RAF Bomber Complete Series

(4.8 stars; 19 reviews)

WWII Docu-drama of the effects of Allied bombing runs over fictional German city, both on RAF crews, and German pilots and civilians

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


001 30:08
002 30:31
003 37:34
004 37:21
005 38:48
006 21:29
007 18:54


RAF Bomber

(5 stars)

I find it uncanny thet so few people have downloaded an excellent portrayal of a bomber sqn during the II WORLD WAR. I strongly recommend ayone intersted in history to listen to this BBC presentation!

Great production

(4 stars)

I can only think that BBC went a little to far to try to bring great guilt to the British about bombing Germany with this series. They could have easily used German actors so the Germans sounded like Germans. But why use actors that sounded like your next door neighbor? To make it seem even more horrific. Night bombing was very difficult and not very accurate. The focus on the bombing of an innocent town instead of an accurate bombing of an factory, etc. just makes it worse by shaming the brave young men who had to go to war.

Well Done! Carry on!

(5 stars)

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the entire program in two sittings. I was surprised at the feeling that I was there. Not a war propaganda series by any means It was tough and gritty with constant surprises with very human dramatic content. I was particularly pleased with the final two episodes in which the characters I'd become attached to arrived at tragic, surprising, and enigmatic ends. I believe this series is a noir classic. JH Gordon

Engaging Documentary

(5 stars)

I have recorded over 150 audio stories of WW 2 veterans including RCAP pilots and navigators on the same planes that did numerous bombing missions Many of the recordings are posted to Internet Archives under Oshawa Remembers or direct at http://oshawaremembers.wordpress.com Two stories should be added. The emergency food drop to Holland and the Dambusters flights Great stuff

Real Time Broadcast

(5 stars)

I listened to this programme when it was first broadcast. It was broadcast over one Saturday afternoon and evening, each section being broad cast at the time mentioned at the begining of the segment....I kept my radio with me all day so as not to miss the next part. BBC radio 4 at its best

I am like Toby

(5 stars)

I heard this show last year on BBC4. (I listen over the internet) It kept me glued to the computer all day. I had also heard it before, I think BBC4 aired the series on Veteran's Day 2010 or 2011.

Fantastic Listening!

(5 stars)

Thanks so much for uploading these, I have enjoyed each one immensely! I cannot recommend these too much. Great stuff here well worth your listening time.

Realistic indeed.

(5 stars)

Quite catching. My only complaint is that the German characters sound too British. Still a great show, well worth listening to.