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The continuing adventures of The Relic Radio Show.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



RR190: The Whistler and I Cover The Waterfront 1:02:37
RR191: Box 13 and Voyage Of The Scarlet Queen 58:26
RR192: Fort Laramie and Cavalcade Of America 1:05:22
RR193: Counterspy and CBS Radio Workshop 1:02:53
RR194: Theater Five and Obsession 49:57
RR195: Confession and Haunting Hour 56:53
RR196: Suspense and John Steele Adventurer 1:03:27
RR197: Box 13 and Have Gun Will Travel 55:23
RR198: The Key and Mystery House 56:12
RR199: Radio City Playhouse and The Whistler 59:54
RR200: Cavalcade Of America and Archie Andrews 1:03:50
RR201: The Zero Hour and Big Town 54:13
RR202: Luke Slaughter and Bold Venture 56:12
RR203: Voyage Of The Scarlet Queen and John Steele Adventurer 56:10
RR204: Six Shooter and Favorite Story 1:01:20
RR205: The Saint and Box 13 53:17
RR206: The Whistler and The Black Museum 57:08
RR207: Boston Blackie and The Chase 57:37
RR208: Favorite Story and The Avenger 1:01:59
RR209: That Strong Guy and Molle Mystery Theater 54:18
RR210: Obsession and Command Performance 53:07
RR211: Two from Suspense 55:22
RR212: Voyage Of The Scarlet Queen and The Key 58:34
RR213: The Man Called X and The Saint 51:20
RR214: NBC Short Story and Lightning Jim 1:04:27
RR215: Suspense and The Whistler 56:43
RR216: Authors Playhouse and Favorite Story 1:00:30
RR217: The Six Shooter and Luke Slaugher Of Tombstone 56:43
RR218: Two From Suspense 1:01:17
RR220: Bold Venture and Voyage Of The Scarlet Queen 57:54
RR221: John Steele Adventurer and The Haunting Hour 59:40
RR222: Box 13 and Diary Of Fate 59:53
RR223: NBC Short Story and Bob Barkley Undercover Agent 1:05:09
RR224: The Whistler and Sealtest Variety Theater 1:00:09
RR225: Authors Playhouse and Studio One 1:33:06
RR226: CBS Radio Workshop and Have Gun Will Travel 51:23
RR227: Adventures Of Christopher London and Box 13 1:01:10
RR228: The Avenger and Superman 54:35
RR229: Campbell Playhouse and Black Museum 1:29:46
RR230: Radio City Playhouse and Luke Slaughter 58:20


great way to listen

(5 stars)

These shows are a great way to enjoy some of the best old radio without getting burned out on too many episodes of the same show, good way to sample many shows without downloading dozens of episodes. Often some fun back round and trivia is included.