Helen of Troy and Other Poems

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.8 stars; 2 reviews)

Sara Teasdale was an American poet, originally from Missouri, later attaching herself more to New York. Helen of Troy was one of her first great successes. This volume also contains the small drama On the Tower, which is recorded here with a full cast.
Cast List:
Narrator: Maria Kasper
Lady: mbm0rxi
Knight: Kristin Gjerløw
Page: Shakira Searle (1 hr 51 min)


Helen of Troy 4:33 Read by Katie Rose
Beatrice 4:48 Read by Ian King
Sappho 3:30 Read by Davo Faulkner
Marianna Alcoforando 5:47 Read by Maria Kasper
Guenevere 3:32 Read by Sonia
Erinna 4:41 Read by Zee Martin
Song 0:45 Read by Maria Kasper
The Rose and the Bee 0:51 Read by Newgatenovelist
The Song Maker 0:58 Read by Maria Kasper
Wild Asters 0:31 Read by Jude
When Love Goes 0:54 Read by Sonia
The Wayfarer 0:56 Read by Maria Kasper
The Princess in the Tower 2:16 Read by Sonia
When Love Was Born 0:49 Read by Christie Crews
The Shrine 1:00 Read by Christie Crews
The Blind 0:57 Read by Jude
Love Me 0:43 Read by Christie Crews
The Song for Colin 0:44 Read by Christie Crews
Four Winds 0:57 Read by Eric Burns
Roundel 1:02 Read by Shakira Searle
Dew 0:41 Read by Kenita
A Maiden 0:56 Read by Newgatenovelist
'I Love You' 1:01 Read by Christie Crews
But Not to Me 0:41 Read by Newgatenovelist
Hidden Love 0:57 Read by Maria Kasper
Snow Song 0:44 Read by Jude
Youth and the Pilgrim 0:45 Read by Philippa
The Wanderer 1:00 Read by Kristin G.
I Would Live in Your Love 0:42 Read by Shakira Searle
May 0:37 Read by Philippa
Rispetto 0:55 Read by Christie Crews
Less than the Cloud to the Wind 0:37 Read by Philippa
Buried Love 1:04 Read by Leonard Wilson
Song 0:53 Read by Shakira Searle
Pierrot 0:49 Read by Kenita
At Night 0:37 Read by Leonard Wilson
Song 0:46 Read by Jacquelyn Bengfort
Love in Autumn 1:20 Read by Maria Kasper
The Kiss 0:38 Read by Newgatenovelist
November 0:52 Read by Leonard Wilson
A Song of the Princess 0:56 Read by Leonard Wilson
The Wind 0:45 Read by Maria Kasper
A Winter Night 1:06 Read by Leonard Wilson
The Metropolitan Tower 0:45 Read by Jude
Gramercy Park 0:51 Read by Jacquelyn Bengfort
In the Metropolitan Museum 0:46 Read by Jacquelyn Bengfort
Coney Island 0:52 Read by Jude
Union Square 1:09 Read by Jude
Central Park at Dusk 0:39 Read by Jude
Young Love 4:06 Read by Kristin G.
Primavera Mia 1:23 Read by Maria Kasper
Soul's Birth 1:26 Read by Christie Crews
Love and Death 1:18 Read by Maria Kasper
For the Anniversary of John Keats' Death 1:04 Read by Phil Schempf
Silence 1:24 Read by Maria Kasper
The Return 1:11 Read by Ian King
Fear 1:24 Read by Leonard Wilson
Anadyomene 0:59 Read by Phil Schempf
Galahad in the Castle of the Maidens 1:16 Read by Newgatenovelist
To an Aeolian Harp 1:16 Read by Katie Rose
To Erinna 0:57 Read by Kristin G.
To Cleis 1:20 Read by Kristin G.
Paris in Spring 1:33 Read by Leonard Wilson
Madeira from the Sea 1:07 Read by Christie Crews
City Vignettes 1:24 Read by Maria Kasper
By the Sea 1:18 Read by Jacquelyn Bengfort
On the Death of Swinburne 1:12 Read by Phil Schempf
Triolets 2:17 Read by Leonard Wilson
Vox Corporis 0:47 Read by Christie Crews
A Ballad of Two Knights 1:05 Read by Newgatenovelist
Christmas Carol 1:37 Read by Maria Kasper
The Faery Forest 0:43 Read by Katie Rose
A Fantasy 0:52 Read by Newgatenovelist
A Minuet of Mozart's 0:46 Read by Christie Crews
Twilight 0:53 Read by Maria Kasper
The Prayer 0:48 Read by Leonard Wilson
Two Songs for a Child 1:40 Read by Leonard Wilson
On the Tower 9:42 Read by LibriVox Volunteers


(3 stars)

Of the two poems entitled “Song” (before Pierrot and after At Night), the latter is read twice, the former not at all (er, peeps?) Words are inserted and others mispronounced, interpretation is variable.