St Catherine's College

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The Nairne Seminar 2013: Lord Mandelson and Evan Davis 58:57 Read by Peter Mandelson and Evan Davies
On Stage and Screen: Defining Moments in Entertainment Since 1962 45:55 Read by Michael Billington, Sara Ramsden, Libby Purves, Thelma Holt and Roger Ainsworth
Renewable Energies in a Green Economy: Defining Developments 1:02:36 Read by Nicholas Stern, Vivienne Cox, Erica Hope, Steve Groves and Roger Ainsworth
After the Crash: Restoring Economic Growth 1:03:29 Read by Tracy Corrigan, Clive Maxwell, Martin Heipertz, Paul Betts and Roger Ainsworth
Sir Humphry Davy: Natural Philosopher, Discoverer, Inventor, Poet, Man of Action 38:43 Read by John Meurig Thomas
Defining Moments in International Relations Since 1962 53:57 Read by Marshall Cloyd, Jens Tholstrup, Clark Ervin, James Rodgers and Roger Ainsworth