Soldiers of the Press - Single Episodes

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Soldiers of the Press is a war drama that was created in New York and syndicated by World Broadcasting System. Little is known about the series or the total number of episodes. Each episode is 15 minutes long and retold a recent news story from action during World War II. The series was narrated by United Press correspondents including Walter Cronkike, Harrison Salisbury, and many lesser knowns such as Ralph Teasdale and Ann Stringer. The show was broadcast on WOR from 28 Feb 1943 until 5 Aug 1945 on Sundays at 12:30pm. There are at least 39 episodes in circulation out of the 148 known to exist.

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Henry Gorrell - Bombing of Navarino Bay 13:48
Robert Miller - The Men At Guadalcanal 13:22
Richard D McMillan - North Africa 13:28
Joe James Custer - Pacific Fleet 12:54
Leo Disher - Heroism in Oran 14:02
Robert T Bellaire - Japanese Prisoners 14:03
William Tyree - The Pacific Theater 13:01
Frank Hewlett - Fall of Bataan 14:27
Ned Russell - The Siege Of Stuka Acres 13:29
Robert P Martin - Bombers over Haiphong 13:59
Leo Disher - A Letter To Mrs Marshall 13:50
Robert Miller - A Son Of Bushido 13:22
Walter Cronkite - Dry Martini 14:50
Robert Vermillion - Atlantic Convoy 12:39
Clinton B Conger - Night Patrol 12:33
Russell Annabelle - Kiska Mission 12:01
George Palmer - Torpedo 12:16
Reynolds Packard - Battle Boomerang 12:04
Richard Johnson - Leathernecks At Tarawa 11:26
Reynolds Packard - Phantom Enemy 12:05
Frank Hewlett - Merrill's Raiders 11:39
Robert Vermillion - Anzio Diary 11:20
Virgil Pinkley - Invasion 11:24
Robert Vermillion - The Road To Rome 12:13
Joan Younger - The Return Of The Soldier 11:32
Robert Vermillion - The Paratroopers 11:51
Boyd Lewis - The Ghost Goes To War 12:48
Henry Gorrell - Hour Of Decision 11:25
Leo Disher - Drama In The Air 11:37
Mac Johnson - Target Tokyo 11:43
Henry Gorrell - Christmas Greetings 12:11
Ralph Teatsorth - Communique 168 12:03
Walter Cronkite - Symbol Of Caduceus 10:03
Walter Cronkite - Grease Monkey 12:52
Doris Johnston - Hideout 11:52
Ann Stringer - Bravest Men In The Army 11:12
Boyd Lewis - Victory In The West 11:56
Eddie Beattie - Prisoner Of War 11:44
John McDermott - A Face To Remember 12:15
Robert L Frey - The Paratroopers (different from 99) 11:11


Correct intro note

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I thought this was fixed years ago by OTRR: The actual United Press reporters did not play themselves in this series, according to Walter Cronkite, who was interviewed about the program on NPR. They were still off in the war zones while the programs were made by (NY?) studio actors, sound effects folks, etc. , with scripts based on stories the reporters had filed for use in U.P.-subscriber newspapers. The series was a U.P. promotion in its lively competition with A.P. And, for Cronkite's sake, spell his name right!

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