A Bullet for Cinderella

Read by Winston Tharp

(4.5 stars; 70 reviews)


But one look and you knew that Toni Raselle's instincts were straight out of the river shack she came from.

I watched her as she toyed with the man, laughing, her tumbled hair like raw blue-black silk, her brown shoulders bare. Eyes deep-set, a girl with a gypsy look.

So this was the girl I had risked my life to find. This was the girl who was going to lead me to a buried fortune in stolen loot. - Summary by Back cover blurb from first edition (5 hr 40 min)


Chapter 1 27:43 Read by Winston Tharp
Chapter 2 18:15 Read by Winston Tharp
Chapter 3 35:10 Read by Winston Tharp
Chapter 4 25:41 Read by Winston Tharp
Chapter 5 13:13 Read by Winston Tharp
Chapter 6 30:27 Read by Winston Tharp
Chapter 7 27:31 Read by Winston Tharp
Chapter 8 27:49 Read by Winston Tharp
Chapter 9 24:34 Read by Winston Tharp
Chapter 10 29:42 Read by Winston Tharp
Chapter 11 16:20 Read by Winston Tharp
Chapter 12 29:50 Read by Winston Tharp
Chapter 13 22:26 Read by Winston Tharp
Chapter 14 11:51 Read by Winston Tharp


A return to not-so-simple times

(4 stars)

A POW returns from Korea and cannot re-integrate to civilian life. The girl who waited for him no longer holds his interest and after losing his job he embarks on a treasure hunt. His best friend in the POW camp didn't make it and wanted things made right - and let our hero know about some ill-gotten loot. Unfortunately, our hero is not the only one to hear the death-bed confession. Next he lies in a hospital bed for a year recuperating from the starvation that he endured in the POW camp, which gives his rival plenty of time to try and find the money first. Set in the 50s, where there were good girls and bad girls. The author was someone I had heard of but wasn't familiar with. Based upon this book, I can see why. It's all pretty forgettable. I think he describes the period pretty well however, and there are one or two interesting observations about the characters. Very ably acted by Winston Tharp. Thank you reader! A note for the unwary: at the time, "progressives" in the Korean POW camps meant victims of mass indoctrination or collaborators. This is really a non-issue, as the antagonist in this story is a lone wolf - neither on the side of the captors nor the captives. This makes him less than popular - but he's first and foremost a survivor.


(5 stars)

Terrific gripping story, only a tiny bit stagey and predictable perhaps. Love the reader, Winston Tharp, who I previously listened to reading *Boston Blackie* and *Company Aytch*, All three were terrific, the very best being in reverse order, but I most definitely recommend them all and I will seek out his other readings. Tharp has a soothing voice, one of the very best readers.

(5 stars)

A real page turner. Not the stereotypical pulp one usually encounters. It captures the feeling and desperate search for meaning so many who have had when their lives are interrupted and a return to the past is impossible.

(3 stars)

Story of an ex prisoner of war (Korean) who follows up on information told him by a friend in the camp. An OK storyline, but very well read by Winston.

(4.5 stars)

Well read, entertaining fluff. The book isn't ground breaking or even very good, but it entertains, like a James Bond movie. The reader does a great job.

Decent Book - Excellently Read

(3.5 stars)

Enjoyed this book and listening was easy, since the reader did a very good job. Thank you.

Nice Little Yarn

(5 stars)

The ending is a bit weak IMO buy its a nice little tale and the reader is great.

A bullet for Cinderella

(5 stars)

I absolutely enjoyed the story. I may have to read it again another day.