The Mystery Girl

Read by Roger Melin

(4.3 stars; 176 reviews)

Was it murder or suicide? All entrances to the study where the body was found were locked from the inside. The future college president and groom-to-be had no known cause for suicide, yet no clues in either direction appeared to make any sense. Was Anita, the Mystery Girl, who had just arrived in the New England college town, somehow been implicated? Had she any reason to ensure of the demise of the well-liked man? Perhaps some love letters between the two that nobody was to know about? And what of the mark of a ring on the deceased man's forehead? The college town was abuzz, and it seemed everyone had their own ideas of what actually happened. - Summary by Roger Melin (8 hr 8 min)


A President-Elect 28:04 Read by Roger Melin
Miss Mystery Arrives 26:43 Read by Roger Melin
Thirteen Buttons 26:04 Read by Roger Melin
A Broken Teacup 26:14 Read by Roger Melin
The Tragedy 25:35 Read by Roger Melin
An Incredible Case 25:12 Read by Roger Melin
The Volume of Martial 26:12 Read by Roger Melin
Where is Nogi? 26:19 Read by Roger Melin
A Love Letter 26:04 Read by Roger Melin
Who is Miss Mystery? 24:49 Read by Roger Melin
The Spinster's Evidence 26:01 Read by Roger Melin
Maurice Trask, Heir 27:44 Read by Roger Melin
The Truesdell Eyebrows 27:13 Read by Roger Melin
A Proposal 27:07 Read by Roger Melin
Fleming Stone Comes 26:21 Read by Roger Melin
Miss Mystery's Testimony 26:33 Read by Roger Melin
Planning an Elopement 24:33 Read by Roger Melin
Miss Mystery No Longer 41:45 Read by Roger Melin



(5 stars)

As so many have already stated, the reading was superb. And. to those who complain of the "unnecessary" length, let me say that I can always enjoy a tale, no matter the length, so long as there are two things: an evil, greedy, unscrupulous relative; and a couple of self-righteous. gossipy biddies who try to make life miserable for the heroine!

Excellent Reading

(5 stars)

As always Roger did a wonderful job of making a not so wonderful book enjoyable. I have never heard anything he read that I did not enjoy. I thought the book, however, was fairly predictable but it was a good one despite that. But God bless Roger for this and for all of the other great work he has done and given of his great gift for reading for the enjoyment of all of us...and thanks to Librivox.

(2 stars)

Technically it’s fine, the recording is clean and professional, the reader is excellent. The story itself is pretty poor. The characters are shallow and inconsistent. There’s an ingenious plot twist but it’s clumsily executed. Almost as if the author took her time with most of the book, but was forced to suddenly wrap everything up and end it hurriedly.

interesting- - unnecessarily long

(3 stars)

Interesting plot seems disconnected at times (elongated). Author isn't one of the best detective novelists but entertaining enough. Roger Melin narrates well as usual. My grandmother, raised in the era, would have thought her written opinions of women were barbaric.

excellent reader, odd story

(4 stars)

The author reinforces stereotypes about women writers as well as other stereotypes. That part is awkward in the extreme. Very contrived but also slightly clever and completely unbelievable. But the reader does his usual excellent job and I'm not complaining.

one of my favorite readers

(3 stars)

Gave this book another try. Still can't stand the girl, Anita, or the men that protected her. She should have just told the truth from the beginning, saving an honorable man's memory.

great reader and a favorite author

(4 stars)

Stone is a favorite that I read years ago He is a detective that makes the impossible seem possible. Thank you


(5 stars)

Iam glad to have come across Carolyn Wells' books. I have listened to several of them by now. This one stands out.