The Mysterious Rider

Read by Mary Bard

(4.7 stars; 372 reviews)

This book has all the elements of a classic Western, including rustling and gunfights, but at its heart is the battle between good and evil, between duty and love, between selfishness and self-sacrifice. The ‘mysterious rider’ of the title arrives at White Slides ranch, and his coming will have major consequences for many of those living there, not least for Columbine who is promised to a man she cannot love. (Mary Bard) (11 hr 9 min)


Chapter I 34:26 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter II 43:54 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter III 24:30 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter IV 43:39 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter V 42:01 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter VI 34:20 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter VII 24:20 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter VIII 31:43 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter IX 27:57 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter X 32:11 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter XI 33:47 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter XII 27:46 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter XIII 36:07 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter XIV 34:26 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter XV 52:58 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter XVI 36:22 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter XVII 35:04 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter XVIII 45:22 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter XIX 21:24 Read by Mary Bard
Chapter XX 7:01 Read by Mary Bard


The Mysterious Rider by Zane Grey

(5 stars)

As usual with Zane Grey it was a great western story. I definitely recommend you listening to this selection.

An action and romance story in one!

(5 stars)

Good reading by Mary! Zane Grey writes in vocabulary of his times and it is delightful! And as was typical of the times , he writes lots of descriptive paragraphs of the scenery and weather, sunrises and skys and forests and landscapes. And especially of the characters' thoughts! So the story moves slower than modern writings, but it a delight because it builds a wonderful mental picture! Mr. Grey is quite a philosopher, in places nailing human nature! However, the "honor" code that the characters live up to stretches credulity! At heart, this is a love story wrapped in an action-packed western with horses and cattle and spurs and fist fights and gun play! Who's going to get the girl and how?

A great yarn, pard.

(5 stars)

I loved this audio book. Don't be swayed by preconceived notions that Westerns are basically shoot 'em up affairs. Zane Grey brings a lot more to the table. His poetic descriptions of the West are vivid and moving. The story is intricately plotted with plenty of surprises. Grey' s characters are multidimensional and I found myself really caring for several of them, hating others. I must admit that I was taken aback by the female reader's soft British accented voice, questioning whether it would suit a Western. I needn't have worried as I soon realized how much it actually added to the story. All and all I enjoyed every minute. I'll be downloading more Zane Grey for sure.

More than entertainment

(5 stars)

Zane Grey has written more than a tale of the old west in this poetic mystery, he's written a compelling sympathetic appeal for the reader to know that providence, even in when it is terrible, is praise worthy. Mary provided the sensitive and expressive interpretation fitting to Zane's story as well. I more than enjoyed this read, I was inspired by it. I was inspired to work harder at embracing not only the trials of life, but the suffering that may be required of it for the sake of what's right, good, and true. In my opinion it's the best Zane Grey I've read, or listened to. Thanks, Mary for doing such a great job.

Mysterious Rider

(5 stars)

I'm a fan of Zane Grey from way back. Although it's easy to criticise and dismiss them as pop pulp action, his books never disappoint. The man could write! So it was with trepidation that i started listening to the comfortable, southern English-sounding voice of Mary Bard reading about broncos, buttes, and buzzards. And i'm very glad i did. I was expecting some discord between accent and subject matter but after a couple of chapters it simply became part of the charm of the reading. So thank you, Mary, for this excellent recording. I'll be looking for more of your stuff on good old LibriVox! TheBookworm (Manchester, UK)

one of my favorite readers.

(4 stars)

2018 - Good story. Unbelievable? No. How often are families expected to cater to the bad, spoiled child. while the good one is ignored or manipulated to give up their dreams and desires. On another note, the descriptions of the land and nature is wonderful. I believe there was one flaw or I just missed, it was the case with Cain. Earlier in the book, the author stated Cain would play a major role later in the story. I don't know where.

Good listen!

(4 stars)

Well, Zane Grey read by an English woman, hmmm. After a paragraph or two I accepted it and it was a great listen. And I believe it was a good idea for a woman to read it because of the Columbine character. Definitely recommend this reading. Mary reads clearly and at a good pace.

Loved the descriptions of Colorado.

(4.5 stars)

Zane Grey's descriptions of Colorado are perfect! I'm a native Coloradoan and have experienced many of the scenes described over the past almost 70 years. I really enjoyed the reader's British accent reading a wild west story, too; kinda made me chuckle at times but very enjoyable. Thank you.