Theater Five - Single Episodes

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Theater Five was ABC's attempt to revive radio drama during the early 1960s. The series name was derived from its time slot, 5:00 PM. Running Monday through Friday, it was an anthology of short stories, each about 20 minutes long. News programs and commercials filled out the full 30 minutes. There was a good bit of science fiction and some of the plots seem to have been taken from the daily newspaper. Fred Foy, of The Lone Ranger fame, was an ABC staff announcer in the early 60s, who, among other duties, did Theater Five. From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

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Hit and Run 20:10
A House of Cards 22:04
Terror from Beyond 21:09
Homecoming 20:37
The 245,000 Smile 20:32
Rebellion Next Week 21:59
The Big Dog 21:05
Jump, Jump 21:40
Melodrama 20:56
The Stranger 20:48
The Fun Party 21:36
The New Order 22:29
Ring of Evil 22:02
Your Time Is Up 20:33
Molecule Masquerade 21:15
A Caller at Midnight 20:00
Dream of Death 20:38
The Late Matthew Dillard 19:27
My Other Self 20:31
Incident at Apogee 20:06
The Scream 20:50
Outside Time 20:51
The Fix 21:17
The Trouble with Alphie 20:28
Cry in the Night 20:31
Sorry to Let You Go 20:08
Incident at Shadow Valley 20:49
The Decoration 20:02
First Encounter 19:23
To Whom It May Concern 20:00
The Noon Stars 21:05
My Brother's Keeper 19:33
The Big Freeze 17:53
The Understudy 19:21
The Group 21:15
The Kiss Off 18:34
The Odyssey of Number Fourteen 20:46
We Are All Alone 19:32
The Evil That Men Do 20:14
A Genuine Grenotte 20:53
Look Who's Talking 20:22
The Wrong Arm of Justice 20:15
A Very Private Phone Call 20:40
John Hansen, Hermit 21:19
Subject Number 428A 20:39
The Arithmetic of Honor 20:48
The Last Land Rush 19:49
Echo of Madness 21:50
Justice Is an Uncertain Thing 21:00
I'm Sorry, Mom 19:56
All the Bright Young Ones 21:01
The Autocrat 20:54
The Dog Killer 20:10
The Good Samaritians 20:47
The Captive Spirit 21:29
An Honorable Way 19:50
The Man Who Loved Jellyroll 20:49
Captain Gamble's Uniform 22:27
Including Murder 19:24
The Sacrifice 20:59
Sirens in the Night 22:14
The Prodigal Son 20:27
Odds on the Tower 20:17
A Nightmare 20:52
The Second Chance 20:15
June 17th, Where Are You 21:07
Why Can't Life Be More Like in the Movies 19:31
Body Without the Crime 19:12
Twenty Minutes in the Life of Melinda Madison 21:29
Living Credit 20:05
The Nameless Day 21:30
World Enough and Time 22:04
The Gift 19:35
A Brand New Life 20:08
Deedle Deedle Dumpling My Son X-1 21:53
The City Manager 21:36
The Contract Maker 20:19
A Little Piece of Candle 20:12
To Be or Not to Be Maybe! 19:33
A Nothin' Place 23:38
Dark Appointment 20:35
The Talkers 21:08
A Little Knowledge 23:26
The Neighbor 20:46
The Lesson 20:16
To Helen with Love 20:21
Finders Can Be Losers 20:48
Found Money 21:21
Fog 21:44
Sound Track of a Happy Family 20:10
Bug Off 21:10
Congratulations, Mr Mayor 21:10
The Weapons at Hand 21:12
I Love You 20:50
Bang Bang You're Dead 21:21
Now Listen to the Tiger 22:21
The Victim 20:03
An Average American Murder 20:20
Just Call Me Lucky 21:29
Nuptial Flight 19:43
Six-Foot Flower Box 20:26
Finders Keepers 19:24
The Flea Circus 20:35
The Wish Fulfillment Machine 20:03
Look at My Record 20:38
Five Strangers 21:50
Charlie, the Beautiful Machine 20:42
The Blue Eyed People 19:39
Presence of Mind 20:47
Discotheque 21:52
The Blank Check 21:17
Devil Dust 20:27
The Corporation 21:39
Don't Call Me, I'll Call You 21:55
The Deliquents 21:42
The Button Stealers 21:20
Bravo, Bravo 20:43
Man on the Canyon Wall 20:55
The Wandering Spaceman 19:28
The Trophy 22:14
The Wheel 18:50
Across the River from Grandma's House 21:54
A Dream of a Scheme 21:34
The Imposters 21:42
The First Weekend 21:19
Where Art Thou, Romeo 21:09
Mr Horn's Holiday 22:03
Tomorrow 6-1212 21:53
The Hostage 20:41
I've Got Your Number 21:29
The Boy 21:11
The Time, the Place, and the Death 21:11
The Hunters 21:41
Greater Love Hath No Man 20:42
The Underveloped Nation 20:59
Cold Storage 21:22
The Eye of the Storm 20:52
Lovely Boy 20:39
The Sybil of Sycamore Lane 21:13
The Chain 20:48
The Forgotten 20:45
A Little Game on Saturday Mornings 20:37
Post Time 21:21
It's a Work of Art 21:20
Listen, Mother 21:04
A Tale for the Nursery 21:26
The Elevator 20:52
The Man Who Heard Everything 21:45
Toby's Wonderful Egg 21:31
Little Girl, Little Girl 21:15
You Bet Your Life 21:24
French Quarter 21:31
Annie Is Watching 20:46
The Land of Milk and Honey 20:49
April Snowfall 21:33
Last Ride on the Merry-Go-Round 21:32
Just for Kicks 20:58
Broken Image 21:03
Publish or Perish 20:50
The Janitor 21:31
Divorce American Style 20:53
Any Port in A Storm 22:09
Across the River To Grandfather's House 21:31
If the Spirit Moves You 21:32
They Call Me Howie 20:55
Bad News for Mrs Bristol 21:56
The Hazelton Story 21:07
Point of Impact 21:10
There's One Born Every Minute 20:18
The Widow 21:15
The Avenger 21:18
Bright House, New House 21:49
Eye of Kali 21:10
Three On A Death 21:06
Get Away with Murder 21:42
The Welcome Lady 21:38
Till Death Do Us 20:49
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 21:25
A Million Miles to Nowhere 20:32
It's My Funeral 21:01
A Matter of Pride 20:26
The Lion Who Wasn't There 21:28
Come Home Daughter, All Is Forbidden 20:08
Panic 21:00
He Was a Good Boy 21:12
Incident in Ceylon 20:47
You Gotta Cry Sometime 21:06
The Wonderful Stamps from El Dorado 21:53
Said the Spider 21:31
Poor Little Greek Girl 21:11
Greener Pastures 21:34
Lorna Is a Strange Child 21:12
The Beneficiary 20:32
Junior 21:54
Make My Name Clean 21:29
Driver's Seat 21:01
Incident on Us 1 20:34
The Name Game 21:21
Reunion 21:04
The Ten-Year-Old Car 20:35
Lift to Beyond 21:24
Nightmare at 26,000 Feet 21:01
Around the Corner from Nowhere 20:44
Wrong Turning 21:10
A Birthday Present 22:01
The Gandy Walker 21:51
Will Integrity Ruin Clint Marble 20:21
Blind Man's Bluff 20:09
Death of an Old Flame 20:53
Two Birds, One Stone 21:05
Rocky Loves Julie 20:43
The Dance Hall 20:21
Incident at Phong Trang 21:16
Barefoot in Athens 20:43
The Protective Circle 20:34
Lake Toplitz 20:11
Mama's Girl 21:14
Noose of Pearls 21:08
Untrue Confession 19:19
Two Came Back 19:56
Skeletons 20:20
The Wishing Stone 21:00
The Manor House 22:43
A Bad Day's Work 21:51
Incident at Simbarundi 21:12
Country Boy 21:07
The Banana Ball 21:45
The Roper 21:05
The Pigeon 22:14
Goodbye Matt 21:18
Ride with Death 21:20
Custody of the Mother 20:03
You Can't Fight City Hall 21:26
Method in the Madness 21:13
Teacher, Teacher 19:27
Children of Death 20:10
Devotion 21:03
Jailbreak 21:20
Don't Hesitate to Call 21:11
A Matter of Appearances 21:04
Ed's War 20:38
Casuality of a Small War 21:38
The Marked Man 20:58
The Walls of Poison Ivy 20:31
The Big Waves 21:49
Flies with Honey 21:29
Summer's End 20:58
Flights of Angels 21:14
In Time of Trouble 21:10
Jazz Festival 20:52
Whatever Happened to the 5 -25 20:47
In Absence of All Intelligent Life 20:51
I Spy Sister Sarri 21:08
Death Watch 21:21
Big Deal on Sutton East 22:55
Joey 20:20


'Discotheque' is my favorite one

(4 stars)

I've listened to half of the shows and considering this was a daily broadcast the quality is pretty good. The best show so far I would say with no doubts was 'Discotheque'. This one would have made a great Rod Serling Twilight Zone episode. Whoever wrote this particular show was brilliant, I listened to it four times and kept catching more insight and nuances each time.

Quit complaining

(4 stars)

Like really, if you want to download all of the episodes then go to the page to download all of the episodes. Now to the show. I really find this show quite fun to listen to, it's not as good as Golden Age'd Radio classics such as Suspense, Escape, Gunsmoke, ETC but it is fun to listen to, some of the stories can be quite engrossing.

The Last Of The Best

(5 stars)

THEATER FIVE was one of the last of the best of old time radio genre. Great storylines - especially if you are a sci-fi fan. If you like Dimension X, X Minus 1, you will like this. Great moral and social premises which is a major component of any scifi story. Unlike some of the newer scifi stories out there that give too much emphasis on the science component rather than the fiction component, Theater Five joins one of the few elite group of classics that told a story with science components. Special thanks to OTRR for uploading this. Your effort is much appreciated.


(3 stars)

Apparently no one else seems to notice that Theater Five episodes all seem to have unresolved endings. I do like this show and love the atmosphere but they all end very awkwardly. Still a great show. I haven't heard them all but so far my favorites are "Fog" and "The Flea Circus".

single episodes

(3 stars)

I think the ones on this page are single episodes, so you wouldn't need WinZip. Just right click and choose "save" to download the MP3


(5 stars)

I've listened to the first 10 episodes and I'm hooked! Enough of the complaining about the zip files seriously now.... GREAT show thanks again OTRR

Theater Five

(4 stars)

I enjoy these shows, even though they are not from the 40's era. Bad news is that I had download them all individually.

The Best!

(5 stars)

I think Theater Five is great! Enough about the zip file, ok? How about some reviews about episodes of the show instead?