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Emigration from Central and Eastern Europe: Origin Country Perspectives 26:48 Read by Dace Dzenovska
Emigration from Central and Eastern Europe: Origin Country Perspectives 22:30 Read by Marcin Galent
Hilary Seminar Series 2015: Mobile female traders from Mali in Dakar 27:36 Read by Gunvor Jonsson
Hilary Seminar Series 2015: Sub-Saharan mobility and the transformation of the u… 28:27 Read by Johara Berriane
Hilary Seminar Series 2015: Intermarriage and the unhealthy assimilation of immi… 35:15 Read by Osea Giuntella
Hilary Seminar Series 2015: The Nation-State and Diaspora 27:04 Read by Jumana Bayeh
THEMIS: ‘Brain-gain' return of India’s high-skilled entrepreneurs 20:19 Read by Malasree Neepa Acharya
Hilary Seminar Series 2014: Fortress Europe or Europe of Rights? 41:53 Read by Saskia Bonjour
Hilary Seminar Series 2014: The numbers game 27:55 Read by Christina Boswell
THEMIS: Elites and emulators: the evolution of an Iraqi Kurdish - European migra… 16:21 Read by Erlend Paasche
THEMIS: Egypt: Migration, revolution, and social change 18:41 Read by Philip Marfleet
THEMIS: Citizens of Kazakhstan in a Russian city: factors facilitating and limit… 21:10 Read by Larisa Kosygina
THEMIS: Transformative stages of migrant identity: a diachronic and synchronic s… 16:33 Read by Oana Romocea
THEMIS: Beyond migrant lives: The rise and fall of meso-level actors 10:07 Read by Joana Sousa Ribeiro
THEMIS: Accounting for diversity in Polish migration in Europe: motivation and e… 22:39 Read by Lucinda Platt
THEMIS: The ‘Neogramscian approach’: using 'Critical Theories' to explain migrat… 19:42 Read by Robert Westermann
THEMIS: ‘Now smells like revolution': migrants' activism, subjectivities, and ag… 23:21 Read by Gabriela Quevedo
THEMIS: Dis-locating the local: A study of the migrants originating from the Ind… 18:52 Read by Sanghita Datta
THEMIS: Migrant networks and the migration process 22:00 Read by Alexandra Winkels
THEMIS: Migration networks in action: Case of Daba Tianeti 13:52 Read by Tamar Zurabishvili
THEMIS: Skilled Iranians in Germany and the United States: Exploring migrants' n… 18:40 Read by Uta Lehmann
THEMIS: Crisis, stay, and return in the case of Ecuadorians in Spain 13:37 Read by Jaun Iglesias
THEMIS: The relevance of ‘feedback mechanisms' in migration impacted regions 14:28 Read by Christine Timmerman
Hilary Seminar Series 2014: Nationality acquisition in Spain 38:00 Read by Amparo González-Ferrer
THEMIS: The influence of networks in the migration decisions of Kenyan and Niger… 25:54 Read by Linda Oucho
THEMIS: Strong ties, weak ties and protection for domestic workers: Ethiopian do… 16:27 Read by Katie Kuschminder
THEMIS: From post-socialist to post-accession pioneering: the shaping of Romania… 19:43 Read by Chris Moreh
THEMIS: Highly skilled migrants and the European mobility industry 13:55 Read by Saara Koikkalainen
THEMIS: New immigrant groups, integration and forms of citizenship in the global… 14:55 Read by Fabiola Pardo Noteboom
THEMIS: Do institutions play a role in skilled migration? The case of Italy 20:00 Read by Annamaria Nifo
THEMIS: “How to get into London?”: the role played by travel agencies to move Br… 16:44 Read by Gustavo Dias
THEMIS: Remaining subjects despite structural constraints: migratory strategies … 15:39 Read by Gabriele Tomei
THEMIS: Migration system dynamics: evidence from global data 19:03 Read by Hein de Haas
THEMIS: Developing migration systems in Europe and Asia 18:16 Read by Hideki Tarumoto
THEMIS: 'Do as I say, not as I do?': analyzing the potential effects of immigran… 14:51 Read by Dora Sampaio
THEMIS: Violence, surveillance and agency experiences of the women refugees in t… 15:00 Read by Barbara Pinelli
THEMIS: What kind of asylum and which destination? Afghan asylum seekers transit… 16:22 Read by Angeliki Dimitriadi
THEMIS: Changing migration opportunity structures of Roma and their hosting soci… 15:05 Read by Johan Wets
THEMIS: Challenging the borders of intimacy and legality: migrant agency in resp… 13:26 Read by Tess Hellgren
THEMIS: Migrants' expected time of residence in receiving countries: a systems a… 19:13 Read by Jack DeWaard
THEMIS: Stuck in transit: the Dublin regulation, national discrepancies, and sec… 14:34 Read by Jan-Paul Brekke
THEMIS: Does migration from Colombia to the United Kingdom constitute a migratio… 17:11 Read by Anastasia Bermudez
THEMIS: The role of both migrants and institutions in an enduring pattern of mig… 17:12 Read by Pauline Carnet
THEMIS: To move or not to move (when one arguably has the social capital): the m… 13:19 Read by Mathew Creighton
THEMIS: Mediating migration: the role of the Qiaoban (the Office of Overseas Chi… 16:29 Read by Ya-Han Chuang
THEMIS: The impact of sending states’ transnational policies on migration dynami… 15:38 Read by Ana Margheritis
THEMIS: Guyanese migration since independence: Migration policies, migrant netwo… 18:17 Read by Simonna Vezzoli
THEMIS: What migration means: Recognising the diversity of practices embedded in… 16:44 Read by Guri Tyldum
THEMIS: American migrants in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom: diversity … 15:02 Read by Amanda Klekowski von Koppenfels
THEMIS: Migrant negotiations/negotiating migration: A gendered variation on the … 19:56 Read by Anju Paul
THEMIS: Children go first! Family strategies and educational migration 18:44 Read by Liudmila Kopecka
THEMIS: Respondent-driven sampling as a recruitment method 13:42 Read by Jennifer Wu
THEMIS: Migration feedback effects in networks: an agent-based model 10:25 Read by Miriam Rehm
THEMIS: Should I stay or should I go? The role of relationships in the decision … 14:40 Read by Ana Paula Figueiredo
THEMIS: Flexible ethnography for practice stories of migration: (Elite?) migrant… 15:17 Read by Katherine Botterill
THEMIS: A life-course perspective on mobility trajectories and migrant networks … 18:11 Read by Eleonora Castagnone and Sorana Toma
THEMIS: Life paths of migrants: A sequence analysis of Polish labour migrants' f… 15:12 Read by Tom Kleinepier
THEMIS: Online feedback in migration systems 14:34 Read by Rianne Dekker
THEMIS: Female migration and intergenerational relationships: the use of ICTs by… 15:32 Read by Tania Tonhati
THEMIS: Worldwide@home: transnational networks in the Digital Age 15:16 Read by Maren Borkert
THEMIS: The (changing) role of family among Afghan communities in Britain and Ge… 18:19 Read by Carolin Fischer
THEMIS: The complexity of migration: life-strategies of migrant family members a… 18:53 Read by Thomas Giesen
Emigration from Central and Eastern Europe: Origin Country Perspectives 20:12 Read by Lucia Kurekova
Transnational Religious Spaces: Faith and the Brazilian Migration Experience 24:13 Read by Olivia Sheringham
Exceptional People; How Migration Shaped our World and will Define our Future 55:56 Read by Ian Goldin
Gender and Networks In International Migration - The Case of Senegal 39:56 Read by Sorana Toma
Defying the Law of Gravity: The Political Economy of International Migration 36:54 Read by David Leblang
Special Seminar 'The Dangerous Journey: Migration and the Restlessness of Life' 1:00:43 Read by Ruth Padel
Borders beyond control? Assessing and meausring the effectiveness of migration p… 40:41 Read by Hein de Haas
The legal adaptation of British settlers in Turkey 49:00 Read by Derya Bayir and Prakash Shah
Hilary Seminar Series 2013 35:44 Read by Eleonore Kofman
The Contribution of African Research to Migration Theory- Territory, Subjectivit… 25:53 Read by Loren Landau
Global MIgration Futures: Closing remarks 2:53 Read by Line Bonneau
Tulum 2030: Adaptation to Climate Change 13:23 Read by Arnoldo Matus Kramer
Global Migration Futures: Scenario methodology to study the future of internatio… 20:17 Read by Hein de Haas
Global Migration Futures; three organisations' studies 15:24 Read by Trudi Lang
Using Scenarios in Academic Research to Study the Future: Introduction part 2 1:19 Read by Line Bonneau
Using Scenarios in Academic Research to Study the Future: Introduction 17:26 Read by Hein de Haas


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