A Boy's Will

Read by Becky Miller

(4 stars; 3 reviews)

A Boy's Will is Robert Frost's first full volume of poetry. Issued when Frost was approaching forty, it established his reputation and created a revolution in American poetry. With this publication, Frost became an established poet. He later became the major American poet of the twentieth century.

A Boy's Will is characteristic of Frost's ability to conjure photographically clear physical images while ruminating on the complexities of the human condition, its frailties and strengths, and its temporal state, like that of his beloved New England landscape. (Summary by Becky Miller)

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Into My Own 28:06 Read by Becky Miller
Revelation 14:40 Read by Becky Miller
Now Close the Windows 7:43 Read by Becky Miller



(2 stars)

The reader apparently did a good job, but the audio was so low as to preclude hearing it well.