X Minus One - Single Episodes

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X Minus One aired on NBC from 24 April 55 until 9 January 58 for a total of 124 episodes with one pilot or audition story. There was a revival of the series in 1973 when radio was attempting to bring back radio drama and it lasted until 1975. The show occupied numerous time slots through out its run in the 50's and thus was never able to generate a large following.

X Minus One was an extension of Dimension X which aired on NBC from 1950-51. The first fifteen scripts used for X Minus One were scripts used in the airing of Dimension X; however, it soon found its own little niche. The stories for the show came from two of the most popular science fiction magazines at the time; Astounding and Galaxy. Adaptations of these stories were performed by Ernest Kinoy and George Lefferts. They even wrote a few original stories of their own. The writers of the magazine stories were not well known then but now are the giants of today. These stories came from the minds of Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and Poul Anderson to name a few.

This series has survived from its original airing in high quality to be enjoyed today.

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X Minus One 55-04-24 (001) No Contact 27:58
X Minus One 55-05-01 (002) The Parade 28:18
X Minus One 55-05-08 (003) Mars Is Heaven 26:16
X Minus One 55-05-15 (004) Universe 28:10
X Minus One 55-05-22 (005) Knock 28:24
X Minus One 55-05-29 (006) The Man in the Moon 28:08
X Minus One 55-06-05 (007) Perigi's Wonderful Dolls 28:17
X Minus One 55-07-07 (008) The Green Hills of Earth 23:58
X Minus One 55-07-14 (009) Dr Grimshaw's Sanitarium 23:24
X Minus One 55-07-21 (010) Nightmare 24:10
X Minus One 55-07-28 (011) The Embassy 23:37
X Minus One 55-08-04 (012) The Veldt 23:53
X Minus One 55-08-11 (013) Almost Human 23:50
X Minus One 55-08-18 (014) Courtesy 24:16
X Minus One 55-08-25 (015) Cold Equations 23:58
X Minus One 55-09-01 (016) Shanghaied 22:56
X Minus One 55-09-08 (017) The Martian Death March 23:26
X Minus One 55-09-15 (018) The Castaways 22:05
X Minus One 55-09-22 (019) And the Moon Be Still as Bright 24:00
X Minus One 55-10-06 (020) First Contact 22:54
X Minus One 55-10-20 (021) Child's Play 23:07
X Minus One 55-10-27 (022) Requiem 23:44
X Minus One 55-11-03 (023) Hello, Tomorrow 23:30
X Minus One 55-11-10 (024) Dwellers in Silence 23:47
X Minus One 55-11-16 (025) The Outer Limit 28:08
X Minus One 55-11-23 (026) Zero Hour 14:22
X Minus One 55-11-30 (027) The Vital Factor 29:04
X Minus One 55-12-07 (028) Nightfall 28:51
X Minus One 55-12-14 (029) To the Future 28:49
X Minus One 55-12-21 (030) Marionettes, Inc 29:06
X Minus One 55-12-28 (031) A Logic Named Joe 27:06
X Minus One 56-01-04 (032) The Roads Must Roll 27:42
X Minus One 56-01-11 (033) Time and Time Again 28:19
X Minus One 56-01-18 (034) Perigi's Wonderful Dolls 24:18
X Minus One 56-01-25 (035) The Parade 27:27
X Minus One 56-02-01 (036) The Cave of Night 28:19
X Minus One 56-02-08 (037) C-Chute 28:46
X Minus One 56-02-15 (038) Skulking Permit 28:57
X Minus One 56-02-22 (039) Junkyard 29:28
X Minus One 56-02-29 (040) Hello, Tomorrow 24:14
X Minus One 56-03-07 (041) A Gun for Dinosaur 29:36
X Minus One 56-03-14 (042) Tunnel Under the World 27:58
X Minus One 56-03-21 (043) A Thousand Dollars a Plate 27:24
X Minus One 56-03-28 (044) A Pail of Air 29:57
X Minus One 56-04-03 (045) How-2 28:24
X Minus One 56-04-10 (046) Star, Bright 28:11
X Minus One 56-04-17 (047) Jaywalker 28:15
X Minus One 56-04-24 (048) The Sense of Wonder 27:55
X Minus One 56-05-01 (049) Sea Legs 28:28
X Minus One 56-05-08 (050) The Seventh Order 29:00
X Minus One 56-05-15 (051) Hallucination Orbit 28:43
X Minus One 56-05-22 (052) The Defenders 28:07
X Minus One 56-05-29 (053) Lulungomeena 28:28
X Minus One 56-06-05 (054) Project Mastadon 23:20
X Minus One 56-06-12 (055) If You Was a Moklin 23:28
X Minus One 56-06-19 (056) Project Trojan 23:44
X Minus One 56-06-26 (057) Wherever You May Be 23:43
X Minus One 56-07-03 (058) Mr Costello, Hero 27:47
X Minus One 56-07-10 (059) Bad Medicine 28:55
X Minus One 56-07-17 (060) The Old Die Rich 28:03
X Minus One 56-07-24 (061) Stars Are the Styx 29:07
X Minus One 56-07-31 (062) Student Body 28:40
X Minus One 56-08-07 (063) The Last Martian 28:51
X Minus One 56-08-14 (064) The Snowball Effect 24:03
X Minus One 56-08-28 (065) Surface Tension 28:36
X Minus One 56-09-04 (066) Tunnel Under the World 29:05
X Minus One 56-09-11 (067) The Lifeboat Mutiny 28:51
X Minus One 56-09-26 (068) The Map Makers 28:45
X Minus One 56-10-03 (069) Protective Mimicry 29:11
X Minus One 56-10-10 (070) Colony 29:41
X Minus One 56-10-17 (071) Soldier Boy 28:58
X Minus One 56-10-24 (072) Pictures Don't Lie 28:26
X Minus One 56-10-31 (073) Sam, This Is You 29:04
X Minus One 56-11-07 (074) Appointment in Tomorrow 27:31
X Minus One 56-11-21 (076) Chain of Command 28:27
X Minus One 56-12-05 (078) There Will Come Soft Rains - Zero Hour 29:39
X Minus One 56-12-12 (079) Hostess 28:13
X Minus One 56-12-19 (080) The Reluctant Heroes 28:39
X Minus One 56-12-26 (081) Honeymoon in Hell 28:58
X Minus One 57-01-02 (082) The Moon Is Green 28:27
X Minus One 57-01-09 (083) Saucer of Loneliness 28:51
X Minus One 57-01-16 (084) The Girls from Earth 22:21
X Minus One 57-01-23 (085) Open Warfare 21:25
X Minus One 57-01-30 (086) Caretaker 22:08
X Minus One 57-02-06 (087) Venus Is a Man's World 22:20
X Minus One 57-02-13 (088) The Trap 22:06
X Minus One 57-02-20 (089) Field Study 22:13
X Minus One 57-02-27 (090) Real Gone 22:20
X Minus One 57-03-06 (091) The Seventh Victim 22:12
X Minus One 57-03-13 (092) The Lights on Precipice Peak 21:03
X Minus One 57-03-20 (093) Protection 22:16
X Minus One 57-03-27 (094) At the Post 22:03
X Minus One 57-04-03 (095) Martian Sam 21:14
X Minus One 57-04-10 (096) Something for Nothing 21:54
X Minus One 57-04-17 (097) The Discovery of Morniel Mathaway 21:42
X Minus One 57-04-24 (098) Man's Best Friend 22:18
X Minus One 57-06-20 (099) Inside Story 21:08
X Minus One 57-06-27 (100) The Category Inventor 21:21
X Minus One 57-07-04 (101) Skulking Permit 22:01
X Minus One 57-07-11 (102) Early Model 22:05
X Minus One 57-07-18 (103) The Merchants of Venus 21:50
X Minus One 57-07-25 (104) The Haunted Corpse 21:37
X Minus One 57-08-01 (105) End as a World 21:37
X Minus One 57-08-08 (106) The Scapegoat 21:28
X Minus One 57-08-15 (107) At the Post 22:03
X Minus One 57-08-22 (108) Drop Dead 21:17
X Minus One 57-08-29 (109) Volpla 20:37
X Minus One 57-09-19 (112) Tsylana 20:13
X Minus One 57-09-26 (113) The Native Problem 20:36
X Minus One 57-10-03 (114) A Wind Is Rising 21:14
X Minus One 57-10-10 (115) Death Wish 21:26
X Minus One 57-10-17 (116) Point of Departure 20:08
X Minus One 57-10-24 (117) The Light 20:01
X Minus One 57-10-31 (118) Lulu 21:39
X Minus One 57-11-21 (119) The Coffin Cure 21:35
X Minus One 57-11-28 (120) Shock Troop 20:31
X Minus One 57-12-12 (121) The Haunted Corpse 20:20
X Minus One 57-12-19 (122) Double Dare 20:02
X Minus One 57-12-26 (123) Target One 20:59
X Minus One 58-01-02 (124) Prime Difference 19:45
X Minus One 58-01-09 (125) Gray Flannel Armor 21:29
X Minus One 73-01-27 (xxx) The Iron Chancellor 26:08


More good stuff from the airwaves of yesteryear

(5 stars)

I just wanted to say yesteryear, thanks. Seriously, DR. GRIMSHAW was great. I think that must be the earliest work of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Oh dear you must hear the ending! Meoww! Hard to believe these are from the 50s; they sound as modern as Nightfall and vanishing point (almost). THE GREEN HILLS OF EARTH is interesting of course, being often anthologized. But the singing in it sounds so 70s you can't believe it.

Loved loved it!!!!!

(4.5 stars)

The only reason for the half star is because some stories are repeated. Otherwise great stuff was still wanting more when it ended!


(5 stars)

I'm watching Twilight Zone on TV and listening to dr. Grimshaw's sanitairium on my smartphone. .. I prefer the latter. it is great!

brilliant I loved every story back to real scifi

(5 stars)

What's the problem? I can hear every story with a click and a happy sigh.

(5 stars)

It's the Evil Upgrades in our STUFF that took you listeners' stories away from you. The dehumanizing, endless, enslaving "improvements" and "progress" that really only cost us money and gorge the landfills, serving no real purpose to Mankind at all, and a distinct, documentable DISSERVICE. I listen on one of 2 Vista PCs I have in my home, bought from eBay for peanuts when my Vista laptop wore out. The speakers I use on one are VERY old, of a quality that can't be had anymore in a PC, that still sound spectacular, but were cheap and ordinary back when I first acquired them. If the thrill of addiction to your never-put-down, handheld, tiny-screen computer that can also be used as a telephone is worth it, just go away and forget enjoying these stories ever again. Unfortunately for me, the opposite will no-doubt happen: This site will undergo an earthquake of "upgrading" to meet YOUR devices' demands, leaving me with no option but to give up these stories or become one of YOU people, connected by nerves and blood-vessels to a handheld toy. As things are now, I can download these episodes as MP3s and save them on CDs to play in my car or my bedside stereo, or wherever I wish. Or I can listen directly from the site, right here, one after another automatically, without having to download a thing. I live in real dread of the day it all goes away, and hope I won't even be around anymore when it happens. (Off that topic, I have a complaint about the stories, just a silly one: This series has not one, but TWO, deafening intros to endure before each story begins. What were they thinking back in those days, making all these radio dramas, the GOOD ones, start with screeching, horrible noise? Think of all the tired, working GROWNUPS back then yelling, "Turn that #$%$#@!! off!!" to their kids every time a good program started on the radio, because of the shrieking, astonishing, pointless decibels of noise. Think of the younger people having to sit close to the radio with hand on volume knob to keep it low until the screeching racket ceased, so they wouldn't get the angry yell from daddy or mama. What in the world was the point of it??)

Secret Space Program

(5 stars)

Spending the past several months in NASA Technical and Training servers reading abstracts around advanced propulsion has me beginning to question if in some ways parts of this might be truer than the books jaundra might imply. Could there actually be... might we in reality have a Black or Dark Fleet..? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1g7DlsthMsDbpgLWG3pM2VDvD7vepK31L It's all quite suggestive, perhaps some say the original authors may have been individuals possessing "psychic" competencies as their understanding of resonant frequency emergent field structure capacities of one's cognizant consciousness. Think I'll listen to all of X Minus One this rainy Saturday... and Dimension X will follow whilst continuing my research, perhaps acquiring some inspiration from more of this so brilliantly articulated and sentiently authored work. Additionally, allow me to note the sound effects are quite immersive lending themselves well to the storyline... Remembering before, how humanity perceived with their minds and there were no screens flashing imagery that so incessantly programed societal behavior visually and concepts were so well conveyed over an auditory spectrum we merely detect but a fraction of with our ears, yet is still only another form of electromagnetic wave propagation.

X Minus One

(5 stars)

Episode 38 Skulking Permit is worth the 5 stars just on its own – if you just listen to one episode make it that one. I could see the ending coming a mile off and it didn't arrive instead it proved to be even more subversive than I thought it was going to be well done Robert Sheckley – won't give the ending away here. Episode 36 Cave of Night was the first one I listened to as I had already heard all of Dimension X. This was whilst walking home through town and Earth signeled the space ship I started to cry – got even more funny looks than usual. So far I'm only up to episode 50, I hope there is at least another episode as good as #38

Great Stuff!

(5 stars)

X Minus One was my first introduction to OTR and will always be one of my favorites. Does anyone know if "Death Calls Collect" is on the Archive anywhere? It's the one where this 80 year old guy who's completely alone on the planet gets a call from himself when he was young. Turns out when he was young, for fun and alleviate the boredom of being alone, creates a program that on his 80 birthday will call himself to talk (like Siri!) - but it kind of drives him nuts to be taunted by his younger self. Probably my favorite X.