Crime Club - Single Episodes

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The Crime Club aired on the Mutual Broadcasting System as a half-hour weekly radio series, beginning on December 2, 1946 and continuing until October 16, 1947, a run of 47 episodes. It aired on Mondays at 8 p.m. through December and then on Thursdays at 10 p.m. It was also heard on Wednesdays and Sundays on some stations. Each installment was introduced by the series host, The Librarian, portrayed by Barry Thomson and Raymond Edward Johnson (who was perhaps better known as the host of Inner Sanctum Mysteries). The series featured murder and mystery dramas, some of which had already been published by the Doubleday Crime Club. A new Crime Club book was made available to the public each week and distributed though local newsstands and bookstores. Each show in the series began the same way. The telephone rings and the Librarian answers "Hello, I hope I haven't kept you waiting. Yes, this is the Crime Club. I'm the Librarian. (name of the program)? Yes, we have that Crime Club story for you. Come right over. (The organist plays a creepy tune). The doorbell chimes. "Ah you're here. Good. Take the easy chair by the window. Comfortable? The book is on this shelf." (The organist plays a scary chord). Here it is - (name of the program, the author and a very brief summary). "Let's look at it under the reading lamp." The Librarian begins reading the prologue for the tale, and another Crime Club offering begins. Barry Thompson and Raymond E. Johnson played the mild-mannered, albeit ominous, Librarian. Roger Bower produced and directed most of the episodes. Stedman Coles and Wyllis Cooper (Lights Out, Quiet Please) did most of the scripts, adapted from the Crime Club books.

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(5 stars)

This is a GREAT Series...with sadly, a too-short run. In the mode of "The Mysterious Traveler", and, "The Molle Mystery Theatre" the stories, cast, music backgrounds, are all first-rate. And well worth listening too. I enjoyed them all...and there are even a few comedy-laced-with-mystery shows in the Series like "Murder Makes A Mummy". If anyone can find the "Lost Episodes" of the "Crime Club" Series...PLEASE let the Internet Archive Web Producers know so they can be added to this wonderful Site.

Wonderful Radio mysteries

(5 stars)

These are such a great representation of 40's radio drama/mystery, that I truly enjoyed. My mother worked in radio during this time & I have several 45's of advertising that mention some of the NBC programs. These are a delightful reminder of how we entertained ourselves 70 years ago.

Love this!

(5 stars)

This show is so entertaining! I love it.

A Cut Below

(2 stars)

The concept of the librarian intro is inspired but after that, the written dialog is wooden, lacking that spark of verisimilitude or humor even that is so evident in Broadway Is My Beat or the Jack Webb series. Voices are predictable with drab delivery of their lines. Organist provides professional background but overall this has the feel of a very low budget production.

Good creepy, crime-filled radio fun

(3.5 stars)

Enjoyable stories of criminals getting their just desserts- of the "hoist with their own petard" variety. Campy intro and extro get a bit tiresome with binge listening, but add a slightly surreal feel. Not the best of its kind, but good fun!

fun old time radio crime show

(3.5 stars)

Enjoyed it and sorry it didn't continue. Thanks for sharing these shows.

(4.5 stars)

Awesome Series ❤ I hunker down under the blankets, and listen while eating snacks ,😊

Sorry It's Over

(5 stars)

This is wonderful. Wish there were more episodes. The librarian is sassy.