Oxford Research in the Humanities

The University of Oxford is home to an impressive range and depth of research activities in the Humanities. The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) is a major new initiative that seeks to build on this heritage and to stimulate and support research that transcends disciplinary and institutional boundaries. Here we feature some of the networks and programmes, as well as recordings of events, and offer insights into the research that they make possible.


TORCH Launch (Video) 7:05 Read by Professor Jonathan Bate
The Selden Map (Video) 5:39 Read by Kate Bennett
Early Modern Catholicism Network (Video) 5:55 Read by Jan Machielsen
HiCor: a Cross-Disciplinary Network for History and Corpus Linguistics (Video) 4:13 Read by Gabor Mihaly Toth
Race and Resistance Across Borders in the Long Twentieth Century (Video) 6:52 Read by Elleke Boehmer
Ancient Dance in Modern Dancers (Video) 13:14 Read by Sophie Bocksberger