Multilingual Short Works Collection 016

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is a collection of short pieces, poetry or prose, fiction and non-fiction, in several different languages (except standard English). All chosen and recorded by LibriVox volunteers.

01 - Ancient Greek - Βατραχομυομαχία (Batrachomyomachia) key words: comic epic poetry, fiction, parody, battle of frogs and mice
02 - Ancient Greek - Δελφικά Παραγγέλματα - Σωσιάδου των Επτά Σοφών Υποθήκαι (Delphic Maxims) key words: prose, maxims, philosophy
03 - Ancient Greek - Τα Των Πυθαγορείων Χρυσά Έπη (The Golden Verses Of Pythagoras) key words: epic verse, poetry
04 - French - Courage et témérité key words: children, moral, foolhardiness, short story
05 - Galician - Catecismo D´a Doutrina Labrega key words: prose, non fiction, parody
06 - Galician - Contos de Rapaces key words: short story ,br>
07 - German - Briefe aus dem Gefängnis key words: letter, autobiography, nature, prison
08 - Italian - Chiare, fresche e dolci acque key words: canzone d'amore
09 - Italian - Il mito della caverna
10 - Italian - Trionfo di Bacco e Arianna (Canzona di Bacco) key words: carnival song
11 - Latin - Cantilena Potatoria key words: drinking song, medieval
12 - Latin - Ode XI key words: seize the day, ode
13 - Lithuanian - Užmigo žemė key words: poetry, autumnal, night, sunrise
14 - Luxembourgish - Hei gêt et Muôrgens frě eraus key words: operetta song / comedy on healing practices and marriage arranging
15 - Luxembourgish - Nei Hoffnung hât fir méch geblét key words: operetta song, lost love, disappointment
16 - Polish - Daremne żale key words: poem, life, world, future, past, evanescence
17 - Polish - Gdy noc głęboka wszystko uśpi i oniemi key words: poem, Poland, night, stars, longing, prayer
18 - Polish - Jednego serca key words: longing, love, heart, sadness, loneliness, poem
19 - Spanish - La Mayorazga de Bouzas
20 - Spanish - La Santa de Karnar key words: short story (3 hr 0 min)