The Singles And Doubles Collection vol 2 Single Episodes

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This is a work in progress. This OTRR Collection is a Non-Certified one, containing series in which currently only one or two episodes are known to exist -- hence the name: "Singles and Doubles Collection". Almost every type genre is included. Radio -- called by some The Theater of the Mind -- has been with us since 1920 when stations WWJ of Detroit and KDKA of Pittsburg made the first regular commercial broadcasts. The first program aimed at entertaining the unseen audience followed close behind. Over the years since then, literally thousands of series have been broadcast nationally and thousands more in regional or local markets. Some endured for a few years, others for 20 or 30, and some unfortunately only had one episode broadcast. Of those thousands, some series saw some of their episodes saved for the future, some saw nearly all and others only one or two episodes. While the goal of the Old Time Radio Researchers Group is to preserve radios past by collecting, and archiving as many different series as possible and making them available to the community, we do not want to let the series that only had a minimum number of episodes to survive go unpreserved for future generations. To that end we have put together this unique collection of series. Most of the programs you will find here will be totally unfamilar to you, but they are informative and entertaining none the less. This is the second version of this collection that we have released. Since the first collection new broadcasts have surfaced, and others will undoubtely be found in the future. When and if that occurs, we will release a version three. From comedy to drama to cooking shows to music, you'll hear it all here, and every episode will be unique and different. They run the gamut, from the middle 20s to the early 70s, all showing us a glimpse of the past, when things were slower and families gathered round the radio each evening. Times when each person was hearing the same thing, but created a different picture in their minds of what the characters looked like, the scenery, location, and most important the sounds. Sounds that each found a different meaning in, but one that entertained, educated, and made the world a smaller place, where you could hear those stories that in the past were told to just a few, gathered round the dinner table, at a campfire, or in small audiences, but now the whole world could hear and enjoy. Some of these episodes may be misnamed or misdated. If you find such, please let us know. Additionally there may be some dead air space at the beginning or ending of some episodes. This is not one of our certified sets, it is being provided as a way to obtain those series in which only one or two shows have survived. From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



1965 Christmas Seals 65-12-xx Guest - Edye Gorme 13:57
H G Wells Meets Orson Welles 7:20
50th_Anniversary_Of_The_AT&T_35-03-03 59:03
ABC Forum 46-06-26 The U.N. Conference 27:26
AFRS Christmas Show 44-12-25 1:50
A Man With A Cause 48-05-17 Displaced Person 27:48
A Message From William R Hearst 30-xx-xx 1 12:22
A Message From William R Hearst 30-xx-xx 2 13:03
A Salute To Heart Sunday 57-xx-xx 15:38
Adelaide Hawley 44-06-17 14:36
Adolph Zukors Silver Jubilee 37-01-07 Host Jack Benny 1:10:52
460322 - Audition - 15:47
Adventure is Your Heritage 5x-xx-xx The Invisible Century 13:55
Adventures Of Zorro 57-xx-xx Imprisoned 11:31
Adventures Of Zorro 57-xx-xx The Kings Justice 11:27
Allen Prescott and Jean Colbert 46-04-20 24:55
American Ace Coffee Show 48-xx-xx First Song - Songbirds Are Singing In Heaven 29:48
American Family News 46-06-04 14:08
American Family Saga 44-08-13 Introduction To The Mills Audition 1 28:30
American Family Saga 44-08-20 Preview Of Coming Episodes 16:45
American Jewish Hour 40-11-24 First Song - Bridegroom Special 12:56
American Portrait 46-03-30 Thomas Jefferson 29:40
Americas Most Interesting People 38-12-05 01 Guest - Henry Krahour 30:06
Any Bonds Tonight 44-12-26 Emblem Of Peach March partial 13:16
Armchair Adventures xx-xx-xx 46 The White Elephant AFRS 14:35
Track01 59:05
Army Hour 44-03-26 Soldiers See Movies 29:32
Around The Sound 44-07-30 First Song - Big Rock Candy Mountian 13:24
Art Bakers Notebook xx-xx-xx 334AFRS 4:55
Arthur Hale Confidentially Yours 4x-xx-xx 13:48
39-09-21 28:23
Atlantic Spotlight 45-08-11 Beatrice Kay 29:10
Babe Didrikson Zaharias xx-xx-xx 12:30
Ballads by Brooks 47-12-17 Guest - Marion Wiggins 15:34
Bancocks Eve 99-01-12 BBC 45:58
Baptist Hour 41-02-09 28:51
Barry Gray 49-09-30 Guest - Adam Clayton Powell 24:32
Baseball 49-03-29 Opening of 1949 Fort Worth Baseball Season 28:43
Baurhage News 47-07-31 14:50
Beatrice Kay Show The 45-11-08 29:32
Beauty Vs Brains 47-09-02 Miss America Contestants 30:05
Behold A Woman 50-04-28 John Archer Introduces Himself 13:14
Bennetts The 45-11-20 04 27:11
Betty Crocker Magazine of the Air 47-07-14 Guest - Miss Kerr 10:09
Beyond Resonable Doubt xx-xx-xx 09 14:29
Big Show The 50-11-26 1:30:20
Board of Missing Heirs 46-03-31 Estate of John B Fontaine 28:33
Bob Connor 4x-xx-xx This Couldnt Happen Again 11:44
Bob Elson 48-xx-xx Guest - Florence Fix 13:32
Bob Smith Show 47-08-25 Guest - Donald Duck 24:30
Frenchy's Gang 25:19
Frenchy's Gang 14:20
Frenchy's Gang 14:14
Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick 47-05-09 Guest - Leo Durocher 38:42
Bride_and_Groom_47-05-23_First_couple___W._Marshall_&_B._Garvin 29:49
Brighter World 40-08-03 13:49
Britain Speaks 42-06-11 10:22
Broadway Talks Back 46-12-09 Guest - Moss Hart 29:23
Buckeye Barn Dance 48-12-04 First Tune - Steel Guitar Rag 30:12
Frenchy's Gang 29:00
CBS Open House 44-06-19 Guest - Howard Culver 22:24
09-18 pt 1 2:59:05
Carlyle Stevens Sketch Book 38-09-11 29:35
OFRH Music 15:36
BT Memories 29:51
Carson Robinson 3x-xx-xx First Song - Blue Skies 11:53
Catholic Hour 41-12-07 28:34
Frenchy's Gang 25:58
First Song - Dill Pickle Rag 22:38
Cedric Foster 41-05-09 Largest British Plane Squadron Strikes Germany 14:23
Champion Roll Call 47-07-11 4:47
Chance of a Lifetime xx-xx-xx First Guest - Roberta May 26:16
Pgm 1 - Stormy Weather 13:49
Track02 57:25
Christmas Sing With Bing 61-12-24 49:23
Christopher Program 5x-xx-xx 16:08
City Hospital xx-xx-xx 07 Throat Operation AFRS 20:39
City Hospital xx-xx-xx Woman In Her Seventies 23:11
Cliche Club 50-06-21 Guest - Gypsy Rose Lee 28:33
Club Thirteen Hundred 55-12-09 43:15
Clubtime 371208 (15) 14:26
Collegians 47-03-27 First Song - Old Man River 14:00
Columbia Country Journal 42-12-19 15:15
Conversation 56-03-22 Talking with Fred Allen 27:22
Coronet Storyteller 44-12-24 The Little Lamb 14:29
Correction Please 45-08-10 28:14
Cousin Bob Nicholson xx-xx-xx First Song - Talk To Your Heart 14:47
Crime_&_Death_Take_No_Holidays_xx-xx-xx_Ralph_Gramm_Robs_Bank 14:30
Dallas After Dark 4x-xx-xx First Song - Midnight Masquerade 14:43
Dave Garroway xx-xx-xx 346 15:31
Dean Dickerson 43-11-xx American Fighting Men Located at 65 Places hum 15:35
Dental Clinic of the Air 31-xx-xx 18 25:24
Doctors Today 48-02-14 Heart Disease In Children 27:17
Don Ameche Show 460624 First Song - Love is Sweeping The Nation 28:16
Dont Cheat Uncle Sam 39-03-13 3 Needlework 28:31
DonÆt_You_Believe_It_46-10-05_Length_of_the_Fingers 12:32
Doodle For Dollars 47-03-29 First Song - It Had to be You 14:13
Double Feature 44-08-13 Guest - Edgar Bergen AFRS 29:34
Douglas Of The World xx-xx-xx The Terrorist 28:49
Downs Digest 50-05-12 15:10
Dr Pepper Treasure Hunt xx-xx-xx 01 14:48
Dr Pepper Treasure Hunt xx-xx-xx 02 14:31
Dr Peppers Fireside Phone Quiz 41-08-19 The Reluctant Dragon 15:48
Dude Martin Radio Rancho 47-01-05 First Song - You Cant Break My Heart 28:33
Earn your Vacation 49-03-17 15:08
Education in the News 36-03-09 13:42
Eggs at Eight 51-09-xx 31:00
Erskine Johnson Hollywood Personals 44-xx-xx 14:16
17-1945 14:31
Esquire Jazz Concert 46-01-16 First Song - Take The A Train 54:43
Evangeline Baker Show 47-09-22 Audition 13:20
Face to the Future 60-xx-xx 10:48
Famous Fathers 41-xx-xx 12 Survivors Of A Plane Crash 13:01
Famous Fathers 41-xx-xx 24 Fathers In The Household 13:11
Session1 Track1 31:57
Farewell To Studio 9 xx-xx-xx 53:07
Farm_&_Garden_Program_4x-xx-xx 15:19
Find That Twin 49-05-02 Twin of President Truman 27:09
Finders Keepers 45-04-16 29:50
Five Star Final 36-03-30 First Topic - Typewriters 14:14
Case of the Floating Corpse 24:10
Flying Hutchinsons The 39-08-14 Scroll Of All Nations 13:15
Session1 Track4 25:11
Forty Million 531108 Guest - Josephine Hull 25:50
Fran Murray Sports 4709xx (bad hum) 12:38
OFRH Music 30:33
Fulton Lewis 40-05-30 14:40
Funny Side Up xx-xx-xx Check For Water Bill 27:44
Funny Side Up xx-xx-xx Lottery Ticket Eaten 29:29
Galen Drake 5x-xx-xx Why Do Couples Fight 13:05
Gentleman Jockey 5612xx First Song - Dance Of The Clowns 26:39
George_&_Mary_Case_51-08_xx_not_complete 56:49
Get That Story 46-05-07 Amatur Reporters Contest 29:53
Gibson Pioneer Roundup 48-02-05 First Song - Whoopee Ti Yi Yo 13:49
1944-09-16 Yeoman of the Guard 58:44
Gisele MacKenzie Show, The 56xxxx (07) Guest - Snooky Lanson 29:02
Gisele MacKenzie Show, The 56xxxx (08) Guest - Cab Calloway 28:55
MacNamee_1927_Lindbergh_Calvi 11:46
Graves Fresh Roundup xx-xx-xx First Song - Poison Love 13:37
Great Talent Hunt 48-04-06 23:52
Guys Next Door The 47-07-25 11:48
Hal Victor Show 49-04-01 14:32
Halicrafters Hour 45-04-02 Guest - Hildegarde 29:50
Hall of Fame 34-12-23 Guest - Walt Disney 29:46
Happy Homes 49-05-04 Poor Sound 31:03
Harrington and Wood 48-10-04 15:33
Harvest Of Stars 480125 First Song - Rio Rita 30:06
Harvest Of Stars 480215 First Song - Great Day 29:56
Hawthorne 53-03-19 Guest - Earl Bostick 56:25
Hawthorne 53-04-30 46:46
Hawthornes Adventures 49-xx-xx Guest - Dennis Day 29:44
Heart To Heart Revival Hour 35-12-22 Christmas Program 57:06
Hello Joyce 51-08-31 Audition 26:06
Herald-Tribune Forum 42-11-17 Presidents Address 14:39
Hi Jinx 47-08-04 Guest - Ethel Waters 29:35
Hidden History 41-xx-xx Follow The Drinking Gourd 12:48
Hidden History 41-xx-xx Story Of The Immigrant 12:41
Hit The Ball 39-05-19 First Show 29:40
Hobby Lobby 35-xx-xx 27:57
Hollywood Calling 490703 001 Host- Dick Powell 1:00:55
Hour of Musical Fun 39-06-04 First Show of Series 29:12
Housewives Incorporated 4x-xx-xx Hummus Chicken 22:08
Howard Miller Show 55-xx-xx Guest - Liberace 13:53
Human Side of the Record 48-06-08 Saluting Billy Murray 30:00
I Want To Come Back 41-xx-xx Finding Jobs For Convicts 30:37
Ida Bailey Allen 4x-xx-xx Dinner of the Day 14:54
It_Had_Been_You_Neptune's_Wra 13:18
In My Opinion 47-06-26 Shorts Skirts or Long Skirts 15:14
Information 45-xx-xx 85 Who Was Described In Song As Celebrated Cultivated And… 29:28
Invitation To Learning xx-xx-xx The Nature Of Things 29:01
Is There A Ghost In The House 63-06-20 The Man in the Chair 13:27
John J Anthony 45-04-14 Marriage Questions Answered 15:22
Johnny Cash Show 54-xx-xx 01 First Song - Wide Open Road.MP3 16:34
Jolly_Bill_&_Jane_38-06-05 14:32
Jon Cameron Swayze 4x-xx-xx 14:13
Judy_&_Jane_43-03-25_Dope_Cigarettes 10:31
Junior Hobby Lobby 460930 Audition 25:33
OFRH Music 15:33
OFRH Music 15:38
Salad Dressing 12:57
Lannie Ross Program 49-02-07 14 14:37
Leo Diamond And His Harmonaires 430911 Xxx 1st Song - Three Little Words 14:19
Leo Diamond And His Harmonaires 431120 Xxx 1st Song - Nobody's Sweetheart 14:12
Let Freedom Sing 52xxxx (13) First Song - Forth And Back 13:18
Let Yourself Go 450606 Xxx Guest - Al Jolson 28:21
Listen America 41-12-07 Guest - Warren Williams 27:34
Listen To Grandma 4xxxxx Aud Guest - Gary Cooper 25:59
Lone Star Jamboree 4x-xx-xx From North Side Coliseum 28:32
Los Angeles War Bond Rally 43-06-30 1:34:49
Louden Family The 46-02-06 First Song - The Lost Train Blues 13:36
Lunch at Sardis 470405 29:26
Luncheon At Sardis 470517 Xxx Guest - Susan Shayne 5:31
Lyle Vann News 450810 Xxx Developments On The Possibilities Of A Japanese Surre… 14:54
Maggies Private Wire 45-08-10 Guest - Enrico Caruso Jr 14:14
Majestic_Theater_of_the_Air_2x-xx-xx_Second_Song_-_Hum_&_Strum 12:22
Marian Anderson Concert 39-04-09 29:20
Mel Allen Sports 400312 11:32
Missus Goes A Shopping 42-01-22 14:03
Molly_&_The_Captain_49-11-02_First_Show 28:48
Molly_&_The_Captain_50-06-27 13:42
Morning Matinee 390531 (Ending clipped) 20:15
Mr And Mrs Music 471212 (12) First Song - It All Came True 12:34
Mrs Tuckers Smile Program 47-xx-xx 2380 First - Linda 14:58
Murder Will Out 46-08-08 The Mystery of Death Under Sea 28:34
OFRH Music 30:29
Music_by_Martin_Xxxxxx_Xxx_First_Song_-_The_Bells_of_Saint_MaryÆs_opening_cut 28:39
Music_in_the_Morgan_Manner_4412xx_Hotel_Claremont_LA._First_Song_û_Vabon 29:28
NBC Special 49-07-03 1:00:55
Name Of The Day The xx-xx-xx Baldwin 4:57
Name Your Show xxxxxx (450) Arthur Godfrey Show 28:56
#05 14:31
#08 14:17
Natl Cmte to Uphold Constitutional Govt 37-xx-xx Guest - Charles Coburn no op o… 13:38
Natl Cmte to Uphold Constitutional Govt 3x-xx-xx Guest - Wilfer L King no op or… 11:37
Navy Star Time 50-xx-xx 23 First Song - Gypsy in my Soul 14:51
Navy Star Time 50xxxx 23 First Song - Gypsy in My Soul 14:51
Nellie Revel Show 351219 Xxx First Song - Jewel 13:15
Of These We Sing 52-xx-xx 12 First Song - Oh What A Beautiful Morning 13:26
Oklahoma Melody Roundup xx-xx-xx 26:02
Oklahoma Roundup 4x-xx-xx First Song - Kellafena 26:52
Old Dominion Barndance 4x-xx-xx First Song - Tie Me To Your Apron Strings 13:37
Old Fashioned Revival 59:50
Old Sunday School Program The xx-xx-xx 267 13:46
Old Sunday School Program The xx-xx-xx 268 13:51
Ollendorff Watch Makers 3x-xx-xx 13 First Song - Blaze Away 13:17
Opportunity USA 49-05-16 Guest - Al Jolson Bing Crosby 59:48
Owl Rexall Show 50-02-14 30:27
Pathfinders Of The Sky 42-08-xx Role Of A Nagavator 7:55
Pickard FamilyXERA 39-xx-xx First Song - Walk The Streets of Glory 17:23
Point Blank with Nancy Terry 52-12-06 14:17
Radio Newsreel 40-07-01 Fannie Hurst 12:31
Raymond Gram Swing 410509 The Monitor And The Merrimac 14:05
Reading Out Loud 431003 Xxx The Sun Rising 6:52
Red Feather Roundup 48-09-30 30:03
Red Grange Football Show 49xxxx (08) Great Stars Of 1950 11:25
Red Grange Football Show 4x-xx-xx 09 Outstanding Football Plays Of The Season 10:48
Rio Grande Valley Tours 47-xx-xx Host - Dr. H.C. Allison 11:09
Roller Derby 38-xx-xx 1 13:41
Roller Derby 38-xx-xx 2 13:29
Sammy Kaye Remote 51xxxx First Song - I Apologize 24:46
Says Who 570524 28:53
Science Magazine Of The Air 4xxxxx Bone Graft Surgery 23:39
Shady Valley Folks 43-01-13 First Song - Who Threw The Overalls In Mrs Murphys … 26:02
Shilling For Luck 44xxxx Guest - Gene Kelly (AFRS).mp3 58:11
Show World 40-01-08 14:40
Signal Carnival 39xxxx Dick Kiplinger Subs 28:11
Signal Carnival 410209 First Song - So Sweet 29:56
Singing Sam Story 49xxxx Tribute To Singing Sam (End clipped) 31:16
Jones_Bob_Hope_Lucille_Ball 15:24
Special 48-xx-xx Fort Worth Stock Show 14:19
Sports Quiz xx-xx-xx 01 Name Sports Figures With The Last Name Jacobs AFRS 29:10
Sportsreel 46-xx-xx 75 Guest - Tommy Harmon AFRS 14:14
Sportsreel 46-xx-xx 76 1917 World Series AFRS 14:15
Stars Over Paradise 41-11-28 Sandra Leaves Gordon 30:59
Stars For The Defense 52xxxx Xxx 1st Song - I Wanna Be Happy 15:42
Stop Or Go 43-04-04 Guest - Mrs Bert Hamlin 27:14
Stop or Go 430404 Guest - Mrs Bert Hamlin 27:14
Stories from the American Scene 48-12-13 17:42
Summer Electric Hour 480613 First Song - Glowworm 29:43
Sundial 39-09-21 Authur Godfrey 1:00:00
Take It From There 460905 1st Contestant - Mrs. Jacobsen & Mrs. Williams 25:03
Talent Theater - Guest Jack Statham 29:51
Tales From Harlem 38-01-08 4 First Song - Jamie Jamie 13:09
Tennesse Jamboree 500411 Xxx 1st Song - Somebody Else's Trouble 29:17
Texas Hall of Fame 40-09-22 First Song - Parade of the Wooden Solders 14:28
Texas Rangers Show Xxxxxx 2659 1st Song - We Want To Sing 14:06
Texas Swingsters 46-06-05 First Song - Souix City Sue 27:08
The Mercury Company Remembers (Theatre of the Imagination) 39:01
The Name Of The Day Xxxxxx Baldwin 4:57
The World In Review 310531 Xxx Japanese Royal Family 14:18
The World Today 401117 Berlin And Moscow Claim Victory 14:43
Then & Now - Thomas Edison 30:01
This Is Show Business 49-05-17 First Show 29:17
This_Is_Your_Life_50-03-xx_Guest_û_Edgar_Bergen 28:41
This Life is Mine 14:44
Those Sensational Years 47-01-28 The Story Of Earl Sandy 29:04
Those Sensational Years - 28:45
Tillanook Kitchen 480529 Xxx Hot Potato Salad 13:11
To Be Perfectly Frank 53-12-08 First Song - They Cant Take That Away From Me 15:28
To Stars and Stripes xx-xx-xx The Story of George Washington 26:38
Today's Football 370904 Aud Football Highlights 13:43
Tom Rogers Sports 5201xx 5:23
Tonight In Hollywood 450203 Xxx Lucille, Your Fired Guest - Lucille Ball 14:29
Tony Wons Scrapbook 410211 Xxx A Tribute To Those Who Have Had To Fight Hard To… 13:46
Tony Wons Scrapbook 410213 Xxx A Child Remembers 13:53
Top Hollywood Stories of the Day 45-02-15 Betty Hutton Collapses From Food Pois… 15:23
Top Tunes Of 1948 4812xx 29:38
Where Does Love Begin 15:02
Touchdown Tips 460930 Xxx Football Stories 11:13
Touchdown Tips 53-10-17 06 Top Ten In Football 11:46
Town Crier The 33-10-06 A Look Back to the Year 1913 21:11
The Town Crier 38xxxx Xxx Salute To James Barrie 25:00
Transatlantic Call 44-09-11 Getting To Know Britian 28:43
Trash Is Cash 430527 Xxx 1st Item - Collar Button 15:15
The Tremaynes Talk Show 490921 Xxx Rome Show 29:13
The Secret of Meteor Island - Pt 04 26:00
Tromer's Troopers 380307 The Spy 30:34
Twentieth Century Limited Xxxxxx Xxx Guest - Herman Cogan 13:24
Twenty Crowded Years 34-06-28 A Radio Review of the years 1914-1934 53:50
U S Marine Band xx-xx-xx 39 Guest - Gil Bogley 14:42
U S Marine Band xx-xx-xx 40 Guest - Tommy Thompson 14:37
Uncle Remus xx-xx-xx 2 The Tar Baby 14:30
Uncle Remus xx-xx-xx Mud Pies 14:28
Vass Family xx-xx-xx 57 First Song - Romance Runs In The Family 4:41
Vass Family xx-xx-xx 58 First Song - Crinoline Days 4:44
Vic Damone 47-03-18 First Song - Thats Where I Came In 14:42
Victory Belles 42-12-12 First Song - Ten Little Indians 30:01
Victory Bond Show 45-12-06 27:15
Virginia Greg - Audition 8:41
Virginia Marvin (Audition) 28:57
Voice of New York 43-06-16 New York War Bond Campaign 13:25
WFR 46-02-11 Strange Case Of The Murderer In Wax 34:48
Indianapolis Dedication Progr 1:00:35
Track 01 12:45
WOR Summer Theater 42-08-13 the mystery of the perfect throw 28:04
WPA Federal Theater of the Air 37-05-xx -R.U.R. 38:23
WWII Herald Tribune Forum 42-11-17 WWII 14:54
Clan of the Fiery Cross - Pt 07 59:33
Walter O'keefe's Americana 530506 Xxx Guest - Paul Wellman 15:46
Liberation 13:39
War Chest Program 45-xx-xx Guest - Edward G Robinson 13:55
War Chest Program 45-xx-xx Guest - Orson Welles 14:20
Warriors Of Peace 47-07-13 Taskforce Furnace incomplete 15:39
Strange Morning (by Arch Oboler) 24:00
58xxxx - AFRTS #111 - 10:05
Welcome Travelers 50-08-29 28:46
Whats Doing Ladies 47-10-30 Whats the definition of a good housewife 24:31
What's New - Host - Cecil B DeMille 59:42
Whisper Men 451010 The Black Light 29:59
Who Said That 29:38
40-01-24_Who's In Town Tonight 14:28
Wilkins Amateur Hour 50-12-31 514 1:01:09
Will Of Stratford 37-04-26 29:49
Win Place or Show 45-10-27 First Guest - Mrs. Agnes Hamilton 29:25
Win Your Spurs 52-04-07 Audition 27:29
Windfall xx-xx-xx 28:35
1930s - #069 (cleaned) 14:04
1930s - #070 (cleaned) 14:02
Wishing Well 450607 Xxx 1st Song - I Promise You 14:06
Wishing Well 45-06-08 First Song - I Begged Her 13:21
The Wizard Of Odds 29:29
s Husband Wants To Buy Land 15:11
World In Review The xx-xx-xx Japanese Royal Family 14:18
Yarns For Yanks 42-xx-xx extra extra 14:11
You Can Be A Star 490124 Xxx Winner - Ralph Canary 27:34
You Can Be An Actor 460206 Xxx Winner - John Allen 15:31
You Cant Win 56-02-xx Maharajas Millions 12:40
You Win 53xxxx Xxx Telephone Quiz 28:17
Your Army Service Forces Show 44-07-14 Guest - Cliff Edwards 28:57
Your Date With Deb 46-xx-xx First Song - Give Me Five Minutes More Aud 30:56
Your Hometown Reporter 48-10-11 Audition 12:28
40xxxx - #019 - 1st song: 14:46
40xxxx - 1st song - 14:41
Ziegfeld Follies of the Air 36-02-29 58:32



(0 stars) displays the title tag, so that is why many of the shows display oddly. To see the file name hover the cursor over the link for download. WFR 46-02-11 Strange Case Of The Murderer In Wax should be dated 46-01-07 and as this is a modern rebroadcast a more complete version exists. Fran Murray Sports 4709xx should be dated 470911 Tom Rogers Sports 5201xx should be dated 520105 Shows that are not Singles or Doubles (more than 2 circulating in mp3)include: Adventures of Zorro, AFRS Sportsreel, Arch Oboler's Plays, The Big Show (which was an OTRR release), Carson Robison, Catholic Hour, Choose a Song Partner, Hi Jinx, New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Science Magazine Of The Air Duplicate shows within Vol 2 include Navy Star Time, Oklahoma Roundup


(0 stars)

Frenchy's Gang 11.6 MB is actually From The Bookshelf Of The World 49-xx-xx (74) On Borrowed Time-AFRS.mp3 Frenchy's Gang 6.6 MB is Box Score Review 47-xx-xx Guest-Bill Rigney.mp3 Frenchy's Gang 6.5 MB is Box Score Review 47-04-22 Guest-Peewee Reese.mp3 Session1 Track1 is Fantasy 47-08-23 (Audition) Entity From The Void .mp3 17-1945 is Erskine Johnson, Hollywood Reporter 45-12-17.mp3 Case of the Floating Corpse is Fletcher Wylie 43-08-25 First Song-Happy Birthday.mp3 Session1 Track4 is For The Defense xx-xx-xx The Case Of The Bride Who Disappeared.mp3 Gisele MacKenzie Show, The 56xxxx (07) Guest - Snooky Lanson is Airtime 56-xx-xx (07) Gisele MacKenzie Show, The 56xxxx (08) Guest - Cab Calloway is Airtime 56-xx-xx (08) Wizard Of Odds, The is Leave It To Joan 50-01-20.mp3

Item named "Clan of the Fiery Cross..." Huh?

(3 stars)

The filename in the directory is an error. The MP3 file once you download the single item is a variety show, "Walgreens_45th_Anniversary_46-06-18.mp3" -- an hour-long episode of "RADIO'S BIGGEST SHOW" Syndicated by Walgreen Drug Stores with standup-host Bob Hope. Harry Von Zell (announcer). The Andrews Sisters open with "Atlanta Ga." Dennis Day sings "All through the day..." Others: Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Eddy Duchin, Frank Morgan, Ginny Simms, Ray Noble and His Orchestra play an instrumentals called "China Boy"; Simms sings "Body & Soul"; pianist Duchin plays "Night & Day"

Cannot download this version, either!

(0 stars)

Well, I just did my second download of the "singles version" here. Just like my two attempts to download the "non-singles version," I could not extract the files after the download. Too bad. I did enjoy the "Singles and Doubles Volume 1 shows." Those were in smaller, CD-size zip files. I guess I cannot get these "DVD-size" zip files. Thanks for the effort to compile these. I will download some of the individual shows, but it's not worth the effort to try to get them all.

MAJOR buried treasure alert!

(5 stars)

The Lannie Ross Program has as a guest, one of Lanny's old Army buddies...who just happens to be Don Knotts. Yes, *that* Don Knotts. It's very likely his first ever network radio appearance, and he can be heard doing an all-too-brief comedy routine about a tongue-tied football announcer...pretty typical for what Don did in those days, up through his Steve Allen time. And he sounds so young! (He would've been in his 20s.) Thank you for uploading these.

thank you!

(5 stars)

you are soooo right OTTR folks - there is nothing here to criticize, as far as I can see/hear - I am soooo thankful for all the work you do! it gives me a huge amount of pleasure to have access to all these hours of old radio you provide. I'm sure you don't hear it near enough - THANK YOU. :) liz


(4 stars)

Isn't Clan of the Fiery Cross an episode of Superman? I didn't listen to that track, but unless there is something else by that name floating around, it doesn't belong in a singles and doubles collection. Great scoop on most of these, though.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

(5 stars)

Give some credit for the effort to bring you episodes you will never find anywhere else. We're sorry for the dupes, but think of the other new and unusual episodes here.