Love Story Magazine - Single Episodes

(3.7 stars; 11 reviews)


This series of only 26 episodes was broadcast in 1937. Dramatic dames and daring rogues... Such characters filled the pages of Love Story Magazine. This popular program for women told tales of loves lost and found, terrifying treacheries, broken hearts, tearful reunions, Prince Charmings and ladies spurned. This was probably what contributed it being a short lived series. If you like smarmy, then this is the series for you.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Tune in... and turn off your intellectual snobbery.

(3 stars)

Smarmy? Some would say pleasant, affectionate and innocent. Whilst innocence in reality is a myth we still yearn for its comforting embrace. Human nature doesn't change, in spite of political correctness and the hollow utterances of Illusory sophisticates whose "Let's fuck" is the height of social etiquette.

(3 stars)

Not the best of storylines but considering when it was broadcast it wasn't too bad, mills and boon would be proud as they managed to cram a whole book into 15 minutes. just right to fall asleep too.


(5 stars)

such a great series of love but the reader sucks