The Man Against the Sky: A Book of Poems

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is a volume of later Poetry by the famous American poet Edwin Arlington Robinson. - Summary by Carolin (2 hr 0 min)


Flammonde 5:44 Read by John Burlinson (1950-2024)
The Gift of God 2:12 Read by Jude
The Clinging Vine 3:43 Read by Sonia
Cassandra 2:11 Read by Newgatenovelist
John Gorham 2:57 Read by Sonia
Stafford's Cabin 3:01 Read by John Burlinson (1950-2024)
Hillcrest 2:29 Read by Sonia
Old King Cole 5:08 Read by John Burlinson (1950-2024)
Ben Jonson Entertains a Man from Stratford 21:14 Read by Tony Addison
Eros Turannos 2:11 Read by Sonia
Old Trails 8:09 Read by Tony Addison
The Unforgiven 3:46 Read by John Burlinson (1950-2024)
Theophilus 1:23 Read by Sonia
Veteran Sirens 1:19 Read by Sonia
Siege Perilous 1:29 Read by Newgatenovelist
Another Dark Lady 0:59 Read by Newgatenovelist
The Voice of Age 1:34 Read by Sonia
The Dark House 2:13 Read by Sonia
The Poor Relation 3:24 Read by Sonia
The Burning Book 1:39 Read by Newgatenovelist
Fragment 1:29 Read by Newgatenovelist
Lisette and Eileen 3:04 Read by Tony Addison
Llewellyn and the Tree 7:02 Read by John Burlinson (1950-2024)
Bewick Finzer 1:52 Read by John Burlinson (1950-2024)
Bokardo 4:59 Read by John Burlinson (1950-2024)
The Man against the Sky 25:30 Read by Tony Addison