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Kindred - Part 1 of 4.mp3 31:06
Kindred - Part 2 of 4.mp3 39:35
Kindred - Part 3 of 4.mp3 46:02
Kindred - Part 3 of 4.mp3 26:49
Kindred - Part 4 of 4.mp3 42:58
History of the Devil - Part 1.mp3 43:34
History of the Devil - Part 2.mp3 36:47
History of the Devil - Part 3.mp3 34:09
History of the Devil - Part 4.mp3 33:23
History of the Devil - Part 5.mp3 42:02
Snow Glass Apples - Part 1.mp3 26:56
Snow Glass Apples - Part 2.mp3 19:20
An Elevator and a Pole - Part 1.mp3 28:55
An Elevator and a Pole - Part 2.mp3 27:53
The Martian Crown Jewels.mp3 35:14
The Time Machine - Part 1.mp3 30:07
The Time Machine - Part 2.mp3 32:14
Black Canoes.mp3 56:14
Titanic Dreams.mp3 43:46
The Moon Moth - Part 1.mp3 31:29
The Moon Moth - Part 2.mp3 42:01
The Lucky Strike - Part 1.mp3 31:32
The Lucky Strike - Part 2.mp3 43:36
A Good Knight's Work - Part 2.mp3 18:05
The Jaguar Hunter - Part 1.mp3 36:53
The Jaguar Hunter - Part 2.mp3 28:45
Fire Watch - Part 1.mp3 25:35
Fire Watch - Part 2.mp3 33:23
Facade 32:20
Legend of Sleepy Hollow 20:18
A Dry Quiet War - Part 1 34:48
A Dry Quiet War - Part 2 27:34
Diary of A Mad Deity - Part 2 25:04
Diary of A Mad Deity - Part 1 21:08
Child's Play 35:58
In The Shade of the Slowboat Man 34:48
Greedy Choke Puppy 37:04
The Nostalgianauts 28:49
Knock 22:03
The Man Who Could Work Miracles 27:48
Breakaway, Breakdown 36:19
Emily 501 - Part 1.mp3 24:51
Emily 501 - Part 2.mp3 16:12
Marilyn or the Monster - Part 1 27:35
Marilyn or the Monster - Part 2 18:07
Sorry, Wrong Number 26:22
Jumping Niagara Falls 39:37
Feel The Zaz - Part 1 27:18
Feel The Zaz - Part 2 38:11
Neil Gaiman's Murder Mysteries - Part 1 38:53
Neil Gaiman's Murder Mysteries - Part 2 36:49
Propagation of Light in a Vacuum - Part 1 23:47
Propagation of Light in a Vacuum - Part 2.mp3 23:25
Meet The Neighbor 12:48
Orson The Alien 57:37
The Wheel - Part 1 24:42
The Wheel - Part 2 26:42
Daughter Earth - Part 1 18:34
Daughter Earth - Part 2 18:21
Other Worlds 29:30
Times Arrow, Time's Spiral 34:28
Alice In Wonderland - Part 1 29:31
Alice In Wonderland - Part 2 25:50
The Flat Edge of the Earth - Part 1 34:43
The Flat Edge of the Earth - Part 2 34:42
The Country Doctor 13:44
The First (and Last) Musical on Mars Part 1 31:34
The First (and Last) Musical on Mars - Part 2 27:42
The First (and Last) Musical on Mars - Part 3 27:09
George and the Red Giant - Part 1 29:29
George and the Red Giant - Part 2 30:38
The Bigger One 8:32
Too Late - An Experiment in Sound 9:56
The Signal-Man 29:39
A Clean Escape 29:37
Herd Mentality - Part 1 26:31
Herd Mentality - Part 2 28:30
Death Of Captain Future - Part 1 32:32
Death Of Captain Future - Part 2 24:10
Think Like a Dinosaur - Part 1 25:33
Think Like a Dinosaur - Part 2 23:50
Wanted In Surgery 23:08
The Oblivion Syndrome 28:08
Monkeys Paw 24:38
The Tell-Tale Heart 16:05
Into The Sun 20:19


Love these

(5 stars)

Very glad to have discovered these little gems, really good on a long sleepless night. ..

Damn! Damn! Damn!

(4 stars)

I've probably searched Sci Fi hundreds of times here, in my getting close to ten years that I have used this fine resource, as my number one resource for downloading radio and podcast programs, old movies and anything that strikes my fancy. And in my quest for new material, where am I led back to??? It sure would have been a lot easier, if the same stuff didn't always come up in my Sci Fi searches, and seeing ear theater did once or twice !!! Oh well... better late than ever... I guess... Some good programs here...Some I didn't care for. The classic "The Time Machine" was excellent! Check them out for youself! Don't want to say the ones I didn't care for. I don't want to bias any programs. Someone might well enjoy something I don't. Extremely well produced!


(5 stars)

I have been a fan Octavia Butler's work since I read the Parable of the Sower, in 1993 when it came out. But this adaptation was simply amazing! It obviously doesn't hurt having Alfre Woodard cast in the lead role. I also loved "Think like a dinosaur" which has the amazing talent of the late Michael O'Hare. Even though I did like some stories more than others, I didn't come across a story I didn't like. This is a well crafted, well written and well produced series. And even though it's not yet on (as far as I can tell anyway) do yourself a favor and lookup the City of Dreams. It's a subset of the Seeing Ear Theater production series, the stories were written by J. Michael Straczynski.

Some of my Favorite Audio Programs Ever

(5 stars)

My very favorite one is Emily 501. I read that story years ago in an SF prozine, I think it was Asimov's, but not entirely sure. The soundscape in the audio was just as I imagined it, and the story is haunting. There are some adaptations of classics in here. To be entirely honest, I think it was the best thing the SciFi channel ever did.


(5 stars)

I listened to every single one back in the late 90's and LOVED these, then they were gone one day. My favorite was "Feel The Zaz"! Be sure to check out The City of Dreams episodes, also from the SciFi Channel. Steve Buscemi does The Damned, another great audio theater episode. Didn't see it here though.


(4 stars)

These are kind of hit and miss, storywise. I'm not a fan of the longer works, but some of the one shot episodes, such as The Nostalgianauts and Knock for instance, are really quite good. Well worth a listen, though, and you might be surprised at just how good some of them are.

More than an Audiobook, a great find!

(5 stars)

I'm always trying to find great resources like this for my Grandpa who has failing vision. Between this and the work being done at he will have hours of great stories to enjoy!

Misnamed episode

(0 stars)

There is a second Kindred Part 3. This seems to be a misnamed part of A Good Knight's Work. I didn't listen to it through to the end but it is probably the missing part 1.