Wet Magic (version 2)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.7 stars; 7 reviews)

Are mermaids real? Well of course they are! Just ask the four very English children who, when on vacation by the sea, find out about one being held in a circus and, since 'they die in captivity' decide on a daring midnight rescue. Is she a real mermaid? Well, help read this book and find out. Oh, and they fight sea monsters, engage in underwater battle and lots of other exciting and magical stuff. They are all mostly brave and helpful. If you like magic and water and peril and heroism, and the writing of E. Nesbit, this is the book for you. (4 hr 53 min)


Sabrina Fair 18:52 Read by Mike Justice
The Captive 27:21 Read by Roohi
The Rescue 35:49 Read by Roohi
Gratitude 13:41 Read by Andrew Parker
Consequences 16:12 Read by David Kimdon
The Mermaid’s Home 23:16 Read by Roohi
The Skies Are Falling 31:44 Read by Lucy Kempton
The Water-War 23:49 Read by Lucy Kempton
The Book People 31:50 Read by Roohi
The Under Folk 28:52 Read by Roohi
The Peacemaker 22:16 Read by Roohi
The End 20:05 Read by Roohi


one good reader but good book

(2 stars)

It is a wonderful book but there was only one good reader it was Lucy Kepton . So that’s why I don’t put all the stars. But a great book 🙂

love any Nesbit book

(4 stars)

British voices work best on British books. American voices on American books etc.

this copy sucks!

(0.5 stars)

This has a squeaky voice in the background

I love it

(5 stars)

I love it