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Relic Radio Science Fiction features science fiction from the golden age!

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


SF146: The Veldt by X Minus One 24:54
SF147: Doom Machine by Suspense 21:49
SF148: The Stowaway by Exploring Tomorrow 19:05
SF149: Caverns Of Venus by Space Patrol 28:41
SF150: At The Post by X Minus One 23:13
SF151: The Last Objective by Dimension X 25:08
SF152: Incident At Apogee by Theater Five 21:26
SF153: Country Boy by Exploring Tomorrow 17:55
SF154: Prisoner Of Pluto by Space Patrol 29:08
SF155: The Green Hills Of Earth by X Minus One 25:15
SF156: A Strange Day In May by Suspense 22:30
SF158: We Are All Alone by Theater Five 20:42
SF159: Real Gone by X Minus One 23:39
SF160: Venus Space Factory by Space Patrol 30:38
SF161: Outside Time by Theater Five 22:00
SF162: Gray Flannel Armor by X Minus One 22:43
SF163: Quest by SF 68 25:57
SF164: Dwellers In Silence by Dimension X 30:42
SF165: Terror From Beyond by Theater Five 22:28
SF166: 10 Miles To The Moon by The Challenge Of Space 32:06
SF167: When The Worlds Met by 2000 Plus 30:35
SF168: The Haunted Corpse by X Minus One 21:23
SF169: First Encounter by Theater Five 20:38
SF170: The Seventh Order by X Minus One 30:12
SF171: Telepathic by Exploring Tomorrow 20:20
SF172: Green Splotches by Escape 30:46
SF173: Time And Time Again by Dimension X 30:42
SF174: Drop Dead by X Minus One 22:28
SF175: R.U.R. by Columbia Workshop 30:56
SF176: Incident At Switchpath by Beyond Tomorrow 29:19
SF177: Last Rites by SF 68 25:47
SF178: In Absense Of All Intelligent Life by Theater Five 22:07
SF179: Pebble In The Sky by Dimension X 25:47
SF180: Quiet Please by Quiet Please 30:58
SF181: First Baby In Space by Exploring Tomorrow 21:13
SF182: Tsylana by X Minus One 21:20
SF183: Hermit Of Pluto by Space Patrol 29:05
SF184: Flying Saucers by 2000 Plus 30:34
SF185: Beyond Infinity by Dimension X 30:36
SF186: The Death Dust by SF68 27:07
SF187: Protection by X Minus One 23:25
SF188: Flashback by Exploring Tomorrow 19:00
SF189: The Wandering Spaceman by Theater Five 20:50
SF190: The Green Thing by 2000 Plus 31:30
SF191: The Kaleidoscope by Dimension X 30:50
SF192: Volpla by X Minus One 21:46
SF193: Grenvilles Planet by SF68 28:35
SF194: Black Death by Suspense 23:42
SF195: Watch Bird by Tales Of Tomorrow 29:24
SF196: No Contact by X Minus One 29:14
SF197: The Brooklyn Brain by 2000 Plus 29:49
SF198: Rebellion Next Week by Theater Five 23:15
SF199: The Lost Race by Dimension X 30:41
SF200: The Green Hills Of Earth by CBS Radio Workshop 25:16
SF318: The Last Rites by SF 68 25:17


Very good collection

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Absolutely love this collection, and thank you!

much enjoyment in these broadcasts. Thanks to the archivists!

(4.5 stars)