The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

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Robin Hood is the archetypal English folk hero; a courteous, pious and swashbuckling outlaw of the mediæval era who, in modern versions of the legend, is famous for robbing the rich to feed the poor and fighting against injustice and tyranny. He operates with his "seven score" (140 strong) group of fellow outlawed yeomen – named the Merry Men. He and his band are usually associated with Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire.

The Victorian era generated its own distinct versions of Robin Hood. The traditional tales were often adapted for children, most notably in Howard Pyle's Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. These versions firmly stamp Robin as a staunch philanthropist, a man who takes from the rich to give to the poor.(Summary from Wikipedia)

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How Robin Hood Came to be an Outlaw 27:35 Read by Alex Foster
Robin Hood and the Tinker 28:47 Read by David Barnes
The Shooting Match at Nottingham Town 31:54 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
Will Stutely Rescued by His Companions 25:53 Read by Maureen S. O'Brien
Robin Hood Turns Butcher 22:43 Read by Kevin McAsh
Little John Goes to Nottingham Fair 18:48 Read by Robin Cotter
How Little John Lived at the Sheriff’s 23:55 Read by Joplin James
Little John and the Tanner of Blyth 19:34 Read by Joplin James
Robin Hood and Will Scarlet 25:33 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
The Adventure with Midge the Miller’s Son 32:12 Read by Patricia Oakley
Robin Hood and Allan a Dale 32:30 Read by Patricia Oakley
Robin Hood Seeks the Curtal Friar 28:24 Read by Kevin McAsh
Robin Hood Compasses a Marriage 23:27 Read by Claire Goget
Robin Hood Aids a Sorrowful Knight 35:56 Read by Geetu Melwani
How Sir Richard of the Lea Paid His Debts 31:01 Read by Kevin McAsh
Little John Turns Barefoot Friar 30:03 Read by Marian Brown
Robin Hood Turns Beggar 36:50 Read by Marian Brown
Robin Shoots Before Queen Eleanor 47:10 Read by Mark F. Smith
The Chase of Robin Hood 46:32 Read by Mark F. Smith
Robin Hood and Guy of Guisborne 36:01 Read by Joplin James
King Richard Comes to Sherwood Forest 34:31 Read by Joplin James
Epilogue 21:30 Read by Alex Foster


(5 stars)

I just love the way they can get the best of all the people in the middle of the best sherwood forest

Robin Hood

(4 stars)

I really enjoyed this book - read it aloud to my children many times - was nice to hear someone else read it aloud. Multiple readers some with differeing styles - adds to the interest and fun.

very good book

(3 stars)

this is a classic and starts off being read by a wonderfulale reader. when chapter three begins a woman takes over who is a terrible reader. Unfortunately she was too monotone and had such a choppy reading style I could not even finish listening to this book.

Robin Hood,

(5 stars)

if i had a Hero, it would be.. Robin Hood!!!🔚

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

(5 stars)

The best audio book ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(5 stars)

VERY interesting book. well worth reading.

Great recordings

(4 stars)

Even the one others complained about wasn't that bad. I really loved the guys who sang!!

😶Well um......

(5 stars)

Well um..... I'm really shocked at this story. It's nothing like the children books . Well some of it is. It's interesting and sad at the same time. My childhood is kind of ruined lol. This book kind of annoyed me though. So much singing 🤣. This must be a books version of a musical lol 🤣. I like musicals just not in books. The readers were good, but some had very bad microphones. Intresting story was good to finally know the original story.