Mother's Best Flour - Single Episodes

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From late 1950 to late 1951, you could hear Hank Williams on WSM every morning at 7:15 singing and selling Mother's Best Flour, as well as self-raising Cornmeal and Pig & Sow Feed. During the 15 minute show Hank and the announcer Louie Buck would pitch the flour in between Hank's songs. Hank even wrote a theme song for the show.
I love to have that gal around Her bicuits are so nice and brown Her pies and cakes beat all the rest Cause she makes them all with Mother's Best
Hank was paid $100 a week for five shows. Often times, they were pre-recorded due to Hank's touring schedule. These shows are among Hank Williams most popular, if not his best, work. Perhaps the most well known, most sought collection in the Hank Williams catalogue are the Mother's Best radio shows. This collection of radio shows is considered by many to be Hank's best work and were done at the peak of his career in 1951. The show was broadcast live between 7:15 and 7:30 a.m. on WSM out of Nashville, Tennessee. Some of the shows were pre-recorded to be played on the air when Hank was out on the road. Hank was paid $100 a week for recording the shows that usually consisted of one country song, one instrumental and a gospel song to close the show, but that's not all they have to offer. The Mother's Best Shows capture Hank's personality better than anything else known to exist and they don't paint the picture of a sad, lonesome, forlorn man hell bent on drinking and death as many books and other publications try to portray him as. In fact, it is probably the in-between song chatter that makes these recordings so great, you get a glimpse of what Hank Williams was like as a person. The Mother's Best shows also featured a surprising variety of hymns, since there was at least one in every early-morning broadcast. A lesser-known Hank-penned uptempo jubilee number, "I'm Gonna Sing", is a highlight -- but so is his surprising three-part harmony singing with Drifting Cowboys Jerry Rivers and Cedric Rainwater on the likes of "I Hear My Savior Calling Me". Those expecting all lonesome barroom ballads and joking marital complaints should know that there's a lot of the gospel side of Hank on these discs. He shows a particular appreciation for songs by his Louisiana Hayride and Opry buddies the Bailes Brothers â "Dust On The Bible" and "I've Got My One-Way Ticket To The Sky", for instance. The Bailes' influence on Hank may have been as potent as that of Roy Acuff and Ernest Tubb. For all of the solemn spirituality, there's plenty of joking, in any case. We still hear Williams inform his female audience, "Hey good lookin', if you've got anything cookin', just make sure you're cookin' it with Mother's Best Flour." This is a Hank very much in the world of his moment; he mentions the current pop hit version of "On Top Of Old Smoky" (it was by the Weavers) before launching into a great hard country version himself as an answer. (Some material for this series synopsis is from, and ) From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

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The Blind Child / Blue Steel Blues / When God Dips His Love In My Heart 14:39
Where The Old Red River Flows / Moonlight Waters / How Can You Refuse Him Now 14:03
MBF_51-01-10_ep03_First_Song_-_Moanin'_the_Blues 13:54
First Song - Alabama Waltz 14:33
MBF_51-01-12_ep05_First_Song_-_No-Body's_Lonesome_For_Me 14:15
First Song - Loveless Mansion on the Hill 13:23
First Song - Everythings Okay 13:36
MBF_51-01-17_ep08_First_Song_-_Nobody's_Lonesome_For_Me 14:53
First Song - Move It On Over 14:36
MBF_51-01-19_ep10_First_Song_-_Seaman's_Blues 14:41
MBF_51-02-02_ep20_First_Song_-_Cold,_Cold_Heart 14:25
First Song - Move It On Over 14:03
First Song - Faded Love & Winter Roses 14:17
First Song - Why Should We Try 12:12
First Song - Long Gone Lonesome Blues 13:58
First Song - Dear John 14:47
First Song - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain 14:40
First Song - On the Banks of the Old Ponchartrain 14:41
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep13_First_Song_-_My_Sweet_Love_Ain't_Around 13:27
First Song - Pins & Needles In My Heart 15:15
First Song - Mind Your Own Business 14:20
First Song - May You Never Be Alone 14:13
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep17_First_Song_-_They'll_Never_Take_Her_Love_From_Me 14:16
First Song - Cool Water 14:00
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep19_First_Song_-_I_Just_Don't_Like_This_Kind_Of_Living 13:44
First Song - Dear John 14:44
First Song - The First Fall of Snow 14:11
First Song - Wedding Bells Will Never Ring for Me 14:51
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep24_First_Song_-_Why_Don't_You_Love_Me 13:57
First Song - Faded Love And Winter Roses 14:11
First Song - Just When I Needed You 15:39
First Song - Move It On Over 14:32
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep28_First_Song_-_There's_Nothing_As_Sweet_As_My_Baby 14:30
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep29_First_Song_-_I_Can't_Help_It_If_I'm_Still_In_Love_With_You 14:10
First Song - Where The Old Red River Flows 14:43
First Song - On Top of Old Smoky 14:03
First Song - May You Never Be Alone Like Me 13:28
First Song - Next Sunday Darling, Is My Birthday 13:26
First Song - Tennessee Border 13:57
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep35_First_Song_-_Pictures_From_Life's_Other_Side 14:41
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep36_First_Song_-_Just_Waitin' 14:08
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep37_First_Song_-_My_Sweet_Love_Ain't_Around 14:49
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep38_First_Song_-_I_Can't_Help_It_If_I'm_Still_In_Love_With_You 13:55
First Song - Just When I Needed You 14:06
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep40_First_Song_-_Cold,_Cold_Heart 14:19
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep41_First_Song_-_Moanin'_The_Blues 13:27
First Song - I Hang My Head & Cry 13:51
First Song - I Dreamed About Mama Last Night 14:45
First Song - Low & Lonely 13:37
First Song - Orange Blossom Special 14:15
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep46_First_Song_-_If_I_Didn't_Love_You 14:33
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep47_First_Song_-_I_Just_Don't_Like_This_Kind_Of_Livin' 14:42
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep48_First_Song_-_Hey_Good_Lookin' 14:27
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep49_First_Song_-_I've_Been_Down_That_Road_Before 13:27
First Song - California Zephyr 13:43
First Song - I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow 12:58
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep52_First_Song_-_I_Can't_Tell_My_Heart_That 13:56
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep53_First_Song_-_Just_Waitin' 14:22
First Song - Cherokee Boogie 14:01
First Song - I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow 14:41
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep56_First_Song_-_I'll_Sail_My_Ship_Alone 14:17
First Song - Dear John 14:29
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep58_First_Song_-_Cold,_Cold_Heart 14:09
First Song - If You Mind Your Business 13:17
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep67_First_Song_-_I'm_So_Lonesome_I_Could_Cry 12:57
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep68_First_Song_-_My_Sweet_Love_Ain't_Around 13:36
First Song - I Blotted Your Happy School Days 14:07
First Song - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You 13:55
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep71_First_Song_-_Hey_Good_Lookin' 13:46
MBF_5x.xx.xx_ep72_First_Song_-_I_Can't_Help_It_If_I'm_Still_In_Love_With_You 13:42


Hanging Out With Hank

(5 stars)

You have the genius of Hank Williams in a relaxed setting, singing and joking around, pitching Mother's Best Flour between songs. He comes across as such an easy going guy, very friendly, witty, wise, and just sounding like a heck of a nice guy - and of course we already know about his brilliant talent. He sings his famous hit songs and many others. He also sings hymns, and although I'm not religious those are very enjoyable too. It's just an amazing little show, made amazing by a country music genius.

Holey Heteronormativity

(5 stars)

It is a good thing we don't make shows like this anymore. Sould have been named 'Birthing person's Best Flour Hour'. Why ignore half the population? Also Hank's songs recapitulate the dangerous bifurcated gender roles that ignore the immense contribution of intersexed persons to country music.

Hank and the Lovesick Blues Boys Rock!!

(5 stars)

Check out the Orange Blossom Special, my lord. This from a Devo fan so it took some doing but not for Hank. I am a believer. Just delicious and nice as living. Genius! Thanks Librovox. .You are mother's best web site!

Great stuff---old time country music fans, Hank fans, give it a listen!

(5 stars)

If you like Hank Williams, Sr., you just can't get enough of his music. And these shows will give you your fix for sure! Hank sounds terrific. Thanks for these!

I really enjoyed this collection.Pure country ar its best.

(5 stars)