Our Miss Brooks

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Our Miss Brooks began as a radio series in 1948 and migrated to television in 1952 and soon became one of the first hits of the so-called "Golden Age of Television", and making famous Eve Arden (1908-1990) as Comely, a wisecracking, but humane high school English teacher Connie Brooks. (Sourced Our Miss Brooks - Free OTR Shows ) UPDATE: 190 more episodes added. Click Here

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Someone out of the goodness of their heart put these shows up for the enjoyment of others. People are human and sometime make errors or typos. Just enjoy the shows and try not to be so pissy.

Visualizing the Series Regulars

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This can trip you p because there is one IMPORTANT difference in the Radio and the Television casts. And that is tha actopr playing Mr. Boyington, Connie's dream man. On television the role was aptly handled by Robert Rockwell who had played the part of Jor-El in the series premiere of the classic SUPERMAN television series which starred George Reeves as Superman. On RADIO, however, Mr. Boynton, is played by noted film star Jeff Chandler---whose best known films include the 1950 production of BROKEN ARROW in which he played the Apache Leader Cochise oppsoite James Stewart as Tom Jeffords---when the film came to television (yeah, they even did that back then) as a series the roles were assumed (respectively) by Michael Ansara and John Lupton. OTHER than that, though, the casts were the same. ps: Eve Arden did some of her wsecracking in some pretty classic movies, too. Among them ANATOMY OF A MURDER (which also starred James Stewart and George C. Scott) and ONE TOUCH OF VENUS (1948) which also featured Ava Gardner and Robert Walker (father of theb actor who played Charles Evans ("Charlie X") on the original STAR TREK. Eve was Principal McGee in GREASE (of course) but my favorite of her roles was as schholteacher/detective Hildegard Withers in 1972's A VERY MISSING PERSON. The first actress to pay Stuart Palmer's lady detective was my great-aunt Edna May Oliver and Zasu Pitts (Gale Storm's sidekick for many years on televison) also played the part a couple of times with one performance by Helen Broderick between the two.

I thought this was interesting, as we enjoy this still

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From Wikipedia. "Our Miss Brooks" "Our Miss Brooks has remained Eve Arden's most identifiable and popular role, with numerous surviving recordings of both the radio and television versions continuing to entertain listeners and viewers. (The surviving radio recordings include both its audition shows.) A quarter century after the show ended, Arden told radio historian John Dunning in an on-air interview just what the show and the role came to mean to her: I originally loved the theater. I still do. And I had always wanted to have a hit on Broadway that was created by me. You know, kind of like Judy Holliday and Born Yesterday. And I griped about it a little. And someone said to me, 'Do you realise that, if you had a hit on Broadway, probably a hundred or two hundred thousand people might have seen you in it, if you'd stayed in it long enough. And this way, you've been in Miss Brooks, everybody loves you, and you've been seen by millions.’ So, I figured I'd better shut up while I was ahead." Eve Arden is awsome, and can deliver dry wit like few others. I'm glad she didn't do Broadway, or we would not have these wonderful shows to enjoy today.

If it was aired I listened/watched it.

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I need not say anything about how fantastic Eve Arden is, if someone would just listen to these shows, and watch a movie she was in such as "One Touch Of Venus," or Our Miss Brooks on television. I knew at the time that my buddies would laugh, so I kept it to myself, I had a crush on Eve Arden, and got as much of her as I could. My parents thought I was just enjoying a program with them, but no, I was hanging on her every word, and laughing a lot. By the time I had graduated college, Eve Arden had lost someone with a crush, and gained someone who has a lot of respect for her talent. If you don't enjoy Our Miss Brooks, please go see your physician.

68% of "Our Miss Brooks" Episodes Were Unknown or Missing - Until Now

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Sixty-eight percent of Our Miss Brooks' episodes were unknown or missing; that is, until "Jeff Chandler - Film, Record, Radio, Television and Theater Performances" by Jeff Wells (McFarland, 2005). The biography has titles and dates aired for the years that Chandler was contracted by CBS Radio (1947 to 1953); it's the most complete list known to exist of the cast and crew for the first five years of this radio series. What a pleasure to find Our Miss Brooks on-line; Eve Arden, Gale Gordon, Jeff Chandler... and what a supporting cast! The show is worth listening to - again and again and again.

re Dates of show

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If you look at a more complete list, such as the list at OTRCAT.COM, you'll find the "audition shows" in the spring of '48, followed by the first show in July of '48. The rest of the shows are pretty much continuous after that. http://www.otrcat.com/miss-brooks-p-1701.html First three items in that list: Our Miss Brooks 480409 000 Audition Shirley Booth Our Miss Brooks 480623 000 Audition Eve Arden Our Miss Brooks 480719 001 First Day And later on in that list: Our Miss Brooks 531108 222 Convict Our Miss Brooks 550403 283 An American Tragedy Those are the same titles as the "1946" items listed here.

Who cares about the dates!

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I was born in 1942, and as long as I can hear these shows now in 2014, I am a happy camper. Jeff Chandlier was Mr. Bonkin once, I love it! Jeff was so handsome, as Eve Arden was beautiful! Walter went on to the real McCoys etc. I just leave this crazy world, with these OTR.

Creative Commons license for Our Miss Brooks

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Hello, I would like to use a clip from Our Miss Brooks ("Lack of Coal at Madison, Jan 9, 1949) in a film, and I'm trying to certify a creative commons license to insure that the shows are in the public domain. Could anyone help me with contacts or advice for this? Thank you! Courtney