The Door in the Wall, and Other Stories

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A collection of short stories by H. G. Wells, author of "The Time Machine" and "War of the Worlds". The science fiction master ranges over a variety of topics, each original and unexpected. Included in this collection is "The Country of the Blind" where a man with sight hopes to make himself king. In other stories a stranger offers to sell diamonds on the street, a magic door appears requires a sacrifice to go through it, a demon machine tries to become a god, an engineer finds an engineering solution to a love triangle, and a man dreams or does he? - Summary by Beth Thomas (5 hr 0 min)


The Door in the Wall 53:25 Read by J. Olpecre
The Star 30:23 Read by Jacquelyn Bengfort
The Cone 34:01 Read by EmmaS
A Moonlight Fable 11:21 Read by Andrea Kotzer
The Diamond Maker 20:10 Read by JudyDerby
Lord of the Dynamos 27:43 Read by John Burlinson
The Country of the Blind (Part 1) 31:24 Read by VfkaBT
The Country of the Blind (Part 2) 33:15 Read by VfkaBT
A Dream of Armageddon (Part 1) 26:09 Read by R.J. Siva
A Dream of Armageddon (Part 2) 33:07 Read by R.J. Siva