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44-08-24 Actors Blood 30:00
44-08-31 Black Path of Fear 31:03
44-09-07 Voyage Through Darkness 31:10
44-09-14 Youll Never See Me Again 30:46
44-09-21 Bluebeard of Bellaco 31:31
44-09-28 Man Who Couldnt Lose 29:12
44-10-05 Dateline Lisbon.MP3 29:21
44-10-12 The Merry Widow 30:42
44-11-02 The Singing Walls.MP3 28:59
44-11-09 You Were Wonderful 30:52
44-11-16 Dead Of Night 30:09
44-11-23 The Fountain Plays 30:30
44-11-30 The Black Curtain 31:00
44-12-14 The Lodger 30:46
44-12-21 The Brighton Strangler.MP3 29:08
44-12-28 A Thing Of Beauty 31:22
45-01-04 I Had An Alibi 30:35
45-01-11 Drive-In 30:20
45-01-18 To Find Help 25:40
45-01-25 Druys Bones 31:17
45-02-01 Most Dangerous Game 28:55
45-02-08 A Tale Of Two Sisters.MP3 28:38
45-02-15 Sell Me Your Life 30:53
45-02-22 John Barby AND Son 31:20
45-03-01 My Wife Geraldine 31:00
45-03-08 Loves Lovely Counterfeit 31:04
45-03-22 Hearts Desire 28:00
45-04-05 A Guy Gets Lonely 30:42
45-04-19 Pearls Are A Nuisance 31:17
45-05-03 Fear Paints A Picture 31:44
45-05-10 Reprieve.MP3 29:03
45-05-17 Two Birds With One Stone 29:11
45-05-24 My Own Murderer.MP3 29:41
45-05-31 August Heat.MP3 26:40
45-06-07 Two Sharp Knives 29:36
45-06-21 The Story Of Ivy 30:00
45-06-28 Dealings Of Mister Markham 29:49
45-07-05 The Last Detail 27:31
45-07-12 Footfalls.MP3 26:53
45-07-19 Bank Holiday 29:43
45-08-02 A Man In The House 29:04
45-08-09 Murder For Myra 29:32
45-08-16 Short Order 29:44
45-08-23 This Will Kill You 30:54
45-08-30 Nobody Loves Me 31:12
45-09-06 Sorry Wrong Number 4 32:02
45-09-13 Furnished Room 31:53
45-09-20 Library Book 30:39
45-09-27 The Earth Is Made Of Glass 30:36
45-10-04 Death On Highway 99 29:15
45-10-11 Beyond Good and Evil.MP3 29:13
45-10-18 Summer Storm 25:44
45-10-25 A Shroud For Sara.MP3 29:11
45-11-01 The Dunwich Horror.MP3 24:03
45-11-08 The Bet 30:30
45-11-15 Murder Off Key.MP3 29:28
45-11-22 19 Deacon Street.MP3 29:35
45-11-29 A Week Ago Wednesday.MP3 29:00
45-12-05 The House In Cypress Canyon.MP3 26:32
45-12-06 I Wont Take A Minute.MP3 29:08
45-12-13 The Argyle Album 30:17
45-12-20 Double Entry 30:04
45-12-27 Pink Camellias 29:56
46-01-03 Angel of Death 29:23
46-01-17 The Pasteboard Box.MP3 29:38
46-01-24 My Dear Niece 31:17
46-02-14 The Lucky Lady East Coast 28:28
46-02-14 The Lucky Lady West Coast 28:57
46-02-21 Consequence 30:36
46-03-07 Black Path Of Fear 25:12
46-03-14 No More Alice.MP3 30:02
46-03-21 Lonely Road 29:46
46-03-28 Out Of Control.MP3 29:51
46-04-04 Post Mortem 30:13
46-04-11 The Name Of The Beast.MP3 28:24
46-04-18 The Night Reveals 30:10
46-04-25 Dark Journey 30:32
46-05-02 Crime Without Passion 30:26
46-05-16 The Plan 30:34
46-05-30 Leading Citizen Of Pratt County 30:06
46-06-06 The High Wall 30:10
46-06-13 Too Many Smiths.MP3 29:35
46-06-20 Your Devoted Wife 30:32
46-06-27 Return Trip.MP3 29:32
46-07-04 An Evenings Diversion.MP3 29:20
46-07-11 Feast Of The Furies 30:57
46-07-18 Photo Finish 29:57
46-07-25 Cant We Be Friends.MP3 28:08
46-08-01 Commuter Ticket 31:33
46-08-08 Dead Ernest 29:49
46-08-15 Last Letter Of Doctor Bronson.MP3 24:10
46-08-22 The Great Horrell 29:44


'August Heat' is incomplete

(0 stars)

This episode cuts off prematurely. The last 2 or 3 minutes is missing. What happens? If you want the answer to that question, you have to go to another site with a longer file. Look at minutes length. The one offered here ends at 26 minutes and change. A complete one should run 29 minutes and change.

The Mental Marvel

(5 stars)

How cool, Gordio! You sound like a character in SUSPENSE: The 39 Steps tight off the bat but I know there are other episodes with the mentally marvelous like you. I am so jealous that you got to meet Robt Ripley, whose biography I read last year. Sounds like he was loved by all who knew and worked with him. I'm going to see if your appearance is here on somewhere. Thanks for sharing that.

supporting cast of Actor's Blood

(5 stars)

Just based on his voice I believe one of the supporting cast in Actor's Blood playing the husband is Alan Ladd. My first experience of listening to Suspense was sometime in the Fall of 1948 shortly after appearing on "Believe it or Not" with Bob Ripley on WMAQ in Chicago as "The Mental Marvel", one of the winners of the National Contest. So I have been a fan of Suspense now for about 65 years.

One of my All-Time Favorite Radio Shows

(5 stars)

"Suspense" is one of those terrific shows that are still valid as stories today. Look at the subject matter: murder, infidelity, blackmail, fraud -- it's all there and it's all free! The previous poster was concerned about on-air actors' credit; I don't know if AFRA existed in 1946, but I've heard plenty of episodes where the supporting cast was named. There were plenty others where they may have run long and had to cut, and that would have been the first thing on the list. But I've been a fan of "Suspense" for 20 years now and own many of the shows listed here. It's still excellent entertainment, still an Outstanding half-hour of the Theatre of Thrills!

Why No Supporting Cast Credits in 1946?

(5 stars)

Wonder why there are no supporting cast credits, for example, in 1946? The supporting cast is just as important as the star. As they say in theater, "There are no small roles. Only small actors." Thus Myrna Loy was a Hollywood star in "Library Book," but she had an excellent supporting cast. Must be something to do with the lack of a union. There must not have been "AFRA" at that time: American Federation of Radio Actors.

Thank You Very Much

(5 stars)

I want to say thank you very much for such a wonderful web site. It is the best of the best! I truly feel a bit sorry for those who have yet to find it. Thank you again to the owner of this site. Don't know exactly who you are, but you have been my savior when I must be at my computer. If my computer were not in my little home office, and in my living room for example, I don't think I would ever turn on the tele, and would be logged on this site at least 12 hours a day. Hmmm I wonder how long it would take me to run out of material? That would be a bummer. Anyway, Thanks again for this wonderful web site.

tales to keep you in SUSPENSE!

(4 stars)

I wrote a review on "page 1," and in it I said that the show "The House In Cypress Canyon," had Howard Duff in it, that is true, he plays Sam Spade,in a small part, the star of this broadcast is Robert Taylor, and he does a very good job of keeping us on the edge of our chairs. Listen to it, but not - ALONE . . .

Roma's "Theater of Thrills"

(5 stars)

MMmmm... I remember listening to "The House on Cypress Canyon" on KNX when I was 12 or 13 and getting all scared and not even listening to the end. Yeah, they're kind of melodramatic, but what would you expect from a show sponsored by a cheap wine company? Thanks to whoever got hold of these. I'm kind of dubious they'd be let into the public domain, but hey.