Cloak and Dagger - Single Episodes

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Cloak and Dagger opened over the NBC network on May 7, 1950. It had a short run through the Summer on Sundays, changing to Fridays after its Summer run. The last show aired Oct. 22, 1950. The series told fictional stories of OSS agents during World War II who took dangerous missions behind enemy lines, knowing they may never return alive. The theme music was either identical or very similar to that used by Tales of the Texas Rangers. Sherman Marks directed. The cast consisted of The Hungarian Giant, played by Raymond Edward Johnson, and Impy, the Midget, played by Gilbert Mack. From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

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something different

(3 stars)

There are lots of radio shows about spies in World War II, but this one manages to take a different angle on the business of foreign intrigue. The agents are often non-professionals, and find themselves in strange situations and locales. I particularly liked "Roof of the World" and "Recommendation from Rommel". These stories are "suggested" by actual cases in the archives of the OSS, which allows the scriptwriters some latitude to come up with great stories without being bound to exact events.

Go-to otr series when you' ve...

(5 stars)

pigged out on horror and murder shows and need an antidote. These are suspenseful and well-done, but you can pick any one and know the good guys will triumph over the scumbags every time. Every episode is good. Came back and added a star..

(4 stars)

Very clean/clear transcriptions. Great series I’m an OTR fanatic and this series, to my chagrin was one I always overlooked. My mistake. I really give it 5 stars for concept, content and again, great clean audio.

Cloak and Dagger

(5 stars)

A very interesting view into the post war reflections of patriotism through fictional accounts of citizen spies.

(3.5 stars)

hard to download does not always get the whole program. material is well done!

it was fun! a few quality issues, but thats radio!

(4 stars)

(1 stars)

Superb production values and compelling stories. It's a shame that only 1/3rd of each 90 minute episode is presented here.