Main Street, and Other Poems

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is a book of poems by Joyce Kilmer. It includes several of his religious poems and poems about World War I, in which the author himself lost his life in 1918. - Summary by Carolin (0 hr 57 min)


Main Street 2:10 Read by Sonia
Roofs 1:47 Read by Sonia
The Snowman in the Yard 2:10 Read by Sonia
A Blue Valentine 3:04 Read by Urban Bard
Houses 1:34 Read by Urban Bard
In Memory 2:42 Read by Urban Bard
Apology 2:03 Read by Newgatenovelist
The Proud Poet 2:41 Read by Ryan Fry
Lionel Johnson 1:15 Read by Newgatenovelist
Father Gerard Hopkins, S. J. 1:10 Read by Newgatenovelist
Gates and Doors 2:39 Read by Greg Giordano
The Robe of Christ 3:26 Read by Greg Giordano
The Singing Girl 1:01 Read by BettyB
The Annunciation 1:14 Read by Newgatenovelist
Roses 1:42 Read by BettyB
The Visitation 1:23 Read by Greg Giordano
Multiplication 1:53 Read by Greg Giordano
Thanksgiving 0:57 Read by Greg Giordano
The Thorn 1:00 Read by VolcanoPukebag
The Big Top 3:23 Read by JudyDerby
Queen Elizabeth Speaks 0:44 Read by Newgatenovelist
Mid-ocean in War-time 1:11 Read by Newgatenovelist
In Memory of Rupert Brooke 1:09 Read by Newgatenovelist
The New School 2:19 Read by Jacquelyn Bengfort
Easter Week 2:06 Read by Sonia
The Cathedral of Rheims 6:43 Read by Greg Giordano
Kings 0:57 Read by Greg Giordano
The White Ships and the Red 3:26 Read by Sonia