The Blue Beetle - Single Episodes

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The exploits of Dan Garrett, a rookie patrolman who, by wearing bullet-proof blue chain mail, transformed himself into the mysterious Blue Beetle, a daring crusader for justice. The Blue Beetle was created by Charles Nicholas. The character made his first appearance in August of 1939 in the comic book Mystery Men #1, published by Fox Features Syndicate. The Blue Beetle radio serial aired from 05-15-40 to 09-13-40 as a CBS 30 minutes, syndicated series. Actor Frank Lovejoy provided the voice of the Blue Beetle for the first thirteen episodes. Later episodes were uncredited. After his father was killed by a gangster's bullet, young Dan Garrett joined the New York Police Department, but soon tired of the slow pace and red tape of police work. With the help of his friend and mentor, pharmacist and drug-store proprietor Dr. Franz, Dan acquired a costume of bullet-proof chain-mail-like cellulose material, and began a second life, fighting crime as The Blue Beetle. His calling card was a small beetle-shaped marker that he left in conspicuous places to alert criminals to his presence, using their fear of his crime fighting reputation as a weapon against them. For this purpose he also used a "Beetle Signal" flashlight. The Blue Beetle's reputation was not his only weapon -- he carried a revolver in a blue holster on his belt, and was sometimes shown wearing a multi-pouched belt after the style set by Batman. Also in the Batman vein, the Blue Beetle had a "BeetleMobile" car and a "BeetleBird" airplane. In at least one radio adventure, he carries something called a "magic ray machine". The ray machine was a sort of super-scientific cutting device. From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

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Classic techno-superhero action

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This is not one of your "fun" superhero shows. It's deadly sober and serious with not a hint of irony or comic relief. It's well written and acted, and there's lots of violent action and sound-effects. These half-hour episodes don't show any evidence of being divided into the "Parts 1 and 2" indicated in the episode titles. Figuring from the dates of the first several episodes, this was a Wednesday and Friday series.

Blue Beetle

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This is an oddball of OTR shows. The story is a little weird but kind of a likeness of the infamous Superman. The quality of these recordings is high though somewhat choppy at times. It's hard to say whether I like or dislike this bizarre attempt of superhero. It's vastly different from the normally seen or heard hero stories.

this is truly a great show. spending time in my dad's world is s

(4 stars)

(5 stars)

this is absolutely great to listen to blue beetle🐞