Blair of the Mounties - Single Episodes

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Blair of the Mounties is the story of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police -- a fictional series based on the work of the Northwest Mounted Police before the World War I. It was a fifteen minute weekly serial heard every Monday for 36 weeks beginning January 31st, 1938 and running through the 3rd of October of 1938. It may have been on the air as early as 1935, although there’s no actual proof of this. Little is known of the series other than it followed the exploits of Sgt. Blair of the Northwest Mounted Police. and probably was the inspiration for Trendell, Campbell and Muir's Challenge of the Yukon. The series was written by Colonel Rhys Davies, who also played the Colonel Blair in the series. Jack Abbot played the Constable. Jack French, one of OTR’s best researchers says this about the series: “Blair is not restricted to Canada, as other Mounties, as we find him, in a few cases, in Great Britain, solving cases. Overall the series is amateurishly written, with the actor playing Blair coming accros as a bit stuffy.” From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

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Good old-fashioned police detection in northern Canada

(4 stars)

I also wonder if there is an error in the episode numbers: at the end of ep 06, the announcer says, "You have heard chapter seven of Blair of the Mounties. The next chapter is The Cedar Lake Mystery ((which is listed as episode 07))." It's possible that it was the announcer that was in error.

Blair of the Mounties

(4 stars)

Comfortable old-time show with a lot of atmosphere, if you like to imagine a howling wind and snowy night in Canada.