Henry Morgan" and, in particular, reference to the important part played by George Edwards (born Harold Parks) in Australian radio drama in the 30s, 40s & 50s, is correct. However, let me add two things: 1) Mention is made in the review of Nell Stirling (nee Helen Dorthy Malgrom). She was the third wife of George Edwards, well known ladies' man. Her distinct voice is heard in "Afloat with Henry Morgan". (Edwards' fourth wife Carol Lansbury later married Bruce Turnbull. Their son, Malcolm Turnbull, was born a little before the marriage. Malcolm Turnbull is now one of Australia's wealthiest men and currently [2012] a front-bencher in Australia's Federal Liberal Opposition. He is possibly a future Australian Prime Minister.) 2) Your review does not actually mention Edward's most famous radio serial "Dad and Dave" which was iconic on Australian radio for over 30 years, and is still played from time too time on nostalgia programs. Episodes can be downloaded on Old Time Radio.