Read by David Wales

(4.8 stars; 23 reviews)

With affectionate humor, Mr. Walpole tells the story of Jeremy and his two sisters, Helen and Mary Cole, who grow up in Polchester, a quiet English Cathedral town. There is the Jampot, who is the nurse ; Hamlet, the stray dog ; Uncle Samuel, who paints pictures and is altogether 'queer’; of course, Mr. and Mrs. Cole, and Aunt Amy. Mr. Walpole has given his narrative a rare double appeal, for it not only recreates for the adult the illusion of his own happiest youth, but it unfolds for the child-reader a genuine and moving experience with real people and pleasant things. No child will fail to love the birthday in the Cole household, the joyous departure for the sea and the country in the long vacation. ( Joseph Hergesheimer, Hugh Walpole: An Appreciation, 1919, p 38 and david wales) (9 hr 3 min)


Ch 1 The Birthday 46:49 Read by David Wales
Ch 2 The Family Dog 40:57 Read by David Wales
Ch 3 Christmas Pantomime 52:05 Read by David Wales
Ch 4 Miss Jones 48:19 Read by David Wales
Ch 5 The Sea-Captain 44:23 Read by David Wales
Ch 6 Family Pride 40:20 Read by David Wales
Ch 7 Religion 41:52 Read by David Wales
Ch 8 To Cow Farm! 43:22 Read by David Wales
Ch 9 The Awakening Of Charlotte 49:02 Read by David Wales
Ch 10 Mary 49:15 Read by David Wales
Ch 11 The Merry-Go-Round 53:30 Read by David Wales
Ch 12 Hamlet Waits 33:28 Read by David Wales


(5 stars)

This was absolutely fantastic. It was written about 100 years ago and at that time there wasn’t political correctness. So there is one time that the N-word is used. However the intent is not at all negative. It was just a figure of speech back then other than that I found no flaws in this wonderful story


(5 stars)

It was over 70 years ago that I was Jeremy's age. but Walpole captures many of my thoughts and remembrances. David Wales interprets the feelings of Jeremy with a realistic edge which tells me that he also is remembering his eighth year. I cannot say too much about the quality of this presentation.


(5 stars)

If you ever want to see into the mind of an 8 year old boy, here's your chance. A fun romp through a few months with an active, intelligent child. Reader is very good; technicals of the recording are very good.


(5 stars)

I hope many 'grown ups" listen to this gentle story , remember the pains and pleasures of growing up and treat all children accordingly (from someone who, over many years has never forgotten )

the little stinker...I love him.

(5 stars)

A bitterswet coming-of-age story. 4/22/24