People Minus X

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.3 stars; 128 reviews)

A disastrous experiment destroys the moon and kills millions on earth. The invention of artificial flesh lets them return to life as androids, a second and perhaps superior human species. Mounting tensions between the naturals and the “phonies” erupts in violence. Will this scientific advance bring eternal life and the gift of travel to the stars or bring about mankind’s self-destruction? (Summary by Mark Nelson) (5 hr 56 min)


Chapter 1 1:04:20 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 2 36:09 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 3 31:01 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 4 20:05 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 5 36:01 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 6 35:49 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 7 33:29 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 8 27:16 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 9 34:13 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 10 38:07 Read by Mark Nelson



(5 stars)

Simply stated, this book is amazing as is the narration. I definitely recommend taking the time to give it a listen. But a word of caution: if you're like me, you'll listen to it straight on through from start to finish. I'm about to give it a third listen after allowing it a reasonable amount of time to mellow in my mind.

loved this one very much. why it hasn't been turned into a movie

(4.5 stars)

Annoying misnomer

(3 stars)

An android is a robot made to look, sound, & behave like a human. A human consciousness in a shell organically different, is an altered human -- making the word "phony" more apt. Especially since such a state has yet to have a term/name coined to encompass it. Further, the creation of life/consciousness from fictional personas is the portion that should be of most concern: It open the questions; how true is consciousness backup/recording? And are those revived in original or new flesh nothing more than copies of irretrievably dead people? And the story lacked explanation as to how all are entitled to immortality, given the greed driven systems that preceded this new age.

quaint and clever

(5 stars)

great because it's a bit dated and its form but the story is clever because of its use of technology and some things that have actually come to pass.

not a bad story

(4 stars)

Brilliantly read by Mark Nelson as always. This book was almost "terminator" ish at the start but then took an unexpected twist. Rise of the machines.....


(5 stars)

Quite the gem. The story leads you on an unexpected journey. Very well written. Not the typical scifi. And so well read by Mark

great story. make a fella think don't it.

(5 stars)

very very very very awesome book find

(5 stars)