Wild Bill Hickock

(4.3 stars; 18 reviews)

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WBHickock_ep032_The_Vengeance_Trail.mp3 24:37
WBHickock ep001 First Broadcast 24:35
WBHickock ep002 The Missouri Kid 24:24
WBHickock ep003 The Case of the Unlucky Seven 24:20
WBHickock ep004 An Outlaws Revenge 24:23
WBHickock ep005 The Red Wagon Jinx 24:27
WBHickock ep006 A Cave-In 24:26
WBHickock ep007 Outlaws Bargain 24:09
WBHickock ep008 A Charge on Devils Mountain 24:30
WBHickock ep009 The Road Agents at Red Rock 24:06
WBHickock ep010 The Shadow Hill Gang 24:20
WBHickock ep011 The Confidence Game 24:51
WBHickock ep012 Press for Justice 24:46
WBHickock ep013 Warpath or Peace 24:23
WBHickock ep014 The Secret of Arroyo Diablo 24:28
WBHickock ep015 Ghost Town Gold 24:27
WBHickock ep016 The Trail of Death 24:31
WBHickock ep017 Trail Herd Trouble 24:36
WBHickock ep018 A Dangerous Wedding 24:25
WBHickock ep019 The Fury of Savage River 24:33
WBHickock ep020 Mixed Brands 24:23
WBHickock ep021 Four Aces for Death 25:14
WBHickock ep022 The Mysterious Fist epAlt Openings and Closin 27:09
WBHickock ep023 Range War 24:28
WBHickock ep024 No Title Given 25:11
WBHickock ep025 White Fury 24:36
WBHickock ep027 A Blind Trail 24:37
WBHickock ep028 The Men Who Didnt Come Backepecho 24:26
WBHickock ep029 A Mission in Alamagordo 24:12
WBHickock ep030 The Mystery of the Five Deadly Double Eagles 24:36
WBHickock ep031 Bad Medicine at Dry Gulch 24:33
WBHickock ep033 The Voice of Echo Canyon 24:29
WBHickock ep034 The Gold Maker 24:15
WBHickock ep035 The Red Trunk Riddle 24:25
WBHickock ep036 The Challenge of Sentinel Ridge 24:30
WBHickock ep037 Wyatt Fosters Secret 25:39
WBHickock ep038 The Wheels of Doom 24:56


TV-Radio-movie triple-header?

(4 stars)

I remember watching the TV version of this juvenile western series in the 1950s, and I'm sure my childhood dentists appreciated the SugarCornPops. I see Wikipedia, tv.com and IMDB have pages about the 1951-58 television version produced at the same time... They mention that some of the TV episodes were combined as feature-length releases... quite the multimedia crossover. I've only listened to one episode for fear of getting too nostalgic at breakfast time.

happy fun western

(4 stars)

i like the voices in this show, it brings a smile to the face. the clipperdee clop of the movement. it has everything except slim pickins. andy devine as jingles. even corn pops sav rekons 4 stars

Great Western

(5 stars)

Love listening to wild bill used to listen to it on the internet. now II can listen to it on here any time I want.

Basic kid's nostalgia

(3 stars)

Andy Devine plays aversion of himself as the Deputy. Hickok does all the hombre capturin'.

Takes me back to Saturday morning when I was a kid.

(4 stars)