American Scenery, Vol. 2

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Although the focus of this book is the engravings depicting scenic sites of 19th century America, each is accompanied by a short description of the site and location. These vignettes give us rare glimpses of scenic locations as they appeared in 1840. All sites are in the eastern part of the United States, especially New England and New York. This is Volume Two of a two-volume set. - Summary by Larry Wilson

The Book Coordinators for this project were Larry Wilson and Linette Geisel (5 hr 5 min)


The Catterskill Falls 7:32 Read by mpvoice
Winter Scene on the Catterskills 8:20 Read by mpvoice
Rogers’ Slide, Lake George 6:24 Read by mpvoice
The Gothic Church, New Haven 5:51 Read by Larry Wilson
Niagara Falls from the Top of the Ladder on the American Side 4:25 Read by BettyB
Saw-Mill at Centre Harbour, Lake Winnipiseogee 6:37 Read by Larry Wilson
Little Falls, on the Mohawk 6:04 Read by BettyB
Bridge at Norwich, Connecticut 7:39 Read by BettyB
Undercliff, near Cold Spring 14:34 Read by BettyB
Boston, and Bunker Hill, from the East 6:20 Read by Larry Wilson
Mount Jefferson, from Mount Washington 5:53 Read by mpvoice
Mount Tom, and the Connecticut River 5:49 Read by mpvoice
The Silver Cascade, in the Notch of the White Mountains 2:17 Read by Larry Wilson
View of New York, from Weehawken 5:50 Read by BettyB
The President’s House from the River 5:29 Read by BettyB
View on the Susquehanna, at Liverpool 5:33 Read by BettyB
Desert Rock Light-house, Maine 6:10 Read by Larry Wilson
Washington’s House, Mount Vernon 6:09 Read by BettyB
Village of Little Falls, Mohawk River 5:15 Read by Vern Seward
Harper’s Ferry, from the Blue Ridge 3:49 Read by Vern Seward
Barhydt’s Lake, near Saratoga 5:31 Read by Vern Seward
Fairmount Gardens, Philadelphia 6:48 Read by Vern Seward
Sing-Sing Prison, and Tappan Sea 5:07 Read by Vern Seward
Washington, from the President’s House 5:09 Read by Vern Seward
View of Baltimore 6:42 Read by Vern Seward
The Exchange and Girard’s Bank, Philadelphia 5:32 Read by BettyB
Principal Front of the Capitol, Washington 5:16 Read by BettyB
The Narrows, Lake George 6:37 Read by BettyB
Natural Bridge, Virginia 6:39 Read by BettyB
View of the Passaic Falls 6:38 Read by BettyB
View of Northumberland, on the Susquehanna 5:31 Read by BettyB
Pulpit Rock, White Mountains 6:50 Read by BettyB
View of Hudson City, and the Catskill Mountains 6:27 Read by BettyB
Scene among the Highlands on Lake George 6:09 Read by BettyB
Schuylkill Water Works, Philadelphia 5:31 Read by BettyB
The United States Bank, Philadelphia 6:03 Read by BettyB
Brock’s Monument, from the American Side 6:25 Read by BettyB
Village of Catskill 5:01 Read by Kyle Van DeGlast
View from Gowanus’ Heights, Brooklyn 5:15 Read by Kyle Van DeGlast
View on the Susquehanna, above Owago 1:06 Read by Kyle Van DeGlast
Bridge at Glens Fall, on the Hudson 1:47 Read by Kyle Van DeGlast
View from Mount Ida, near Troy 5:24 Read by Diana Schmidt
View from Glenmary Lawn, on the Owago 8:26 Read by BettyB
View near Anthony’s Nose, Hudson Highlands 5:56 Read by BettyB
Washington’s Monument, Baltimore 6:20 Read by BettyB
East Port, and Passamaquoddy Bay 8:03 Read by Maggie Travers
Cemetery of Mount Auburn 2:31 Read by Maggie Travers
Northampton, Massachusetts 5:41 Read by Maggie Travers
Chapel of our Lady of Coldspring 5:57 Read by Maggie Travers
The Mountain House, on the Catskills 7:12 Read by Maggie Travers
Faneuil Hall, from the Water 7:32 Read by Larry Wilson