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Great compilation

(4 stars)

I am a seasoned fan of OTR, especially of the horror and murder genre, but I generally stay in the 1930-1940s area. I have heard a majority of the shows you have on here but some I am unfamiliar with. Are these all within the 1930s-early 50s spectrum?

(5 stars)

this I so fantastic. I do not watch tv . I have slight learning difficulties. so to have someonw reading and acting just by speech is certainly brilliant. thankyou so much for making this a frew app. this has made my days uplifting just by listening. =D

Music at the beginnins sounds added?

(4 stars)

Well it is creepy I guess I don't like the music at the beginning of these episodes. It sounds too modern for old time radio and they should have just left the originals alone. Other then that a classic show.

The Opening

(4 stars)

I have to say I am very impressed with the opening sequence, the music is perfect for drawing you in. Excellent choice in material as well, will be checking out the other collections.

What are the otr opening lyrics? ghost stories, real stories?

(5 stars)

love it!! appreciate you soooomuch!!

#16 Cats Cradle

(5 stars)

I don't think the Mother Cat should have been punished.

cant open

(1 stars)

this boo/radio show won't open for me