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great in the dark with our kids

Relic Podcastz Feature Listeners' Favorite OTR spookie

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These are great! Each is a modern podcast (four collections so far that I've seen, but i am a newbie, having only fyound LibriVOX less e than a week ago, like meeting a fascinating new love!!) featuring a favorite scary story from old time radio packaged with a winning host and spooky music. They are a great listening choice for those who increasingly rely on reviews from others to help navigate the world of overchoice we have today. The amazing variety of otr available on wonderful librivox blows my mind. how lovely to find this show dedicated to the crême de la crême ! Made my day!!

A Good Collection - but ....

(3 stars)

This is certainly a good collection, but there are some negative aspects to it. Most of them have no title, just a number. So you won't know what the episode is until the episode is playing. Another weakness is the guy from Relic Radio's introduction: in almost every case he gives the date the episode first aired and its title - and that is it. What is the point? There is a lot to talk about in these episodes but nothing interesting enough for him to talk about. He sometimes says that he has tried to clean up the sound quality but we can all hear what he has done - he has pressed the button marked noise reduction on his media player. Anyone can do that! Well worth the price of admission is number 204. This is Walter De La Mare's superb story [i]All Hallows[/i]. This is a brilliant, atmospheric telling by The Black Mass. The Verger sounds a bit too Irish - I thought the cathedral was meant to be Welsh, St David's. The sound quality is wonderful and the two actors do not put a foot wrong. Not colossally scary but immensely thought-provoking and evocative.

Thanks, relic radio!

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Love love LOVE your podcasts...all of them. Ignore the whiners, they will be with us always unfortunately. you have many many more fans than whiners, so please keep up the good work! P.S. All relic radio podcasts are listed by episode name on their website. Excuse me for saying so, but DUH. Your ignorance is showing! Think before you post. Why should wonderful relic volunteer(s) have to do all the work for you? Isn't what they've already done enough volunteer work for you? You could offer to list the info yourself: what a concept!

Another gem

(5 stars)

I have become a huge fan of The Horror, must-listen for all fans of otr suspense and supernatural!

Always been a fan of Relic Radio. Nice addition to Librivox ffo

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