The Singles and Doubles Collection: Single Episodes D-G

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This is a work in progress. This OTRR Collection is a Non-Certified one, containing series in which currently only one or two episodes are known to exist -- hence the name: "Singles and Doubles Collection". Almost every type genre is included. Radio -- called by some The Theater of the Mind -- has been with us since 1920 when stations WWJ of Detroit and KDKA of Pittsburg made the first regular commercial broadcasts. The first program aimed at entertaining the unseen audience followed close behind. Over the years since then, literally thousands of series have been broadcast nationally and thousands more in regional or local markets. Some endured for a few years, others for 20 or 30, and some unfortunately only had one episode broadcast. Of those thousands, some series saw some of their episodes saved for the future, some saw nearly all and others only one or two episodes. While the goal of the Old Time Radio Researchers Group is to preserve radios past by collecting, and archiving as many different series as possible and making them available to the community, we do not want to let the series that only had a minimum number of episodes to survive go unpreserved for future generations. To that end we have put together this unique collection of series. Most of the programs you will find here will be totally unfamilar to you, but they are informative and entertaining none the less. This is the second version of this collection that we have released. Since the first collection new broadcasts have surfaced, and others will undoubtely be found in the future. When and if that occurs, we will release a version three. From comedy to drama to cooking shows to music, you'll hear it all here, and every episode will be unique and different. They run the gamut, from the middle 20s to the early 70s, all showing us a glimpse of the past, when things were slower and families gathered round the radio each evening. Times when each person was hearing the same thing, but created a different picture in their minds of what the characters looked like, the scenery, location, and most important the sounds. Sounds that each found a different meaning in, but one that entertained, educated, and made the world a smaller place, where you could hear those stories that in the past were told to just a few, gathered round the dinner table, at a campfire, or in small audiences, but now the whole world could hear and enjoy. Some of these episodes may be misnamed or misdated. If you find such, please let us know. Additionally there may be some dead air space at the beginning or ending of some episodes. This is not one of our certified sets, it is being provided as a way to obtain those series in which only one or two shows have survived. This page contains Series beginning with the letters D through G. A text file containing a list of the MP3 files found on this page appears near the end of the file section. From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

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Good Gulf Program - Host Will Rogers 27:37
Gerber Program 15:15
Education In The News 13:42
Five Star Final - First Topic - Designing a Mausoleum 14:14
Fitch Is On The Air 29:31
Grape Nuts Program - Guests Tony Martin and Bob Burns 27:51
Falstaff Show, The - World of Music 25:53
Great Moments From The Lives Of Women - Anna Pavlova 11:26
Fullness Of Times - A City Beautiful 30:20
Don't Cheat Uncle Sam - Needlework 28:31
Federal Theater Special 28:44
George Jessel's Celebrity Program 29:51
Flying Hutchinsons (2) 13:12
Gateway To Hollywood 39:26
Fighting Parson, The - Detroit, 1929 28:49
Emergency Funds Appeal 1:00:36
Folk Songs Of America - Guest - Leadbelly 24:51
Frank Buck's Jungle Quiz 27:48
Dr Pepper's Fireside Phone Quiz - The Reluctant Dragon 15:48
Daddy And Rollo 13:31
Dark Destiny 28:10
Furlough Fun 26:15
Escape To Death 13:30
Eddie Cantor Speaks For Youth Aliyah 14:57
Fleetwood Lawton News 14:26
Fletcher Wylie - First Song - Happy Birthday 24:10
General Motors Symphony Of The Air 59:18
Dimes for Invasion - Untitled 13:04
GI Christmas Package 30:33
Foreign Assignment 26:45
Esquire Jazz Concert - All American Jazz Band 42:23
For The Record 23:34
The Fourth Chime 29:18
An Evening At Crosley Square 28:19
Double Feature - Host, J Gleason 44:21
Erskine Johnson Hollywood Personals 14:16
The Golden Ass 1:01:37
Feature Story - UN Conference In San Francisco 14:28
Danny O'Neill Show 14:21
Drew Pearson Show 10:59
Drew Pearson Show 11:04
Danny O'Neill Show 14:23
Grand Hotel - Merely Players 32:23
Fresh-Up Show 31:08
Great Moments in Music 24:21
Facts About LIfe - Curtis H Springer 5:28
Great Caesar's Ghost 30:45
Glamour Manor - The Circus Is Coming To Town 28:36
Don Ameche Show - The Highwayman 29:54
Fourth Estate - The Tip-Off 30:20
Glamour Girl 29:00
Dateline, Headline, Byline 14:10
George Fishers Hollywood Spotlight - Guest - Nanette Fabray 14:07
Doodle For Dollars - First Song - It had to be You 14:13
Dean Turner - First Song - Goin' Back to Dixie 11:07
Crime Cases Of Warden Lawes - Case 43587-M 12:36
Golden Door - United Service For New Americans - One Early Morning 8:51
Guys Next Door (Audition) 11:48
Deadline Mystery - Episode Titled 'Deadline Mystery' 30:38
Fantasy (Audition) 31:15
Deadline Mystery - Apartment Racket 22:15
David Street Show - Guest - George Jessel 14:38
Evangeline Baker Show (Audition) 13:20
Front Page Features - Cinderella Story 14:22
From Hollywood - Boyd Raeburn 14:55
Gibson Pioneer Roundup - First Song Whoopee Ti Yi Yo 13:49
Gentleman Adventurer 31:23
Dude Martin's Sunrise Round Up 29:43
Daniel Boone 0:53
George O'Hanlon Show - The Birthday Watch 29:11
Dick Haymes Show - Audition 12:00
Earn Your Vacation 15:08
Dyke Easter, Detective 29:23
Editor's Diary - Guest Vanessa Brown 7:12
Emotion 28:46
Dave Garroway Show - Guest - Hugh Downs 31:48
Every Day's A Holiday 24:49
El Lobo Rides Again (Audition) 17:51
From The Bookshelf Of The World - Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde 30:49
Dallas After Dark - First Song Midnight Masquerade 14:43
Family Quiz - Audition 30:13
George Fishers Confidential Closeups 14:39
Downs Digest 15:10
Daisy Discovers Amercia 30:11
Gentleman, The (Audition) 27:00
David Rose Show - Guest - Red Skelton 29:31
The Defense Rests 29:22
George & Mary Case (Not Complete) 56:49
Eggs At Eight 31:00
Endless Frontier - Only One to a Customer 29:06
Emily Kimbrough Show - Topic - Shakespeare 24:31
Emily Kimbrough Show - Topic - Beauty 24:21
Faultless Starch Time - Bob Atcher & Hometowners 15:01
General Electric Program - Guest - Judy Garland 29:15
Forty Million - Friend Of The Bride 29:29
Devils Holiday - A Fatal Passion 26:34
Devils Holiday - Lucifer Meets A Client 26:19
GI Joe - Episode Titled 'Boy Meets Coconut' 27:57
Don Gray, Marine Investigator 29:14
Gary Crosby - Summer Show 29:06
Garry Moore Funny Side Up 24:41
Farm & Garden Program 15:19
Galen Drake - Why Do Couples Fight 13:05
Face To The Future 10:48
1st Song - March of the Musket 29:43
Fall Flower Festival 31-xx-xx 03 First Song - Im Bringing a Red Red Rose 13:48
Foodtown Pops Review 31-xx-xx First Song - Blues in My Heart Medley 13:16
Foodtown Pops Review 31-xx-xx First Song - Love for Sale 13:05
1952 AFN-E Halloween Hoax 5:58
Dann Dunn - Sabotage Of Giant Bomber 14:27
Erwin Of The Artic 12:01
Gay Ninties Revue 30:38
Dan Dunn - Sabotage Of Giant Bomber 12:04
Erwin Of The Artic (2) 12:10
Frank Farrell 15:00
Frank Farrell (2) 14:40
Fun Parade 29:44
Gus Arnhein - First Song - It's Love 12:56
Gus Arnhein - First Song - You Really Started Something 12:41
Forward March - First Song - Fair To Fiddlin' 15:35
Forward March - First Song - Flashing Pearls 15:33
Goodwill Hour 25:46
Goodwill Hour (2) 22:41
Darrow Of The Diamond X 33:55
Doctor Davey - The Happiest man on Earth 13:24
Don't You Believe It - Length of the Fingers 12:32
Dr Mac 12:16
Earl Sparling Show - Ditto Dan 13:13
Eerie Stories - Disappearing Professors 11:07
Ernie Ford 14:46
European Confidential - Berlin Sniper 28:30
Fireside Tales - Old Storm Along 15:57
Follow That Man - Trail Of The Terrified Temptress 31:03
Forever Ernest - Drugstore Robbed 32:17
Forward America 6:57
Frank Fontaine Show (Audition) 25:17
Gene And Kathleen Lockhart Show 14:00
Gene Lockhart - Return To Christmas Island 26:02
Glen Grey And The Casa Loma Orchestra 29:02
Gracie Fields Show - Guest - Jack Carson 30:12
Graves Fresh Roundup - First Song - Poison Love 13:37



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Fitch is On The Air 37-03-18 is mislabeled because it has been misheard for years. It is a Duke Ellington show and opens with "Duke is on the Air" not Fitch is on the air. 47-08-xx (001) David Street Show - Guest - George Jessel.mp3 s/b 47-08-08 45-04-22 (xxx) Drew Pearson Show.mp3 and 45-05-06 (xxx) Drew Pearson Show.mp3 There are at least 3 available in mp3 42-12-16 xxx Escape To Death.mp3 was a program called Black Castle with Escape to Death being the name of the episode. The program was not on in 1942. Radiogold gives a date of 43-12-16, but that is a Thursday and the show was on Tuesdays at 8 pm. So, let's call it 43-12-14 for lack of a better date. From The Bookshelf Of The World - Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - There are 7 episodes available in mp3 52-12-28 (xxx) Forty Million - Friend Of The Bride.mp3 There are at least 3 available in mp3 General Electric Program - Guest - Judy Garland 521030 There are at least 7 episodes available in mp3. This is the official name of the Bing Crosby Show from 1952 to 1954. Gracie Fields Show - Guest - Jack Carson There are at least 5 episodes available in mp3 Gus Arnhein - First Song - It's Love Gus Arnhein - First Song - You Really Started Something There are at least 16 shows of Gus Arnheim available in mp3

Some clip info

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Gerber Program clip dates to June 1934: According to Wikipedia, the special guest celebrating her 73rd birthday in this clip, Mme. Ernestine Schumann-Heink, was born on June 15, 1861 and died on Nov. 17,1936 at 75. Gateway to Hollywood was a talent contest. The finalists included 3 young men and 3 young women, all vying to receive the stage names "Terry Belmont" (for the men) or "Gale Storm" (for the women) and to be cast in a Hollywood production. The female winner was Josephine Cottle who, as Gale Storm, went on to become the star of My Little Margie. She was 17 at the time, which fits with the date of 1939 mentioned in the audition. Love the Singles and Doubles so much! Thank you!

mislabled and corrupted files

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"Crime Cases Of Warden Lawes - Case 43587-M " is not a mystery show - it's just a man talking about how children differ from adults and, in the next segment, actors "7-08-24_xxx_Deadline_Mystery_-_Apartment_Racket" is promising, but the file is corrupted - playback ends before the show is complete I've listened several other shows - other than being rare, they are nothing special:


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I just listened to an episode of "Forward March", Which contains some of the catchiest music I have ever heard. It's much better than the crap on the radio today. It's great music for those who love 40's Popular Music ("Traditional Pop"). 5/5!