The Singles and Doubles Collection: Single Episodes H-K

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This is a work in progress. This OTRR Collection is a Non-Certified one, containing series in which currently only one or two episodes are known to exist -- hence the name: "Singles and Doubles Collection". Almost every type genre is included. Radio -- called by some The Theater of the Mind -- has been with us since 1920 when stations WWJ of Detroit and KDKA of Pittsburg made the first regular commercial broadcasts. The first program aimed at entertaining the unseen audience followed close behind. Over the years since then, literally thousands of series have been broadcast nationally and thousands more in regional or local markets. Some endured for a few years, others for 20 or 30, and some unfortunately only had one episode broadcast. Of those thousands, some series saw some of their episodes saved for the future, some saw nearly all and others only one or two episodes. While the goal of the Old Time Radio Researchers Group is to preserve radios past by collecting, and archiving as many different series as possible and making them available to the community, we do not want to let the series that only had a minimum number of episodes to survive go unpreserved for future generations. To that end we have put together this unique collection of series. Most of the programs you will find here will be totally unfamilar to you, but they are informative and entertaining none the less. This is the second version of this collection that we have released. Since the first collection new broadcasts have surfaced, and others will undoubtely be found in the future. When and if that occurs, we will release a version three. From comedy to drama to cooking shows to music, you'll hear it all here, and every episode will be unique and different. They run the gamut, from the middle 20s to the early 70s, all showing us a glimpse of the past, when things were slower and families gathered round the radio each evening. Times when each person was hearing the same thing, but created a different picture in their minds of what the characters looked like, the scenery, location, and most important the sounds. Sounds that each found a different meaning in, but one that entertained, educated, and made the world a smaller place, where you could hear those stories that in the past were told to just a few, gathered round the dinner table, at a campfire, or in small audiences, but now the whole world could hear and enjoy. Some of these episodes may be misnamed or misdated. If you find such, please let us know. Additionally there may be some dead air space at the beginning or ending of some episodes. This is not one of our certified sets, it is being provided as a way to obtain those series in which only one or two shows have survived. This page contains Series beginning with the letters H through K. A text file containing a list of the MP3 files found on this page appears near the bottom of the page. From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

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Jack And Jill 13:48
Jack And Jill (2) 13:53
Hawk(no opening) 15:06
Jim Brown's Entertainers 27:35
His Master's Voice Of The Air 12:24
Hollywood on the Air - Phil Harris 16:10
Happiness Boys 11:59
Hi-Hillarities 25:39
Heart Throbs 15:21
Heart Throbs 13:27
Heinz Hall Of Fame 29:46
Hawaiian Adventures - The Island of Hawaii 15:10
House of Glass 29:12
Heart To Heart Revival Hour - Christmas Program 57:06
Henry Busse Program 22:08
Henry Busse Program (2) 19:59
Hollywood Agents - Guest - Marx Brothers 18:40
Kaltenmeyer's Kindergarten - That's what I want for Christmas 0:24
Henry Hall Dance Band Show - Christmas Show 29:12
John Barrymore Theater - Taming Of The Shrew 45:12
John Barrymore Theater - Taming Of The Shrew 45:09
Jack Oakie College 30:43
Justice Hugo Black - Intolerance 13:07
Hollywood Mardis Gras - Guest - Lanny Ross 54:27
Jessel Jamboree 28:57
Joe E Brown Show 28:33
Hit That Ball 29:40
Hour Of Musical Fun 29:57
Joe E Brown Show (39-09-21) 30:17
Jeff And Lucky 30:00
John's Other Wife - John's Relapse 10:31
John Kirby Orchestra 29:13
Hollywood Playhouse 28:42
Jonathan Brixton - Blacklock Murder Case 25:44
Joe & Mabel - Joe Writes a Poem 28:53
Hollywood Premier - Blood And Sand 28:55
I Want To Come Back - Finding jobs for Convicts 30:37
Jane Endicott, Reporter - Girl Bites Dog 14:30
Judy And Jane - The Marijuana Plot 10:43
Jimmy Fiddler -Gossip and Rumors 7:42
Hollywood Digest Hostess - Paula Stone 29:39
Broadway Matinee 13:59
Hollywood Bowl Holocaust Special 1:05:15
Hartz Radio Canaries 14:37
John J Anthony - Advice 14:30
Jane Cowl - Guest Frederick March 14:39
Hollywood Preview - The Years are Many (2) 30:17
His Honor the Barber - Episode Titled 'New Boy in Town' 29:14
Hollywood Preview - Slightly Sixteen (45-11-27) 29:02
Jumping Beans - Ride, Red, Ride 15:04
Isn't It A Crime 28:55
Jimmie Edmondson Show - Guest Nanette Fabray 29:24
Johnny Fletcher Mystery - Navy Colt 30:25
Harmony Homestead - First Song - Someone Won Your Heat 30:44
Jack Webb Show - Razor Master Detective 2:06
Jack Webb Show - Story Of Howdyville 29:30
Harmony Matinee - First Song - Hawaiian War Chant 14:36
Hour Of Mystery - Journey Into Fear 58:39
Harvest Of Stars - Moby Dick 29:12
Hour of Mystery - The Singapore Exile Murder 29:48
Kiss And Make Up - Guest - Milton Berle 30:01
Half Hour To Kill - Blackout 29:13
Jerry Dean, Boy Trooper - Case Of The Smuggled Drugs 14:25
Hollywood Tour 14:23
Heart's Desire 29:01
Hollywood Tour 14:15
Ida Bailey Allen Homemaking Show 13:38
Home Is What You Make It - Hans Christian Anderson 28:55
Hollywood Trends 29:27
Hollywood Trends 14:20
Kilroy & Prickley Pet - One Hundred Sixty Dollar Prize For Kilroy 15:19
Jack Birch - Sitting On Top Of The World 14:48
Holiday Wilde - Mr Fortune & Court Of Shanghai 29:09
Jeff And Lucky - Audition 31:52
Hackleberry Hotel 14:42
Hackleberry Hotel 7:27
Hollywood Star Preview - Turnabout 29:30
Kid On The Corner, The (Audition) 27:19
Human Side Of The Record - Saluting Billy Murray 30:00
Kitchen Club 12:57
June's My Girl 29:53
Hunters 26:00
Hillbilly Review - Guest - Terry Preston 15:27
Hobby Lobby - Cooking with Cold 27:57
Jerry And Skye 14:48
Hi Gang 27:23
Hal Victor Show 14:32
Here Comes McBride 29:10
Juvenile Jury - Wants To Change Birthday 29:31
Hollywood Calling - Birthday Salute to George Murphy 59:54
Hogan's Daughter - The Television 28:20
Hogan's Daughter -Looking for a Job 28:33
Hotpoint Holiday - Man Who Came to Dinner 52:05
Hawthorne's Adventures - Guest - Dennis Day 29:44
Housewives Incorporated - Hummus Chicken 22:08
Just A Number 28:48
Hoosier Hot Shots 29:15
Here Comes Mr. Kitzel 30:02
Henn House, The (Audition) 33:16
I Fly Anything - Destination Tahiti 27:54
John Cameron Swayze 14:13
How To 3:29
Hollywood Theater - Sitting Duck 28:58
Jim Hawthorne Show - The Hogan Song 14:25
Judge, The ( Audition) 28:49
I Love Lucy - Breaking The Lease 29:50
I Remember Kaltenborn 29:58
Howdy Doody Time 27:15
I Confess 26:38
Junior Miss - Judy Wants To Be an Actress 14:48
Keep It In The Family 3:46
His And Hers - The New Home On The Beach 1:02:40
It Happens To You - The Human Comedy 30:23
Howdy Doody Time - The Kipper Factory 28:25
In Your Own Words - The Story of Ruth Kearns - Pt1 14:06
In Your Own Words - The Story of Ruth Kearns - Pt2 10:15
I Cover The Waterfront (Audition) 28:19
Howard Miller Show - Guest - Liberace 13:53
Inside Track - Guest - Phil Rizzutto 15:13
Inside Track - Guest - Hank Sauer 14:59
Jim Ameche 8:22
KBOX - Dan Ingram 26:04
Herald-Tribune Forum 42-11-17 Presidents Address 14:39
Hoosier Hot Shots 28:53
Jack Baker Show - First Song - Chatanooga Shoeshine Boy 14:40
Johnson Family Singers (2) 14:45
Holland Calling - Dutch Barrel Organs 15:00
Holland Calling - Dutch Folk Songs 14:50
Hamlin's Wizard Oil Show - Blue Grass Roy 12:47
Haunted House Of Song - First Song - I'm In Love With You. 13:08
Hollywood Roundup - Guest - Kirk Bennett 12:56
Hollywood Roundup - Guest - Tim Holt 13:11
Hour Of Saint Francis - The Johnny Miller Story 13:41
Hour Of Saint Francis - The Pearl of great Price 13:55
I Was A Convict - 'Mr R 14:53
Its Fun To Live In America 19:45
James Gleason - Christmas With Love 26:53
Jerry Lester - Diane Gives Jerry A Train Ticket 30:20
Jerry Lester - Jerry Wants Joan Blondell As His Leading Lady 30:32
Joe Reichman - First Song - Along With Me 14:52
Junior Miss - The Rainy Day 27:52
Keyboard Melodies 7:15



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46-07-14 xxx Harvest Of Stars - Moby Dick.mp3 should be dated 46-03-17. Also 3 shows are now available, so it is no longer a single or double. 47-06-18 xxx Hollywood Trends.mp3 was Ford Showroom (same date). 47-06-18 xxxx Hollywood Trends.mp3 was Melody Souvenirs - WPQN Possum Song (same date). 40-04-21 xxx John Kirby Orchestra.mp3 s/b Flow Gently Sweet Rhythm Hawaiian Adventures - The Island of Hawaii - There are 4 available Keyboard Melodies is part of 13 shows available of Caldwell and Pollard from the Billings Montana collection at

Great collection - one correction

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These selections of little heard shows is great. There are a lot of hidden gems and surprises. I came across a script for one of the shows, so I'll submit a correction: Jack Oakie College - Program No 8 - November 16 1937

A couple of errors

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52-02-26_xxx_I_Love_Lucy_-_Breaking_The_Lease should be dated 52-02-27 according to Dunning There are at least 8 episodes to be found for Howdy Doody... 44-12-03_xxx_Hartz_Radio_Canaries should be dated 44-12-02 (a Saturday) I got nightkeyed on this date might even be 441105