Doctor Syn

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Doctor Syn: A Tale of the Romney Marsh is the first in the series of Doctor Syn novels by Russell Thorndike and inspired a Disney movie called the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh starring Patrick Patrick McGoohan. In this story we are introduced to the complex Christopher Syn, the kindly vicar of the little town of Dymchurch. Dr Syn seems pleasant, but is he much more than he seems? Although published first, this book is the last of the series chronologically. The town is located near the Romney Marsh, an ideal location for smuggling operations. Captain Howard Collyer, a revenue agent for the crown, arrives on the scene convinced that he can find and capture the smugglers that must be active in the area. The locals deny any knowledge of any smuggling operations, but warn of mysterious bands of witches and glowing demons that ride fire-breathing horses roam the marsh. Can this straight forward navy captain survive these supernatural foes as he investigates Romney Marsh and the disturbing events that begin to happen in Dymchurch? - Summary by Brett Downey (7 hr 37 min)


Dymchurch-under-the-wall 6:14 Read by Brett W. Downey
The Coming of the King's Frigate 7:12 Read by Brett W. Downey
The Coming of the King's Men 13:35 Read by Brett W. Downey
The Captain 8:34 Read by Brett W. Downey
A Bottle of Alsace Lorraine 8:11 Read by Brett W. Downey
Doctor Syn Takes Cold 7:38 Read by Brett W. Downey
Clegg the Buccaneer 15:56 Read by Pale Writer
Dogging the Schoolmaster 12:54 Read by DrPGould
The End of Sennacherib Pepper 5:48 Read by DrPGould
Doctor Syn Gives Some Advice 9:02 Read by DrPGould
The Court House Inquiry 7:38 Read by John
The Captain Objects 14:58 Read by John
The End of the Inquiry 8:29 Read by John
At the Vicarage 6:35 Read by John
A Landed Proprietor Sets Up a Gallows Tree 17:30 Read by John
The Schoolmaster's Suit 10:38 Read by John
The Doctor Sings a Song 11:36 Read by John
Behind the Shutters 5:25 Read by John
The Captain's Nightmare 6:09 Read by John
A Terrible Investigation 7:33 Read by John
The Bo'sun's Story 10:38 Read by John
A Curious Breakfast Party 21:18 Read by Pale Writer
A Young Recruit 21:52 Read by Pale Writer
The Coffin-Maker Has a Visitor 8:09 Read by John
The Sexton Speaks 22:24 Read by John
The Devils' Tiring House 11:12 Read by John
The Scarecrow's Legion 16:17 Read by John
The Fight at Mill House Farm 19:31 Read by Pale Writer
Captain Collyer Entertains an Attorney from Rye 11:36 Read by Pale Writer
Doctor Syn Has a ''Call'' 16:31 Read by Pale Writer
A Certain Tree Bears Fruit 8:36 Read by Pale Writer
The Captain's Experiment 9:38 Read by Pale Writer
Adventures in Watchbell Street 28:28 Read by Pale Writer
A Military Lady-killer Prepares for Battle 9:39 Read by DrPGould
Scylla and Charybdis 11:14 Read by DrPGould
Holding the Pulpit 15:52 Read by John
The Dead Man's Throttle 15:19 Read by John
Dymchurch-under- the- wall 5:03 Read by John
Echoes 2:37 Read by John


(4.5 stars)

Can we have more from this author volunteer readers what an excellent story set in Dymchurch Kent where I am considering moving to. Great readers also perhaps they could come up with more from this author also apparently his sister is as good but there are no stories of hers on LibriVox. I wanted to give it a five star rating but fith star just is not complying with me. Thank u librivox and readers.

a rousing tale

(5 stars)

Great story with good narrators, all of whom were good, which you don’t often get when stories are read by numerous different volunteers.