The Wouldbegoods, Being the Further Adventures of the Treasure Seekers

Read by Alan Chant

(4.8 stars; 101 reviews)

The Bastable children, first met in The Treasure Seekers, are sent to stay in the countryside; is it large enough to contain their exuberant activities? They (and Pincher the dog) have every intention of being good... (Description by Alan Chant)

All chapters were read by Hazel and Alan Chant. (8 hr 39 min)


Chapter 1. The Jungle 31:50 Read by Alan Chant
Chapter 2. The Wouldbegoods 38:15 Read by Alan Chant
Chapter 3. Bill's Tombstone 33:32 Read by Alan Chant
Chapter 4. The Tower of Mystery 39:13 Read by Alan Chant
Chapter 5. The Waterworks 43:39 Read by Alan Chant
Chapter 6. The Circus 40:11 Read by Alan Chant
Chapter 7. Being Beavers; or, The Young Explorers (Arctic or Otherwise) 39:14 Read by Alan Chant
Chapter 8. The High-Born Babe 31:54 Read by Alan Chant
Chapter 9. Hunting the Fox 36:59 Read by Alan Chant
Chapter 10. The Sale of Antiquities 37:34 Read by Alan Chant
Chapter 11. The Benevolent Bar 31:18 Read by Alan Chant
Chapter 12. The Canterbury Pilgrims 38:28 Read by Alan Chant
Chapter 13. The Dragon's Teeth; or, Army Seed 40:54 Read by Alan Chant
Chapter 14. Albert's Uncle's Grandmother; or, The Long-Lost 36:51 Read by Alan Chant


Great Readers!

(4.5 stars)

The people who read this book did great job! I think the Treasure Seekers is a better book, though.

Excellent reading of an excellent book

(5 stars)

I love the brilliant and seamless way this talented husband and wife team shared this reading. Thank you! Oswald's manly, hilarious narration carries through this book in much the same tone as Treasure Seekers, as he and his siblings land in one ridiculous, laugh-out-loud adventure after another. Truly a worthy sequel. i would love to see a talented reader or two take on "The New Treasure Seekers", the third in the series, which is on librivox but has not got the reading it deserves.

Generally enjoyable

(4 stars)

The alternating readers was confusing at first because I thought each reader was reading different parts, but it became apparent later that wasn't the case. I listen to books such as these to fall asleep to, so hearing the casual racism of the day certainly had my eyes popping open. I *think* there were 2-3 instances, but I can't be sure because I didn't listen to the whole book while 100% awake.


(5 stars)

Great book! Readers are good, although not as good as Karen Savage. Alan and Hazel pronounce clearly and make the book easy to listen to. Makes a lot of references to the earlier book, The Treasure Seekers, so I would read that first. The next book is called The New Treasure Seekers, which I am excited to listen to although not excited that it is read by different readers. ☹️


(5 stars)

Hazel and Alan, you are great! Two narrators make this book even more delightful!! My 7-year-old daughter and I really appreciate your thoughtful telling of this sweet, hilarious tale. Tell Smudge that we enjoyed his efforts, as well. 😂 We can't wait to hear more stories read by you both. 💗

lovely story, beautifully read!

(5 stars)

Another beautiful novel by E Nesbit, about the everyday adventures of childhood. Very smooth reading by this husband and wife team - I could have done without the doggy sound effects, but overall a fantastic job which does justice to Nesbit's story!


(4.5 stars)

I loved it! Read 'The Treasure Seekers' first or it won't make as much sense. I think it is so sweet that a husband/wife team do it,and they are both so good! Five stars!

Many thanks, readers!

(5 stars)

-Nice rural setting conducive for children's development. Parents, let us resist TV, videogames, entertainment industry, all ruthless parasites in our childrens' brains and bodies! Thank you for considering my comment.