You Bet Your Life 35 Eps

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(35 Episodes - 3 INC) "You Bet Your Life Game Show" with Groucho Marx OTR * def gp ddh

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re: You Bet Your Life 35 Eps " end of Oct 2010"

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Sorry!! My Mistake! I didn't get the extra episodes uploaded by month end, and now I am unable to add or change anything within this file. No fear, though - I will simply put the remainder (plus extras) on a PAGE 2! * def gp

Who's buried in Grant's tomb?

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Thank you so much for uploading these. I've watched all the episodes of the TV version that the Archive has and I love this show. I wish I was as quick-witted as Groucho.

You Bet Your Life 6/24/1947

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This file is really "Your Hit Parade," possibly for that date. Too bad. It would have been a rare episode of "Your Bet Your Life."