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Great collection

(4 stars)

All of the Relic Radio Horror collections are great. Many of the featured series were hit or miss, and this series gives you some of the best of each. it also allows you a taste of different series if you want to check them out later. There's a Relic Radio forum where you can make requests, and a current podcast.

Ditto Jonfrum's Review!

(5 stars)

Relic Radio distills old time radio series to the best of the best. A wonderful service to those who like to maximize reading time with the Really Good Stuff. Also a good way to introduce new listeners to OTR. Very highly recommended!

a nice cross section of various OTR shows

(4 stars)

from Relic, with Introductions from the Host. If you go to their web site you will find all their shows, going back several years. It is an interesting web site, worth a look

make that three

(5 stars)

I too must agree, this is the horror forum for me. Look ye far, and look ye wide, there be no safe plus for ye to hide mwahahaha